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Begins :: August 1st, 2013
Ends :: July 31, 2014 @ 11:59 PM MST

Welcome to my second gaia art contest! The last time I held one of these was when I quit gaia several years ago, but as you can see, I am back and holding yet another contest! I love getting art of my characters and thought this would be a fun way to do that. There are characters from three different stories of mine. None of them currently have real titles (because I suck at titles) but here they shall be referred to by their working titles, Project PEACE, Chained, and Shadowborn. Project PEACE is a dystopian YA series I have been writing for several years now, and Shadowborn is eventually going to be a fantasy webcomic, but it's kind of on the back-burner for now. As is Chained, a fantasy steampunk story with a much more light-hearted overtone than the other two stories. Anyways, There are a lot of ways to win, even if you are not the best artist or not even an artist at all. So keep reading and find out what you can do to participate!

Table of Contents

Page 1
Categories and Prizes
Points Raffle
Entry Form and Gallery
Zira and Jared
Ryku and Revolver
Tripp and Aubreigh
Seth and Trinity
Madi, Rafi, and Mei
Songs and Suggested Scenes

Page 2
Desmyn and Sydelle
Kaisa and Lucian
Byron and Jameson
Silas and Valkyrus
Songs and Suggested Scenes

Sophie and Lila
Flynt and Dahlia
Jonas and Rufus
Zero and Zyphira
Songs and Suggested Scenes

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1. Follow the ToS. That should be pretty self-explanatory

2. NO STEALING!!! If you claim art that isn't your own you will be automatically disqualified and I will report you to a moderator. If you see entries that art stolen or that you suspect of being copied, eyeballed, traced, etc., please don't hesitate to report them to me immediately. This also goes for my characters. Do not steal them and do not steal my ideas and use them elsewhere. I've spent a lot of time and energy on these stories and characters, and you have no idea how furious I will be if I find out someone has copied them.

3. Along with rule 3, no tracing or eyeballing. You may use stock images or your own photo references for posing, but you must credit them in your entry form. For pixel/dolls/sprites/etc, the use of pre-made bases that do not belong to you is NOT allowed.

4. Written entries, photography, pixels, songs--pretty much any art form will be accepted into this contest. However, written entries may only be submitted for the characters of Shadowborn. Do not submit writing about the characters from Project PEACE or Chained.

5. No prize may be won by default. A category must have at least three qualifying entries in order to be judged and prizes to be awarded, and the contest as a whole must have 15 entries in order for main prizes to be awarded. If, by the end of the contest, a category does not have enough entries to be judged, the prizes from that category will be redistributed elsewhere. I will make an announcement if that happens so you guys know what's going on.

6. A single piece of art can win only one main prize. Bi-monthly mini contests and special event mini contests do not count, and an entry that wins any of these will still be eligible to win main contest prizes.

7. All entries must be identifiable as one of my OCs in this contest. I am not looking for avi art, so please do not draw my avi. I will consider it a free gift and it will not be eligible for any prizes in this contest.

8. Submit art in this thread using the form given in a post below. If you have issues with this, or with your entry being displayed in the entry gallery (especially for written entries) just ask me and maybe we can work something out. Entries PMed to me will still be counted, but I am just going to post all the entries on the front page in the entry gallery anyways so you might as well post it here.

9. No mules! Submit all entries under one account. Also, you may not name a mule account in the referral section of your entry form just to get more points.

10. I am the Dictator of this thread. This is not a democracy. When it comes to judging, I have final say. Period. If you don't like a decision I made, or if you think a different entry should have won a particular prize, you may PM me about it and we can discuss it, but please do not bring it up here in the thread. I would like to keep this place drama-free.

11. I strongly encourage you to draw characters from Project PEACE on the front page before moving on to characters from the second page. Why? Because right now, I am much more focused on the Project PEACE story and characters than I am on the Chained and Shadowborn characters. Both of those stories are really just back-burner things right now. They not as important and certainly aren't as developed as Project PEACE is. I am slightly more interested in seeing my Project PEACE characters drawn at this point. This isn't going to affect the judging in any way, and I totally understand if you just don't feel inspired to draw the Project PEACE characters, or if you are entering as a writer and therefore can only write about the Shadowborn characters or whatever. But seriously, please consider the front page characters before moving on to page 2

12. No crossover entries! This means that I do not want to see entries that include characters from Chained and Project PEACE, or any other mix and match. These are three completely different stories and three completely different sets of characters who would never interact with each other, and I'm really not interested in seeing them depicted together.

13. All art must be finished and show that you put some time and effort into it. Artistic skill doesn't matter so much, and I realize that some styles are a lot more sketchy and rough than others. I actually really like 'rough' styles. But I do want to see more than stick figures and sloppy doodles. I will stalk your art gallery, art shop, other contest entries, etc in order to find out if you have honestly put some time and effort into your entries here compared to your previous works. Entries that show a lack of effort will not be awarded points for the points raffle, though they may still be judged in the main contest. Why? Because I don't want to give someone 300 points for drawing all the Shadowborn characters when all they did was draw a bunch of smiling heads that slightly resemble the characters. That isn't fair to the artists who put a lot of time and effort and thought into their pieces.

14. I reserve the right to add, change, or modify these rules as needed. I will notify everyone in this thread if changes are made.

User Image

Entries will be judged based on the following:
Character This is probably the biggest determining factor in my judging. How true to character is your entry? Body language, facial expressions, physical appearance, interection with other characters and/or surroundings--all of this stuff is very important to me.
Artistic Skill This covers everything from anatomy, perspective, lighting, composition--all that stuff that makes a picture great. Definitely secondary to character, but still hugely important.
Style I want to see your original style as an artist
Difficulty Drawing a stick figure is obviously a lot easier than drawing a realistic person. I'm probably going to have a lot more respect for your work if I know that you tried to tackle something challenging and succeeded on some level, even if it isn't perfect.
Effort How much time and effort did you put into your entry?
Random/Personal Preference Lets face it, I'm human, and this is my contest and my characters, so on some level this is going to come down to a matter of personal preference. If I have two entries that are just about even on every other level, I'm going to pick the one that I like better. I really try not to let this influence my judging too much, but I'm afraid it's always going to be there in the back of my mind.

That being said, let's just address a few things right now before anyone asks.

Do you have a favorite character?
Different characters are my favorites at different times, depending on what I'm writing or how I'm feeling at the moment. In general, I like the characters from Project PEACE more than the characters from Chained and Shadowborn. Why? Because I've worked with them a lot more and know them a lot better. Chained is a story I've had in the back of my mind for years, but I only just started writing bits and pieces of it and getting my characters together. Shadowborn has a lot more structure and plot than Chained at this point, but it's still so new and unexplored compared to Project PEACE. It's like comparing a friend you've had for a really long time to a friend you just met. You might still really like the friend you just met, and eventually you guys might become really close, but it just hasn't happened yet.

Come on, seriously, you must have at least on character that you like best.
Ok, fine. Yes, I do have one particular character who will almost always be on my mental list of favorite characters on any given day. It's Jared, just because I relate to him better and feel like he's easier to write. But that doesn't necessarily mean that I'm going to like a picture of him better than I like a picture of, say, Ryku (who, for the record, is a huge pain in the butt to write).

