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A Fantasy of Fire: Tala’s Terrific OC Art Contest

Greetings and Hello! My name is Tala and I’d like to take a moment to welcome you to my OC art contest~

EDIT: EVERYONE WHO ENTERS WILL GET A PRIZE! Awesome right? The prizes will be small prizes. Probably only a couple thousand gold. Still, this is something I'd like to do for everyone who enters as a "Thank You" for entering.

The reason for this contest:
I’ve recently fallen in love with two characters in a role play that I’m in. I’ve done many drawings of them myself, but I’ve always loved to see what other people can do. So here is your chance to show me what you’ve got. Bring your art skills here. Any kind will be fine from chibi to anime to realistic to simple doodle. Any and all art is welcome!

The contest will end on OCTOBER 1st

What I'm looking for:
Art of my OC's to put it plainly. I'd like couple art or even single art of the characters. If you have the time, a scene would be nice of you to draw out. It can be funny, romantic, or sad. Anything will do. If you have questions, let me know!

Table of Contents
-Background Story
-Art Received
-Submission Form

-Follow TOS and other rules pertaining to Gaia
-Please refrain from using a pre made base. I don’t care if all you can draw are stick figures. I want YOUR art, not someone else’s. Besides, if they are pretty stick figures you may win a prize yet.
-All styles of art will be accepted. I will ask you to refrain from submitting any sort of Hentai, though.
-You CAN enter more than once
-You CAN win more than once
-You can PM me or post your entry here. If you post your entry here, PLEASE QUOTE ME or I may not be able to find it.
-This is an OC art contest. Do not draw my avatar.
-Please note that by entering the contest, you are agreeing to allow me to use your art for my own purposes. I WILL NEVER CLAIM YOUR ART AS MY OWN.
-Rudeness will not be tolerated
-Aside from the first rule, I may change or make exceptions to the rules as I please.
-I may change the date of the contest
-Feel free to get creative with the clothes, scenes ect, but please leave the characters as they are.
-Feel free to bump
-If you are looking to advertise your own Art Shop or Contest, please let me know. I will put it up on the front page. But please do not advertise without telling me first.
-Try not to quote the front page if you can help it
-If you win a prize from the cash shop, please notify me of what item you want NO LATER THAN two months after the end date of the contest (the date when winners are chosen). If you don't, you will very likely receive an item such as a RIG or a current evolving item as your payment for all of your hard work.

~If you have any questions, then please ask. If you feel uncomfortable asking here, send me a PM~
If you are working on something and would like me to extend the date of the contest, please send me a WIP so that I know you really are working on something.


Best Overall: Modus Operandi 4th Gen

Best Gran- 1st 250k pure (250,000 gold)+ ???
2nd 150k pure (150,000 gold)

Best Raethi- 1st 250k pure (250,000 gold)+ ???
2nd 150k pure (150,000 gold)

Best Raethi (Fire elemental) - 1 item from the Cash Shop worth up to $10
(1,000 gaia cash. I will be buying this for you from the cash shop at your request. All requests should be made within two months of the contest end or I will be purchasing an item for you.)

Best Emotion/Scene- 1 item from the Cash Shop worth up to $10
(1,000 gaia cash. I will be buying this for you from the cash shop at your request. All requests should be made within two months of the contest end or I will be purchasing an item for you.)

Best Secondary Character (Not Raethi or Gran)- 150k (150,000 gold)

Best Couple- 1st 250k (250,000 gold)
2nd 150k (150,000 gold)
Current Couple listings (Raethi and Gran, Marice and Bart, Kydi and Greygar, Brzzictah and Mariead ect. Basically any combination is fine. The couples don't have to be loving couples or even like each other at all.)

Best Huntsman/antagonist -150k (150,000 gold)
Current Huntsment/antagonist list- Louise Alderman, Jerome, Kydi, Greygar

Everyone who enters will receive a prize of- 5k (5,000 gold)

(Please note that more prizes and categories may be added/changed later. DO NOT WORRY the worth of each prize will never decrease.)
Art Recieved

Raethi in Elemental Form by Xzira ~ heart
Gran by freedom_freedome ~ heart
Firey Raethi by Sword_Master_Charms~ heart
Raethi Elemental ~Lily_Spiral
Bart by Sword_Master_Charms~ heart
Firey Raethi by KiriHitomi~ heart
Raethi and Gran by Stretchyfan~ heart
Raethi by WockiPocki~ heart
Raethi by FruitFishy~ heart
Raethi by CyanidePerfume~ heart
Gran healing Raethi by Exilian~ heart
Angry Raethi by Fiqachu~ heart
Elemental Raethi by Sword_Master_Charms~ heart
Huntsman by Sword_Master_Charms~ heart
Gran by Kuoji Yamato~ heart
Beasty by Taichi Takuya ~ heart
Elemental Raethi by xSexyWafflesx~ heart
Brzzictah by Konani_NTH~ heart
Come Undone AKA s**t Happened. Also listed under Elemental Raethi by Konani_NTH~ heart
Flaming Raethi by Kyorukki~ heart
Raethi Elemental by x-visual_kei-x92~ heart
Gran and Raethi or "La Art" by NightMare_babe14~ heart

