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Welcome to my Tattoo design contest...

Currently ; Accepting entriesCLOSED FOREVER

Contest Duration : 4/19/12 - 50 total contestants.

As you can see the 'Om' Symbol is what I seek. Spice it up or cool it down. Twist it, spin it, make it unique. As long as the feeling and basic symbol are still there, I will be happy. Things I like are sumi e art, victorian, classic gothic, ninetailed foxes, kitsune, koi fish (with long fins), cranes, phoenix, snakes, stars, wings, black and white, twins, and nature (no flowers). You can make it more playful by referencing my favorite video games, like final fantasy, kingdom hearts, and okami. [Here] is an example of a tattoo I like, but feel free to play around with it. Overall, I am just looking for a more personal and unique twist to one of my favorite symbols.

Although details are encouraged, remember that this tattoo is going to be fairly small....or I'll just end up placing the 'Detailed styles' on my right shoulder back.

Here's somewhat of a reference picture of where I would like to put the tattoo.
[This picture i found is a small tattoo that's tattooed on the left, I would like mine on the right. if' you're doing a small design]

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My Designs
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Prize for this contest

1st Place : 1 Mil Pure.

Contest Rules
- Follow Gaias Rules ; Obviously.
- Follow my Rules.
- I have the right to use the submitted artworks for my personal use. Credit remains for the artist.
- All art work must be at least 300x300px ~ 500x500px ; So i can re-size it to my preference, as stated above.
- Art work must be done in 'Black' color.
- All submitted artwork must be in a 'Clean' state that's able to be use as 'Reference'.
- I only accept 'Finished' Designs. [I don't think WIP is needed.]
- Art work that's scanned on a lined paper, smudged, basically bad quality.
Will be disqualified.[Hence it's a tattoo, it's permanent. I need a clean reference]
- Feel free to 'freelance' style on the 'Om' symbol ; I seek from Simple to Unique designs.
- Limited to 3 entries per person.

Contest Submission Form

Please post in thread.


[b]I Wish to Design for you!!![/b]

Your Username:
Your Art work for the contest: Url

Please PM me notice of what page you posted on, so I can list you into the contest.
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Aimee Nyral Pg.1
I used to be a squid Pg. 3
Aiko Zombie Pg. 4
Hot Caffeinated Cree Pg. 5
Myclubistheclub Pg. 6
Jormungander Pg. 6
Compendium Apprentice Pg. 6
Lord_pudding Pg. 7
Nadine Rose Pg. 8

April 19th: Grand opening
May 10th: Contest extended to June 19th; located on page 6.
May 14th: I Update a sample of my own on the 1st post on Page 1.
June 9th: Questions for you guys on the Deadline. Page 9.
June 10th: Deadline is FINAL. No more Extensions. Deadline will be when we receive total of 50 contestants. So far there's 9 in the contest.
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I Wish to Design for you!!!

Your Username: Aimee Nyral
Your Art work for the contest: e1 e2 e3

I hope you get the tattoo of your dreams~ ;u; heart
another bump~ xD
i should probly hire a bumper....humm....

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