Do you prefer a certain art style or medium?
No, I can honestly say that I like them all. I do have a particular fondness for well-done watercolors and black and white art, and I feel like you never see enough of that in art contests. I will never understand all the contests that want color entries or CG entries only. It makes me kind of sad, actually, because I've seen a lot of really amazing traditional and black and white art. Seriously, though, I like ALL art, so just work with whatever you feel most comfortable doing and I'm sure it will be amazing to me.
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All Evolving Items on this list art First Generation. If you win, and I accidentally send you something that isn't first gen, PLEASE let me know so I can switch it.

Main Prizes
Entries: 24

1st Place: User Image Horns of the Demon
2nd Place: User Image Ancient Katana
3rd Place: User Image Monochrome Keido

Category Prizes

Best Group Entry: User Image Zodiacal
This prize will go to the best entry of any three or more characters.
Entries: 3

Best Couple Entry: User Image Ashen Marionette + User Image Wed to Darkness +User Image Faustine's Bottle
This prize will go to the best entry of any two characters. They do not have to be a romantic 'couple,' or even friends. Enemies can win this category just as easily.
Entries: 3

Best Scene: User Image Modus Operandi
This prize will go to the best depiction of any scene. It doesn't matter what scene you are showing, and it does not necessarily have to come from the list of suggested scenes, as long as something is happening in the art.

Best Character Playlist: User Image Band of Bremen + User Image Carol of Ol' Nick + User Image Carol of Ol' Ebenezer
This prize will go to a piece of art that really captures something from the list of suggested songs and character playlists.
Entries: 3

Best Conflict: User Image Winged Anklets
What is a story without conflict? This prize will go to the piece of art that best depicts conflict--any kind of conflict, from an argument, to a physical fight, to an individual's inner conflict.

Saddest: User Image Dark Heart + User Image Anesidora's Woe
Let's face it--my stories tend to have more sad moments than happy ones. Draw me something tragic, something that makes my heart break, and you could win this prize.
Entries: 4

Cutest: User Image All-Star Cheer: Lovely Devils+ User Image Azuramella + User Image Biancamella
This prize will be awarded to the most adorable entry.

Most Romantic: User Image The Lusty Scoundrel
Deep down inside, I am a hopeless romantic. You can win this prize for anything sweet, romantic, sexy--anything that makes me go, "awwwww!" heart

Best Black and White: User Image Checkmate Void + User Image Checkmate
I love black and white art, but unfortunately, I see way too many contests where black and white art is strictly prohibited. This prize is to discourage any such color prejudices. Some color is allowed, for example, just coloring the eyes or other small details. But in order to qualify for this prize, the art must be primarily black and white.
Entries: 7

Best Outfit: User Image Pandaista + User Image Apprentice Charm + User Image Moira's Fashion Flashback
I am HORRIBLE when it comes to putting clothes on my character. I never know what to have them wear. If you can design an outfit that looks amazing while staying true to the character and setting, you'll be eligible to win this prize. Do not copy ideas from other people! Taking sligjt inspiration from something is ok, but copying a design and only changing colors or details is not ok and will get your entry disqualified.

Best Non-Traditional Art: User Image Fallen Wish + 1 color half-body commission from Tanabata Wish
When I say 'non-traditional,' I'm not talking about art that is done in digital media. I'm talking about art that you don't always see accepted in art contests. Pixels, writing, even music, videos, and photography--all of that will be accepted and judged in this category. Entries that fall into this category are still eligible for other prizes, but I wanted to give them a category all their own.
Entries: 4

Best Original Style: User Image Emerald Dream
All artists have their own original styles, but every once in a while, an artist comes along who really wows me with how unique and out-of-the-box their art is. All art submitted to the contest will be eligible for this prize, but only one will win it.

Most Involved: User Image All-Star Cheer: Uni-Hornets + User Image All-Star Cheer: Sapphire Skulls + 1 color fullbody commission from Tanabata Wish
This prize will go to the person who I feel has been the most involved in the contest. You don't even have to be an artist to win this prize. Entries submitted do help, but it's about more than just art. Bumping, chatting, being friendly to people who stop by, recruiting other artists to join, participating in the mini-games and contests, and just hanging out with me will all help you win this prize.

User Image

In addition to the overall main prizes above, I will be holding bi-monthly mini-contests. There will be a theme and a few characters from each of my three stories. One prize will be given for theme, and one prize will be given for character. Also stay tuned for events and mini-games that will give you even more chances to win!

June/July Mini Contest
Theme: None
Project PEACE characters: ANY
Chained characters: ANY
Shadowborn characters: ANY

As you can see, there is no specific theme or character for this final mini contest. Anything goes! I will still give out monthly contest prizes for this in addition to the main contest prizes that will be distributed in August.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for mini-events that will be held at random throughout the contest. These will usually be announced in the poll and on the most recent page of the thread. They will last anywhere from a day to a week and prizes will vary. (special thanks to Bribble for the idea--and I hope you don't mind that I'm stealing it)
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In addition to the art contest, I am going to be holding a points raffle for people who are not artists (or for artists who just want extra opportunities to win prizes). Here's how it works:

You can earn points by doing any/all of the things on the list below. For every 100 points you earn, I will add your name to the numbered list at the bottom of this post. So if you have a total of 900 points by the end of the contest, your name should be on the list a total of 9 times. When the contest ends and during the awards ceremony, I will RNG and if your name is in the slot that gets rolled, you will get a prize. Prizes will be added as the contest goes on (see list below) and will range anywhere from 5k to 1 mil in value. Anyone can participate in the raffle, even if you do not submit an entry to the main contest.

How to Earn Points

+100 points for every artist you refer to the contest. The artist must submit an entry and say that you referred them in their entry form
+100 points for submitting your first Project PEACE entry
+100 points for submitting your first Chained entry
+100 points for submitting your first Shadowborn entry
+30 points for each additional entry after the first in any of the three categories
+20 points for your first entry of any character (so if you draw three different characters
throughout the contest, you can earn these points three different times)
+20 points for any entry from the 'suggested scenes' list (any story)
+20 points for any entry from the 'character playlists' (any story)
+500 points for drawing ALL characters from Project PEACE
+300 points for drawing ALL characters from Chained
+300 points for drawing ALL characters from Shadowborn
+50 points for participating in an event
+20 points for advertising the contest in your signature for one month. PLEASE tell me when you put it in your sig so I can start counting your points and don't miss anything. This can be earned every month the contest is open RavensCry Aug 6, Mikosama Sept 11, Butterfly_kisses7 Sept 15, LoveForChii Sept 19, Sevi Rais Nov 15, Chiara20 Jan 6

The Music Game

I love music and love to listen to music while I write. I am constantly looking for new music to add to my writing playlist. This game is simple. Each week, you may submit up to two songs for me to listen to. One can be just for my listening pleasure, and one can be something that you think fits one of the characters or stories in this contest. Please explain why you think the song fits a character when you submit it for that category. Points will be given as follows:
+10-50 points for a song, depending on how much I like it, whether or not I have heard it before, etc. I know that this seems really subjective, but keep in mind that everyone else is being judged by the same standards--mine. If you want an idea of the music I like or songs I have already heard and love before, you can check out my playlist here
+10-50 points for a song, depending on how much I like it and how much it fits the character/story you selected it for. Songs that get between 40 and 50 points may be added to character playlists. Please do not submit songs that are already on character playlists.
+20 points for the best song of the month (click spoiler to see who is eligible this month)


Random points will also be given at the end of the month to people who have regularly posted here, bumped, chatted, etc.