NOTE: Please complete all trades within a month of the Contest ending. I can only keep one trade open with you at a time and to keep everything in order I will send you everything one at a time. If you've won more than one prize, it would be very nice if you accepted the trade so I can get your future prizes to you! If you do not, I will assume you have left Gaia forever or are simply uninterested and the prizes will be redistributed to the next runner up in that category. Thank you.

Best Overall: Konani_NTH for Come Undone

Best Gran: freedom_freedome AKA Kamichuu_sama for Gran
2nd Place: Exilian for Gran healing Raethi

Best Raethi: Fiqachu for Angry Raethi
2nd Place: x-visual_kei-x92 for Raethi Elemental

Best Elemental Raethi: Lily_Spiral for Raethi Elemental

Best Emotion: Konani_NTH for Come Undone

Best Secondary Character: Konani_NTH for Brzzictah

Best Couple: Exilian for Gran healing Raethi
2nd: Stretchyfan for Raethi and Gran

Best Antagonist: Sword_Master_Charms for Huntsman

As of right now I'm concerned that there aren't enough entries in the contest. I'm thinking of extending the original end date of the contest until there are more submissions. It's still a month away from the deadline, so we'll see.

Also, for those who have entered the contest so far, thank you so much for all of your hard work. For each submission you've sent in, I will send you 5k at the end of the contest. Thank you again. All of you are amazing!

At the two week mark. Yay! To everyone out there who has entered so far, THANK YOU! I'd also like to apologize. I'm going to be extending the end date of this contest until there are more entries. For everyone out there, that means, more than likely, there will be more prizes added! Yay!

The new end date for this contest will be....NOVEMBER 13!!!!!!!!! YAY! I would like to get at least 20 entries in before the contest ends so that there are more entries for each category. Thank you again for your entries and your patience! heart heart heart

New developments going up. Take a look at pose suggestions and be on the look out for further character descriptions of Raethi and Gran.

BIG UPDATE! Three new characters added! Further character descriptions for Raethi and Gran have been put in as well as a COLOR PALLET! There are also new suggestions for scenes. Soon to come>>>>NEW PRIZES and CONCEPT ART OF ELEMENTAL FORM RAETHI!!!!!!

Due to some personal family matters, this contest has slipped my mind. Not to worry though. With things on the up and up I plan on coming back with a vengeance and prizes! I'm also thinking of further extending the end date for the contest so that it ends closer to Christmas. What do you guys think?

This month has been one hell of a trial for me everyone. Aside from family matters going from bad to worse, I haven't seem to have had enough time to get the word out for this contest. We need more entrants! More entrants means more goods for everyone. I hope you will put the word out.

In further news, I've extended the contest indefinitely or at least until there are 20-30 entrants to divide the prizes up amongst.

The Contest Prizes have also changed, including the contest categories. Scene and Emotion categories have been combined. I find that emotions often come from scenes and scenes often have emotion. You might have also noticed the ??? in the prizes for Raethi and Gran. These are things that will be worth between 50 and 100k and will be determined at a later date once I go through my inventory further. It is quite possible that these could be old monthly letters that I've kept stored away.

Thank you for your patience. Please keep spreading the word!


Guess what? There is new concept art out for Raethi in elemental form. Keep in mind that this form is different than her regular, fire elemental form. In this form, Raethi has consumed a portion of Gran's power VIA a necklace he made to protect her. As a result, this elemental form shows Raethi with wooden skin and the ability to control earth as well as fire. This form is particular to her using the power of another, so keep that in mind.

Also, I'm thinking that this contest might just leak over into next year. So that leaves time for you guys to make suggestions as to what I could do for prizes. What categories would you like to see? Is there anything in the cash shop right now that you find is very interesting or lovely? Just a thought. Many EI's and Rapid EI's have come and gone. I like knowing what everyone likes so that I can better see about procuring sed items. Or perhaps I should just go for straight gold? What do you think?


New news! I'm currently drawing out a comic strip of Raethi and Gran. I'm hoping to upload it soon in it's rough form.

Also, several edits have been made to the Character's section, further describing the characters as well as adding several new characters. Meet Gretta and Mariead, two very different souls in the world.

There has also been a space allotted for special terms and definitions just below the background story section. If there are any questions please feel free to ask.

Just one last thing, who here would like to be a part of a mini contest for the month of December based around this larger contest? Let me know please so I can see how many would be willing to enter before I finalize it.