Points Tally

Mikosama---1200 points
I BE THE WAFFLE---300 points (now The Dr Waffle)
Ctrlmyself---210 points
LoveForChii---600 points
from love to pain---30 points
Chiara20---500 points
Sevi Rais---600 points
RavensCry---340 points (now Malice Winterharte)
Starry Pudding---230 points
Butterfly_kisses7---100 points
Unbroken Jewels---100 points
solorn---130 points
TheMainCharacter1---210 points
Vladimirka---120 points

The Raffle

This is where your name will be placed each time you reach 100 points
1. CTRLmyself
2. CTRLmyself
3. Mikosama
4. Mikosama
5. Bribble
6. LoveForChii
7. LoveForChii
8. Bribble
9. Bribble
10. Bribble
11. Bribble
12. Mikosama
13. Mikosama
14. Mikosama
15. Mikosama
19. Sevi Rais
20. Mikosama
21. Sevi Rais
22. Mikosama
23. Starry Pudding
24. RavensCry
25. LoveForChii
26. Chiara20
27. Bribble
28. Mikosama
29. Sevi Rais
30. RavensCry
31. LoveForChii
32. Sevi Rais
33. Chiara20
34. Mikosama
35. Unbroken Jewels
36. LoveForChii
37. Sevi Rais
38. Chiara20
39. solorn
40. Chiara20
41. Starry Pudding
42. RavensCry
43. TheMainCharacter1
44. Bribble
45. Bribble
46. Vladimirka
47. TheMainCharacter1
48. Bribble
49. Mikosama
50. Bribble
51. LoveForChi
52. Chiara20
53. Sevi Rais
54. Butterfly_Kisses7

Raffle Prizes

This list will continue to grow throughout the contest as I add more prizes. I will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. Show spoiler to see what prizes can currently be won in the raffle.

1. Catastrophe
2. Owlpocalypse
3. Bunnihlation
4. April 2013 Monthly Collectible
5. 1,000,000,000 gold
6. Sugarsuite 2nd Gen
7. Sweet Lunarian
8. 500,000,000 gold
9. December 2013 Monthly Collectible
10. January 2014 Monthly Collectible
11. March 2014 Monthly Collectible

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Please submit all entries in this thread using the following form. I realize that it might not be perfect for written entries and such, but just fill it out as best you can and I should be able to figure out the rest.

[quote="Tanabata Wish"][/quote]
[color=#9dd3df][b]I have an entry![/b]
[b]Who did you draw?:[/b] (please tell me which character(s) is/are in your entry)
[b]Link to entry[/b] (PLEASE LINK!!! Do not post an image or an entire story as this might create page stretching)
[b]Do you have references to credit?[/b]
[b]Were you referred here by anyone?[/b]
[b]Comments:[/b] (If you are entering a specific category, scene, character playlist, etc. please tell me here, as well as any other comments you may have)
[b]Do you give permission for me to use this image in banners or on a profile?[/b] (The image itself would not be altered at all--possibly resized or cropped, but that's it, and you would always be credited appropriately)[/color]

User Image

Here I will put links to all the entries I have received in this contest. If your entry does not show up here within a day or two of you submitting it, please quote me and let me know. Chances are, I forgot to put it up. I can be a little scatterbrained sometimes, and until February I am stuck with super-forgetful-prengancy-syndrome, but I really don't want to forget anyone when it comes to judging, so please always check this list after you have submitted an entry.

Total Entries: 24

Zira and Jared by CTRLmyself (page 19)
Revolver and Madi by CTRLmyself (page 25)
Chairman Ryku by Mikosama (page 28 )
Chariman Ryku by Bribble (pg 29)
Lila by LoveForChii (page 51)
All werewolves by Bribble (page 53)
Lila and Sophie by Mikosama (page 54)
Music video featuring characters from Project PEACE by Mikosama (page 55)
Chairman Ryku by I BE THE WAFFLE (page 59)
Jared and Zira by I BE THE WAFFLE (page 61)
Light and Shadow: A Shadowborn Fanfic by Sevi Rais (page 69)
Shadowborn: Alone by Mikosama (page 73)
Zira by Mikosama (page 76)
Madi by Starry Pudding (page 77)
Zira by RavensCry (page 83)
Aubreigh by Starry Pudding (page 97)
Link Pending by Sevi Rais (page 102)
Zira by solorn (page 141)
Jared by solorn (page 141)
Zira by TheMainCharacter1 (page 160)
Zira and Jared by bribble (page 163)
Madi by Vladimirka (page 186)
Seth and Trinity by TheMainCharacter1 (page 194)
Sydelle by Bribble (page 19 cool
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About the World Project PEACE takes place in a future America in the early 2120's. About 30 years before the story starts, a terrible war (sort of implied to be World War III) involving nuclear weapons and robot armies took place, killing about half of the world's population and redefining national borders and governments. In America, an organization known as the PEACE Project was established in order to protect the peace of the nation and help it recover and rebuild after the war. Despite all their good intentions, the Project has dark secrets, like the fact that one of it's five units trains highly skilled assassins that are sent out to eliminate all threats to peace in America. This story follows the actions of one member of that unit as she struggles to understand what the Project really is, and eventually breaks away and begins fighting against the organization from the outside world.

Future America: The scars of war are still very visible across the country. Many major cities have been obliterated, a few of them no more than toxic nuclear wastelands where no one dares to go. Life is hard, and resources are scarce, which has led to strictly enforced population control laws. Women are only allowed to have two children. If a third child is born, members of the Project come to collect the child and take it to an adoption center. A few of these children are taken back to the Project, raised and trained to become future members of the organization. When they are about 10 years old, they are placed into one of the five units of the PEACE Project to continue their learning and training in more specified areas. The tall walls of the compound are the only home they have ever known. Most members of the Project are fiercely loyal to their units and believe that everything they are doing is to make the country a better place for those on the outside. To leave the Project is almost unheard of, and those who do are never seen or spoken of again. Unquestioning obedience and unflinching loyalty--these are the things the Project expects of it's members.

You can read the first chapter of this story here. It's old, and it needs a ton of work, but it might give you a better idea of the setting and introduces some of the characters and their relationships that could be helpful to your art.


References: portrait gaia_star Song concept thing gaia_star Zira and Jared gaia_star Assassin gear/assignment outfit gaia_star height chart gaia_star by TAngelCinnamon gaia_star by Liralith gaia_star by my friend, theant4 gaia_star Zira and Jared by the amazing Saimain gaia_star Zira's Pinterest board
Real-life/Photo References: Dakota Fanning X X X
Name: Zira (birth name: Alyssa Rogers)
Age: 17-19
Eyes: light blue
Hair: Very light, almost platinum blonde. Short, a-line style cut, choppy bangs in front
Skin: Pale
Height: 5' 2"
Body type: Zira is small, but very athletic and strong for her size. She has a strong, graceful build, probably similar to a dancer. Small bust, very in-shape but not overly thin
Markings/scars: Halfway through the first book of the Project PEACE series, an assignment Zira is on in a foreign country goes terribly wrong and she ends up having her right leg amputated below the knee. The prosthetic looks like this: (coming soon). You can draw her without it, but if you are drawing a particular scene from the story or a scene from the list of suggested scenes, please make sure it is accurate according to the timeline of the story. So if you are drawing a scene from before she lost her leg, please don't draw her with the prosthetic. Ask me if you are not sure--I don't mind helping out at all. She also has a scar on her left front shoulder area, like above her heart where the shoulder and arm meet, from being stabbed with a knife at the end of the first book
Clothing: Zira wears clothes that are comfortable and practical, often with a bit of a military look to them, but nothing too over-the-top. She generally wears more subdued colors, but can wear brighter colors in small doses. Just no neon or crazy patterns or anything--with the exception being that on assignments, she sometimes finds it helpful to dress in a very cute and innocent way. Like perhaps wearing a lot of pink or a cute dress or flowery patterns or something. This can make people perceive her differently so that they would never suspect her of being the cold, skilled killer she actually is. While she is with the Project, she always wears a black armband around her left arm. After she leaves the Project, she no longer wears this. She always wears a round blue pendant on a silver chain that is the same color as her eyes around her neck (it was a gift from Jared--I need to add it to her portrait). She usually wears boots or tennis-shoes of some kind, but please keep in mind that if you are drawing her after she has lost her right leg, she will only be wearing a shoe on the left foot. She doesn't wear anything to cover her prosthetic foot.
Personality: Zira is a very introverted person. She doesn't let people get very close to her (with a few exceptions) and is generally mistrustful of people until she gets to know them. She's usually serious, but she will laugh and smile around the right people. She is very arrogant and headstrong. When she makes a mistake, she has a hard time admitting it to other people and even to herself. For example, she has a hard time apologizing to people because most of the time, she doesn't think that she did anything wrong and has nothing to apologize for. She prides herself on being able to take care of herself without needing help from anyone else, and when she does need help, she has a hard time accepting that and asking for it. She can be quick to anger and often very defensive. Despite her cold exterior, she has a good heart and generally tries to do what she thinks is the right thing. She has a hard time expressing her feelings and doesn't always do a good job of showing other people that she cares about them, but she tries in her own small way. She is also very determined and doesn't like falling short, so she has always pushed herself to the breaking point in order to get what she needs. She was constantly bullied as a child for being so small and quiet, and as she has grown up, she feels this constant need to prove herself to everyone else and show them that she is more than just some small helpless girl.

Relationships to other characters:
Jared: In the first book, these two become romantically involved. Zira cares for him deeply, but not on the same level that Jared cares for her. She comes to love him eventually, but by the time she realizes it, her world is already spiraling out of control and she ends up driving him away. When he tries to kill her on Ryku's orders, she is devastated by the betrayal. Throughout the rest of the series, she continues to struggle with her feelings for him. She still loves him, but is frustrated and angry at the man he has become and can't understand why he follows Ryku blindly when he's so much better than that. She eventually comes to understand him better but is never sure if they could work out as a couple again, even if she wanted it to.
Aubreigh: This is Zira's best friend, but she views her more like a sister. They have a long history together. They were raised together in the compound, and when the other kids would pick on Zira and call her names, Aubreigh was always there to defend her until Zira was brave enough to stick up for herself. Aubreigh is the one person Zira knows she can count on for anything, the one person who will stand by her no matter what. She sees a lot more potential in Aubreigh than Aubreigh sees in herself, so sometimes Zira pushes her friend to do things she might not feel entirely comfortable with. Like, say, starting a rebellion against the Project.
Ryku: Chairman Ryku is almost a father figure to Zira and other members of his unit, so when she realizes that he is corrupt and deceitful, Zira has a hard time dealing with it. At first, she wants to believe his lies, but when he sends Jared to kill her, all hope of setting things right disappears. Zira hates him and fears him, and knows that if he has his way, the world will never be the same. She decides he needs to be stopped at all costs--killed, even--and that becomes her primary goad for the rest of the series.
Tripp: When Zira first meets Tripp, she immediately dislikes him and his carefree attitude about things that she feels should be taken more seriously. As she gets to know him better, though, she realizes that he has a lot of valuable knowledge and experience and comes to respect him. That respect eventually develops into a strong friendship, and Zira comes to see in him a sort of kindred spirit, someone who has gone through a lot of the same trials she has and come out of them on top. She admires that in him.
Seth: Zira's first encounters with Seth lead her to believe that is an annoying, pompous, and idealistic man who sticks his nose in everyone else's business and has a ridiculous black-and-white view of the world. Eventually she begins to see that he actually has valid ideas and opinions, but she is still somewhat annoyed by his self-righteous, condescending attitude. Which, is rather ironic, seeing Zira herself has a rather condescending attitude towards others a lot of the time.
Trinity: Zira sees Trinity as a valuable asset and admires her bravery and dedication to exposing the Project's secrets, but she thinks she is naive and doesn't fully understand what she is getting herself into. She also partially blames Trinity for Aubreigh's death.
Revolver: Zira doesn't know much about him, but from what she has seen, she knows he is a formidable enemy and someone she should steer clear of at all costs
Mei: Mei is very special to Zira, and Zira feels that she will always be indebted to the old woman for saving her life and for allowing her to live with her while she is figuring out what to do about the Project. She knows she would have died without Mei's medical treatment, and she also values Mei's advice. Mei is the person who made her realize that she doesn't have to live a life of killing, that she has a choice. When Mei dies, Zira is devastated and blames herself for Mei's death.