Greygar is here! Kydi will be following shortly!
I would personally like to thank:

Cath Siabhra who drew me a wonderful piece of free art the other day~
Thank you so much! You have brightened my spirits considerably. I shall tip you as often as I can!

Dinlos who made me a terrific piece of heart rending art. I can't begin to express my gratitude! Thank you so much!

Sir Sej who made me the lovely animation in my sig. THANK YOU FOREVER~

PinkieKitty who just gave me two wonderful head shots of Raethi and Gran~ They are so cute. I love them so much. Worth every penny!
Raethi and Gran

Blasting_Youh who drew a fantastic head shot of Raethi. Thank you so much!

Sotaru-kun who drew an adorable chibi Raethi for me. She's adorable! Thank you so much!

AbsolutelyYuki who drew an rather cute head shot of Gran for me. Thank you so much Yuki~ You're the best!

Kokoro Mika Who drew Raethi making a "nyan" face. I love it~ >W< Thank you!

Seryiena Who drew Raethi being rather adorable/sexy. Thank you so very much! I will treasure it forever!

Lunamoon327 Who drew Raethi setting EVERYTHING on fire XD. I love it so much~

hito_ritabi Who drew a wonderful picture of Gran. He's never looked so good as a Chibi XD. I love what was done with Gran's clothing style here~

Princess Kuchiki For a rather cute chibi of Raethi. It's really quite adorable~

xiao_tenshi For the rather cute chibi Raethi holding a fire ball. How did you know? Thank you so much!

Ejiyoungkim who drew an adorable Raethi~ Such unique art!

Managodess for a wonderful bust of Gran! Thank you so much!

appultea who drew a stunning picture of Gran. I absolutely love it! Thank you!

dxmare who drew a cute chibi Raethi. She looks so puzzled by the fire~ I love it!

Sir Limey who drew an adorable chibi Raethi and let me watch. I adore it~

Kaynne who drew one of the sexiest Raethi pictures I have ever seen. I love it so so very much~

Lunartiger65 who drew a very cute head shot of Raethi. Thank you so much~

xSatashi who drew a beautiful picture of Raethi and let me watch! Thank you so much!

K i t t y -S p- who drew Raethi as such a simple yet adorable chibi. I adore it~

Toujours sourire who drew a rather adorable chibi of Raethi. Thank you so very much. I love how the clothes came out~

Sauvie who took such a liking to Raethi that she showed me the three steps to making the final product. Thank you so much!

princess Emi-chan who drew a positively adorable picture of Raethi. Thank you so much. She looks so beautiful~

Renai-sama who drew a lovely picture of Raethi. Thank you so much! I love it!

Chikaze13 for a lovey shot of a thieving little Raethi. Thank you!
Thief Raethi

Lucid Hallucinogen for a lovely sketchy Raethi. I love the sketchy look. Thank you!

DeadxChimera for a simply beautiful Raethi. I absolutely love this piece. Thank you!

Requiem of Paradise for a cute picture of Raethi. I love the short hair. Thank you!

bimmm for a cute looking Raethi. She looks so moody. I love it! Thank you!

ToastySpongeCake for the sweetest couple art of Gran and Raethi. It's so adorable. I love it!
Gran and Raethi

Killerdemetri for some adorable couple art. I love the goofy looks on their faces. It's just like them! Thank you!
Gran and Raethi
Gran and Raethi

Asurantan for a rather sweet couple art of Raethi and Gran. I love how close they look. It's perfect. Thank you!
Gran and Raethi

LilFroggy978 for a rather funny picture of Raethi. Ah the little fire bug, she's getting into trouble again. Thank you!

teentitan_Leo for accepting my request for couple art. There is actually an adorably funny picture that you put in there. Thank you so much.
Raethi and Gran
Raethi and Gran

Phantasgatoria for an adventure time style Raethi. It's so cute!

purplelightpika for a simply divine picture of Raethi and Gran. I love the expressions here. They are amazing. Thank you!
Raethi and Gran

druidcandy for a cute picture of an angry Raethi. She's cute! Thank you!

SuggieSarah for a rather sweet couple art of Raethi and Gran. It's adorable and I love the angle. Thank you so much!
Raethi and Gran

Khrazzii for a cute Chibi Raethi. Thank you so much!

Red_Head01 for a surprise couple art of Raethi and Gran. I love you art fairy! Thank you!
Raethi and Gran

Jean Kyn for yet another adorable couple art of Raethi and Gran. I love the expressions here! Thank you!
Raethi and Gran

just2see for a wonderful piece of art. You really put a lot of effort into drawing Gran. Thank you!

Serenade Death for a simply adorable couple art of Raethi and Gran. This is so sweet. Thank you so very much!
Raethi and Gran

B1A4 Hwaiting for a cute Chibi of Raethi. It's adorable. Thank you!

Fiuze for a simply wonderful head shot of Raethi. Thank you so much!
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