References: Half-decent example of his build gaia_star Half-decent example of his face gaia_star Jared and Zira gaia_star Height chart gaia_star Awesome example of assignment gear by Smercurial gaia_star Perfect example of his build by Hildi gaia_star Jared and Zira by the amazing Saimain gaia_star PEACE Pinterest board
Real-life/Photo References: This guy (I have no idea who he is--found these on a stock image site and these are the only pictures I've found that resemble him crying Just don't include the facial hair, please. There's only one instance in the story where Jared has facial hair and if you want more info about that, ask. Otherwise, he should be clean-shaven) X X X X X
Name: Jared (nickname: The Chairman's Dog, the Dog)
Age: 21-22
Eyes: dark brown
Hair: black, very short, tight curls
Skin: kind of a chocolate brown color, with warm undertones. He is African American
Height: 6' 6"
Body type: Huge. Not only is he very tall, he has a lot of muscle too. Not so much that he's got one of those freaky body-builder type physiques, but he's clearly someone you don't want to get in a fight with.
Markings/scars: He has various cut scars and a few whip marks on his back and torso from being held and tortured about a year before the story starts. I'm not real picky about how they're placed or drawn, just don't go overboard
Clothing: Jared dresses in very casual attire most of the time. Jeans, cargo shorts, t-shirts, and hoodies are the staples of his wardrobe. He can dress up a little if need be, but generally wouldn't wear anything too fancy. He always wears a black armband around his left arm.
Personality: On the surface, Jared looks and acts like your typical big strong man, but there is a lot more to him than that. Jared is highly ambitious and dedicated to the Project--to a fault. He is the most skilled assassin in the unit and takes great pride in being Ryku's right-hand man. When Ryku steps down, Jared knows that he will be the one to take his place as Chairman. He doesn't want to do anything to screw that up. He has good, strong morals, but his views are a little skewed by the ideals of the Project. He is often willing to sacrifice what he believes is right in favor of following orders, often under the impression that his actions will be 'for the greater good.' He does not do well with moral decisions and often makes the wrong choice, then feels horrible about it afterwards. Instead of really trying to fix his mistakes or overcome his guilt, he just gets angry and beats himself up about it and carries the weight around, often leading him to make even more poor decisions. He might not be willing to admit it, but he is a very emotional person. He forms very strong attachments to those he cares about, attachments that are not easily broken. He can be very charismatic and has a good sense of humor (more so at the beginning of the story than at the end). He likes seeing people he cares about be happy and hates it when they are sad, especially if he is the cause of that.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: Jared's first impression of Zira is that she is way too small and fragile-looking to make a good assassin. When he is forced to work with her on an assignment, his view of her changes and he comes to respect her skills. He also begins to feel attracted to her and the two form a romantic relationship. Jared is much more committed to the relationship than Zira is and has stronger feelings for her than she does for him. He knows this and is not bothered by it, recognizing that Zira takes a while to bond with people. Eventually, their work and their differing opinions about the Project and the direction Ryku is taking things drive them apart, and when Jared is forced to choose between his loyalty to Zira and his loyalty to the Project, he chooses the Project. At the last moment, he is unable to kill Zira as ordered and lets her go. He spends the rest of the series trying to keep the fact that she is alive a secret and trying to force himself to stop caring about her. Ultimately, he feels just as betrayed by her as she does by him, but a part of him still hopes that someday they will be able to move past that.
Aubreigh: He thinks she is a good, gentle-hearted person and a great friend for Zira. But he thinks that she is getting caught up in matters way too heavy for her to deal with, and worries that she will get in trouble. He tries to protect her as much as he can for Zira's sake, but there is only so much he can do.
Ryku: Jared has an enormous amount of admiration for the Chairman and would do just about anything to please him or earn his respect. He is fiercely loyal to him and a little bit deluded, too. He might not agree with everything Ryku does, but he follows along anyways because he doesn't know what else to do, because he believes Ryku when he says that the end justifies the means.
Tripp/Judah: Jared eventually becomes the head of a special tasks group assigned with hunting down a Project traitor known as Judah. He has this misconstrued idea of Judah as being a liar and a deserter and a traitor because that's what Ryku has told him. He is shocked when he learns that Zira is working with Judah, and even more shocked when he learns the true nature of Judah's past relationship with Ryku. But for the vast majority of the story, Judah is just another target in Jared's sights, someone who is a threat to the Project and needs to be eliminated.
Revolver: Until Revolver came along, Jared indisputably the strongest, most deadly fighter in the entire Project. He was Ryku's right-hand man, the one the Chairman turned to when he needed something done right. He feels like Revolver has replaced him in some way, and resents him for being so much stronger and faster and better at everything without ever having to work at it like Jared has. Despite this, he does feel some sort of connection or responsibility for Revolver, even a sense of loyalty. He hates him, but he also comes to respect him and see some similarities between himself and Revolver.
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References: Old, horrible sketch gaia_star Unfished portrait (please do not draw him bald like this) gaia_star by Brosephiine gaia_star by Omigah gaia_star PEACE Pinterest board
Real-life/Photo References: Hiroyuki Sanada is pretty close. He has serious facial hair and much longer hair than Ryku in most of his pictures, so do your best to imagine him with more appropriate "Ryku" features X (<---This is totally a Ryku expression) X X
Name: Chairman Ryku (also referred to simply as the Chairman)
Age: 42 (or 27 in flashback)
Eyes: brown
Hair: black, straight, short
Skin: Ryku is half-Japanese, so he has a light complexion and some Asian features, like his eyes and coloring
Height: 5' 11"
Body type: Ryku is in pretty good shape for a man his age. He isn't fat or thin, has kind of a broad-shouldered, stiff build, and probably a little muscle. He keeps himself in good physical condition.
Markings/scars: three thin scars across his left eye running from his forehead to his cheekbone. His left eye is robotic, but it doesn't look all that different from his real eye. Perhaps a little darker in color and less shiny (like it doesn't reflect light as well as his real eye does)
Clothing: I always have a really hard time with his clothes. He doesn't wear anything very casual, but he wouldn't usually wear anything too fancy either. The clothes he is wearing in the height chart are good for him, but I'd love to see him in other outfits as well if you can come up with something that fits. No bright flashy colors, but he can wear darker, muted colors. Ryku always wears a black armband with a white star on his left arm. If you are drawing him younger, like he is in flashback chapters, he will still wear the armband but it should not have a star.
Personality: Ryku had kind of a rough life growing up. His father was an alcoholic and often beat Ryku and his mother until Ryku was old enough and big enough to stand up to him. His father was the chairman of the assassin unit and one of the founders of the Project, so Ryku was able to join the Project at a young age. He was engaged to a girl in his unit named Rafi when he was in his 20's, but she left him for Judah (later known as Tripp). Rafi died on an assignment a short time after, which Ryku blamed his father for. He killed his father, covered it up, and took his place as Chairman. He has always been a very serious person, not one to crack jokes or even laugh at them. He does smile occasionally, when something pleases him, but for the most part he is very straight-laced and stoic. He has a very firm set of beliefs that center around the idea that human beings need a strong leader to lay down a strict set of rules and consequences. Basically, the only way to create peace and order in the world is to force people into it. Sometimes that means doing things that are morally questionable, but the end justifies the means, and Ryku isn't afraid to get his hands dirty.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: Like all the members of his unit, Ryku sees Zira almost as a daughter--and a pawn. He uses her as he needs, but on some level, he does care about her. That does not excuse her twisted ideals and misconstrued ideas about right and wrong, however, and when Zira becomes a problem, he doesn't hesitate to send someone to kill her.
Jared: Ryku also sees Jared as a son and someone he can use to fulfill his goals, but he also respects Jared and sees him as a man with a lot of potential. Outwardly, he may not show that respect, but deep down, it's there. Ryku's bond with Jared is the strongest bond he has formed with another human being since Rafi died. They're not exactly friends, and their mentor-student type relationship can be a little dysfunctional and even hateful at times, but there's a mutual respect and loyalty between them. And Ryku may even care more about Jared as a sort of "son" than anyone could ever believe
Tripp: Fifteen years ago, Tripp was known as Judah, and he and Ryku were best friends. Ryku got engaged to a girl named Rafi, and his life was all fine and dandy aside from his daddy-issues and a few anger management problems. Rafi didn't seem to think everything was so perfect, though, and ended up cheating on Ryku with Judah. That ended their friendship, and Ryku ended up hating Judah. After Ryku became Chairman, Judah left the Project, taking valuable secrets with him. This gave Ryku an excuse to hunt him down like a wild animal, which is what he's been doing unsuccessfully for fifteen years. Every day, his hatred for his former friend grows.
Revolver: Views him as something less than human, a robot to be programmed and trained to carry out his orders without question. A very valuable tool, no doubt, but still only a tool.
Rafi: See info for Tripp above to get a better understanding of Ryku's past with Rafi. He loved her very much, believed she was perfect for him in every way. Even after her betrayal, he continued to love her. Her death left a wound that has never healed. A part of him believes that if he kills Judah, he will be able to get some closure for Rafi's death.


References: Old sketch gaia_star Height chart gaia_star by p a n syndrome gaia_star PEACE Pinterest board
Real-life/Photo References: Jaime Bell X X
Name: Revolver
Age: 17 (looks a few years older than that, perhaps)
Eyes: red-brown--very unnatural looking color when you get a close look at them
Hair: dark red-brown, almost an unnatural color
Skin: light
Height: 6' 1"
Body type: lean, athletic. Not a lot of muscle, but he does have some
Markings/scars: none
Clothing: Revolver will wear pretty much anything, as long as it is practical and comfortable. He has no preferences for colors or certain styles, so dress him however you want. Clothing that doesn't quite match would even be appropriate.
Personality: Revolver is a clone, genetically engineered to be superior to human beings in speed, strength, reflexes, intelligence, etc. At first glance, he looks just like another person. If you look closer, though, you'll notice there's something uncanny about him. The way he stands, the way he moves, the coloring of his eyes and hair, and most of all, the completely blank, empty expression on his face. Revolver is incapable of feeling emotions. Scientists think that maybe all of his genetic alterations changed his body's natural emotional responses to things, or that perhaps emotions are something too complex for science to replicate correctly. Other people--including Revolver himself-- seem to believe that Revolver is something other than human, a being without a soul, and that is why he cannot experience human emotions. Eventually he does begin to feel things on some small level, but at that point, he isn't sure if what he is feeling is real, or if he is just reacting mentally in the manner that he has been taught is appropriate. He comes to question who and what he is and what it means to be human and often compares himself to a monster.

Relationships to other characters:
Jared: Knows that Jared dislikes him but has no real concept of why or what that even means.
Ryku: His boss, someone he depends on for food, shelter, and even just a purpose in life. Revolver IS his purpose. Without that, he's really just an empty shell, and because Ryku is responsible for giving him a purpose and a task and something to do, he is very important to Revolver. He follows Ryku's orders without question and recognizes that he is a man who has a lot of power and authority, a man who is smart and cunning in ways that most other people are not, a man who knows exactly what he is doing.
Madi: This is the most important relationship Revolver has with any other character in the story. Madi tries to befriend him when others just ignore him. She seems happy to be around him and is always talking to him and interested in what he is saying. He doesn't understand why at first. Eventually, he comes to form some kind of attachment to her. These are the very beginnings of emotions for him, and the whole thing is very confusing and overwhelming. He begins to question what he is because of her, and Madi reassures him that he is human and not the monster he believes himself to be. He doesn't believe her entirely, but she gives him hope. He comes to enjoy her company and feels better when she is around, and when Ryku kills her, the pain and anger burns worse than any physical pain he has ever felt.
Tripp: The man Revolver is supposed to kill. Tripp doesn't seem threatening to Revolver at all, and he doesn't understand the personal motive behind Ryku wanting him dead, but if his assignment is to kill him, he'll follow his orders as he always does.
Zira: Doesn't know much about her at first. Eventually learns of her history with Jared and the Project. Recognizes that she is a strong person inside and out, and a worthy opponent.

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References: Height chart gaia_star by Katurn gaia_star PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: Paul Bettany X X X
Name: born as Judah Koyle. After leaving the Project he had several aliases, the most recent being Eugene Trippaldi, aka Tripp.
Age: 35 (20 in flashbacks)
Eyes: hazel, more green than brown
Hair: blonde, short and messy
Skin: pale
Height: 6' 0"
Body type: thin and wiry, almost sickly thin when Zira first meets him.
Markings/scars: Tripp does have several small, faint scars all over his body, particularly his arms, from his days of meth use and picking at his skin, but they aren't significant enough that you have to include them in your art if you don't want to
Clothing: If you decide to draw a younger version of Tripp, before he left the Project, his clothes will generally be pretty casual, but clean. He would always wear a yellow band around his left arm. After leaving the Project, Tripp's clothes are generally a little ragged and stained with dirt and grime. He doesn't take great pride in his appearance and most of his clothes are things he picks up from second-hand shops and has carried around for years.
Personality: Tripp has a good-natured, very friendly and laid-back personality. He's always cracking jokes and can enjoy a laugh at his own expense as well. He loves practical jokes and making other people laugh. He's also very smart, though you might not guess that by looking at him or just hearing him have a conversation. He was a member of unit A, responsible for research and technology/scientific stuff, so he knows a lot about that. He's very resourceful, having spent the last fifteen years hiding from Ryku and his assassins. Shortly after leaving the Project, he became addicted to drugs, specifically meth. The addiction gave him an escape from reality, from the darkness of Rafi's death and the murder of his family, from the horrible secrets he carries with him about the Project. He woke up from an overdose in a hospital one day several years after leaving the Project, where he was almost killed by an assassin from the Project. That was kind of a wake-up call for him, and he got help. By the time Zira meets him, he has been clean for over a year and has a whole new refreshed outlook on life.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: He admires Zira's resolve and dedication, but thinks she's young and rash and needs a little guidance. He also thinks she needs to lighten up a little bit. He's a little intimidated by the fact that she's an assassin, but ultimately, he recognizes how similar their histories with the Project are and hopes to be able to help her so that neither of them have to live on edge, always waiting for a knife in the back. Eventually, she lets her guard down a little bit and the two of them form a very strong friendship.
Ryku: They were formerly best friends, when Tripp was Judah and a member of the Project. Judah ended up sleeping with Ryku's fiance, Rafi. He felt guilty about it, but couldn't seem to break off the relationship. Rafi eventually left Ryku for Judah, and Judah knows that Ryku's hatred towards him is well-deserved, though he would really like it if Ryku wasn't so vengeful and would just talk things over with him instead of constantly trying to kill him. He also knows that's a ridiculous notion and it will never happen.
Aubreigh: Sees her as a sweet girl who is maybe in a little over her head, but has a lot of respect and admiration for the way she's put herself on the line to help him and Zira in their goal to take out Ryku.
Seth: Thinks he REALLY needs to lighten up and get a sense of humor. He's always trying to get Seth to not take life so seriously, joking with him and playing practical jokes on him. When that doesn't seem to work, he tries harder. He knows Seth is aggravated by his 'childish games,' but this is just further proof to Tripp that Seth really needs to grow a funny-bone and stop being so serious.
Rafi: At first, Judah felt guilty about his relationship with Rafi. He resisted her charms for a while, but eventually gave up. He loved her very much, and her death left him devastated and looking for answers, which eventually led to him discovering a lot of dark secrets about the Project and deserting it.
Trinity: Thinks she's fairly brave and admires her hunger for truth. He's also very sympathetic when things go badly for her and tries to comfort her.
Revolver: Before Tripp left the Project, he was part of the team of scientists who created Revolver. It's a little weird for him to see Revolver as he is now, fully grown and being used as one of Ryku's puppets. He feels a little sorry for him.


References: Unfinished sketch gaia_star Height chart gaia_star by Wongdongdinger PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: Kind of having a hard time finding a perfect one, but if you picture Ginnifer Goodwin being younger, give her some freckles and the right coloring, she could pass for Aubreigh X X
Name: Aubreigh
Age: 18-21
Eyes: brown
Hair: brown, very long, kind of wavy. Feel free to experiment with different hairstyles for her.
Skin: she has a bit of a tan but nothing too dramatic.
Height: 5' 6"
Body type: Average. Not skinny, not fat. Kind of curvy.
Markings/scars: Some freckles across her cheeks and nose, but they're kind of faint so please don't draw them really dark and heavy.
Clothing: Aubreigh loves clothes and jewelery and shopping and dressing up and looking good. You can put her in pretty much anything that isn't just jeans and a t-shirt, and feel free to experiment with some more dramatic, futuristic styles if you feel so inclined. She always wears a red armband around her left arm.
Personality: Aubreigh is one of those people who never seems to let the little things in life get her down. She's always happy and trying to see the silver lining in a situation. She has a big, friendly smile that cheers everyone up, and she's very compassionate, always looking out for other people and trying to help those in need. She's a little too idealistic and naive at first, so as she comes to understand some of the darker truths about her own unit and the Project itself, she doesn't take it well and has a hard time coming to grips with reality. She's extremely loyal to those she cares about, especially her best friend Zira. Aubreigh doesn't think of herself as being a hero and knows that by working with Zira to take down Ryku, she's gotten herself involved in something that is way too big for her. In truth, she's a lot braver and stronger than she realizes, because despite all her fears and shortcomings, she still does everything she can to do what she knows is right.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: Her best friend. Aubreigh is very forgiving of Zira's shortcomings and admires everything about her, particularly the things that Aubreigh doesn't see in herself, for example, her courage, her inner strength, her determination, etc. She is fiercely loyal to Zira and thinks of her as a sister as well as a friend.
Jared: She finds him attractive (which isn't saying much since Aubreigh finds a lot of men attractive), but is rather intimidated by his size and attitude. Thinks he's a perfect match for Zira, however, and being the hopeless romantic that she is she loves seeing them together. Jared is the person Aubreigh turns to for comfort when Zira goes missing and is presumed dead (both times), because she knows that he cares about Zira just as much as she does. She is kind of annoyed at him for not getting his head straight and figuring out the whole 'Ryku-is-evil' thing, but as with everyone else, she can relate to him and on some level and understand and even justify some of his actions. Also, if Zira and Jared were to somehow work things out and get back together sometime, let's just say that Aubreigh wouldn't be opposed to it. (She maybe kind of represents my own selfish fangirl views in that repsect)
Tripp: Is a little wary of him at first, but comes to feel bad for him and his situation the more she gets to know him. She appreciates that he is taking care of Zira and hopefully keeping her from doing anything too reckless, and appreciates his sense of humor.
Ryku: He scares her. At first she is reluctant to believe that he's so corrupt, just because he's the Chairman and the implications of a corrupt Chairman are extremely uncomfortable to her. Eventually she opens her eyes and really understands what kind of leader he is and helps Zira and Tripp take him out.
Seth: In the first book, Aubreigh spends a lot of time avoiding Seth and dodging questions as part of an internal investigation he is running in the compound. Later on, she actually approaches him asking him to help with the Ryku situation, recognizing that he has good ideals and might be willing to act on them.
Madi: Aubreigh doesn't interact with her much in the story, but she knows Madi pretty well and sees her as a very kind, gentle person. As part of her work in the Project, if she ever has a kid that comes to the compound and needs special care or attention, she tells Madi and knows the girl will take care of them.
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by Brosephiine gaia_star PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: At this point, I don't have any for him
Name: Seth
Age: 25-26
Eyes: brown. He wears glasses, black rims, more square-shaped than round.
Hair: dark brown, almost black
Skin: olive, maybe kind of tannish
Height: 5' 11"
Body type: Average, not muscular or skinny or overweight. Just very plain...interpret that however you will
Markings/scars: None
Clothing: Seth believes in the value of first impressions and making a good appearance, so he dresses well, but nothing too formal unless the occasion calls for it. He likes being seen and standing out, but not in a way that's over-the-top or ridiculous. He always wears a green armband around his left upper arm and can often be seen carrying a clipboard. A pen tucked behind his ear or in his pocket would be highly appropriate as well.
Personality: Seth has a very black-and-white view of the world and a firm set of morals that revolve around that idea. He sees himself as a sort of crusader for all that is good and just in the world. He's stubborn and arrogant and often thinks his way of thinking is the only right one. He doesn't easily listen to the ideas and opinions of others and certainly isn't going to change his own views at the drop of a hat. He's got a sharp mind and is a keen investigator. He knows there is more going on in the Project than anyone wants to let on, and it frustrates him that his own Chairman seems to turn a blind eye and that no one really seems to want to get to the bottom of things and set things in order like he does. He takes himself and his work very seriously and doesn't like to joke around or waste time at all.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: They often butt heads. Zira's morals leave a lot more room for grey area than Seth's do, but he just sees it as her making excuses and trying to justify certain things the same way the Project does. He does admire the fact that she saw the Project's corruption and managed to get out and is now risking her life to stop Ryku. He just thinks she's maybe going about it the wrong way and hopes to be able to steer her in a different direction.
Tripp: Finds him insufferably annoying, with his constant banter and practical jokes. There is work to be done, and Tripp never seems to take things seriously like he should. Admittedly, though, he can be useful when he wants to be.
Ryku: Suspects there is something extremely wrong with Ryku's whole rise to power thing and is very annoyed at the way the Chairman has constantly thwarted his attempts to investigate his unit over the years. Sees corruption and potential for disaster in his leadership and makes it his mission in life to do something about it.
Trinity: Seth and Trinity have known each other for years. He's a bit smitten by her but is too afraid to say anything. He sees that they are similar in their thirst for truth and their willingness to get to the bottom of things, no matter what. In the past, he's often been responsible for setting her on the path to a good story for her news reports, which he claims is just because he wants to see the truth exposed and knows Trinity will do a good job of presenting the facts. But there's more to it than that. He wants to see her succeed in her work and hopes that she will acknowledge and appreciate his help.


References: PEACE Pinterest board
Real-life/Photo References: Nicole Beharie X X
Name: Trinity Jones
Age: 24
Eyes: Brown, but she wears violet-colored contact lenses
Hair: black, past shoulder-length. Can be worn curly or straight in a variety of different styles. Feel free to experiment.
Skin: medium-brown. Trinity is of African-American and Caucasian descent.
Height: 5'7"
Body type: Curvy, in good shape but not too thin.
Markings/scars: none
Clothing: At work, she dresses in more conservative, professional type clothes and jewelery, perhaps with bright accents or accessories. Outside of work, she dresses more casually and has kind of a random sense of fashion. She likes bright colors and interesting patterns.
Personality: Trinity is very dedicated to her work as a reporter and takes special interest in the stories that no one else seems to want to touch, like government corruption. Her views have often been dubbed 'conspiracy theories' and she's had kind of a hard time getting any editors or news broadcasting agencies to take her seriously. When Zira and the rest of her team start providing Trinity with real links to solid evidence about the PEACE Project's dirty secrets, she jumps at the opportunity to publish the story, but doesn't really understand the kind of deep trouble she's getting herself into. When she does figure it out, she's scared, but sticks to her guns and continues to get the truth out there.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: At first, Zira was just this mysterious, faceless person feeding her information. When she actually meets Zira (while Zira is saving her life), Trinity is a little amused by the fact that she's just this tiny, 19 year old girl with a gimpy leg. Quickly realizes that there is a lot more to Zira than meets the eye.
Seth: Suspects that he has feelings for her but isn't sure she feels the same way. She likes him as a friend and wouldn't want to ruin that friendship, plus she's a little annoyed by the fact that Seth isn't confident enough to just come out and tell her exactly how he feels.
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References: PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: Rachel Fox is pretty close. If you can make Madi look a bit younger and/or more innocent in your art, that's better. X X
Name: Madi
Age: 17
Eyes: green
Hair: medium brown, falls just past her shoulders in wispy waves. Side-swept bangs, maybe a cute hair-clip or bow at times
Skin: fair
Height: 5' 3"
Body type: Thin, small bust
Markings/scars: none
Clothing: Madi dresses in very cute, young and fresh-looking clothes. Sundresses are a particular favorite of hers. Flower prints are good, pastel colors are good. You can even dress her up a little more with some ruffles and frills if you like.
Personality: Madi has a very sweet, caring personality. She likes people in general (especially kids) and is always looking out for others. She's very conscientious of those around her and recognizes when someone might need help. She's a little shy, but likes to befriend those who don't seem to have anyone else. She's just one of those genuinely good, gentle-hearted souls.

Relationships to other characters:
Aubreigh: Works closely with Aubreigh at times and is always willing to help her out.
Ryku: Respects him as a leader but thinks he might be a little too hard on people sometimes. Doesn't appreciate his treatment of Revolver at all.
Revolver: As soon as Madi first saw Revolver, she developed one of those silly teenage-girl crushes on him. She thought he was cute and wanted to get to know him better. She noticed that he always seemed to be alone when he wasn't following Ryku around, so she started eating lunch with him and talking to him. Despite the fact that he is obviously very different from normal people, she developed stronger feelings for him--feelings that she knows he may never be able to reciprocate. She really wants to help him, however she can, and wants him to know that he isn't just some robot or monster or puppet.


References: by Lyricalrampage gaia_star PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: Angelique Boyer X X
Name: Rafaela, usually goes by Rafi
Age: 24 (only appears in flashbacks)
Eyes: kind of a caramel or honey-brown goldish color
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan--Rafaela is Latina
Height: 5'6"
Body type: athletic, curvy, very attractive
Markings/scars: none
Clothing: Comfortable, practical, maybe with a little flair. Anything that shows off her curves. Rafi likes attention and can dress a little provocatively at times. The outfit in the reference image is good.
Personality: Rafi has a very flirtatious personality. She likes attention from guys and knows how to get it. She's strong-willed and knows exactly what she wants and won't hesitate to go after it. She usually places her own happiness before anyone else's, but she does genuinely care about other people and her relationships with them.

Relationships to other characters:
Ryku: Of all the men that have come and gone through Rafi's life, Ryku is the one she cared about most. She trusted him, she loved him, she would have done anything for him. He was kind to her and cared about her and respected her. That began to change after they got engaged. Ryku became more and more like his father everyday, with a short temper and increasingly frequent angry outbursts. And though he always hurried to apologize and try to make up for his actions, all Rafi saw was that things were getting worse. She turned to his best friend Judah for advice and comfort, and that's when things got a little messy.
Tripp/Judah: At first, Rafi only went to Judah to ask him how to deal with Ryku's problems. They became closer as time went on, and eventually started a secret, passionate relationship. Eventually Rafi realized she had fallen for Judah and decided to come clean with Ryku so that she could break free of him and move on with Judah. Her confession destroyed Ryku and Judah's friendship, and ultimately became one of the reasons why Ryku is so intent on hunting Tripp down.


References: PEACE Pinterest Board
Real-life/Photo References: This lady <---maybe looks a little too old, but the features are basically the same.
Name: Mei Kuramoto
Age: 72
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light salt-and-pepper grey, long, usually tied back in a bun
Skin: pale, wrinkly, a few age spots here and there
Height: 5' 2"
Body type: Thin and small, kind of frail-looking but she's still very spry and healthy for her age
Markings/scars: none
Clothing: Mei dresses in conservative, comfortable clothes. Loose-fitting garments, slippers when she is indoors and simple shoes or boots or sandals for outside (depending on the weather).
Personality: Mei has seen and been through a lot in her long lifetime. She's a retired doctor, but still keeps a supply of medical equipment and medicine in her home to help the residents of the small town where she lives. She's very smart and very wise, a humble woman of simple means who believes the most meaningful existence is one spent helping others.

Relationships to other characters:
Zira: Mei is suspicious of Zira at first. Who wouldn't be, if an armed young woman dressed all in black was brought to your home with several devastating injuries, including a gunshot wound to the leg? Despite the way things look, however, Mei treats Zira just as she would any other patient. She's forced to amputate Zira's leg, but saves her life. As Zira recovers and Mei gets to know more about her, she sees a very confused kid who has maybe been led astray and used for some bigger purpose she doesn't fully understand. It saddens Mei to see someone so young with so much blood on their hands, and though she never directly comes out and accuses Zira of anything or tries to make her feel guilty, she does try to impart some wisdom and help Zira realize that she's more than just a pawn, that she has a choice and can choose her own path. Eventually, Mei comes to view Zira almost as a daughter or granddaughter. She cares about her greatly and is very glad to have some good company in an otherwise empty home.
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If you create an entry based on anything from the following list, please make a note of it when you submit the entry so it doesn't get overlooked. There are a lot of songs and scenes and stories to keep track of and sometimes I am a little scatterbrained, so PLEASE tell me so I don't forget to award your points.

Character Playlists
The following songs are ones that I believe fit a certain character or story. Please use them as an inspiration for your art, particularly for entries in the "Character Songs" category

"A Beautiful Lie" by 30 Seconds to Mars A quiet desperation's building higher/I've got to remember this is just a game/Its a beautiful lie This could easily be the theme song for book one of this series, which follows Zira's inner struggle as she comes to discover all of the beautiful lies about the Project and Ryku that she has been led to believe.

"Hurricane" by 30 Seconds to Mars No matter how many deaths that I die, I will never forget/No matter how many lies that I live, I will never regret/There is a fire inside of this heart and a riot about to explode into flames.../Tell me would you kill to save a life Another 30STM song that fits perfectly as a theme song for book two, with Zira justifying killing Ryku in order to save the lives of others. Meanwhile, the rest of the country is slowly getting caught up in the storm as well.

"Snuff" by Slipknot I only wish you weren't my friend/Then I could hurt you in the end.../My love was punished long ago/If you still care don't ever let me know I absolutely love this song for Zira and Jared in the aftermath of him being ordered to kill her. Particularly from Jared's point of view, it's very true to how he feels. The lyrics and the sadness and pain in the song--so perfect. I could see a hundred thousand depictions of this song for them and never get tired of it.

"Lost in the Echo" by Linkin Park In these promises broken/Deep below/Each word gets lost in the echo/So one last lie/I can see throughlThis time I finally let you/Go A song that really shows Zira's inner strength and determination, and that she is done with Ryku's lies and ready to fight back, that she won't back down no matter what is thrown at her.

"Run for your Life" by The Fray Seventeen years by her side/Broke the same bread/Wore the same clothes and we said/We're sisters with nothing between About the sisterly bond between Zira and Aubreigh, and how desperate and angry and heartbroken Zira is after Aubreigh dies, like she just wants to run away and hide from everything.

"Girl with Golden Eyes" by Sixx A.M. Everything will be okay/Everything will be alright/If I can get away from her/And save my worthless life. A song for Tripp bout addiction to meth, and his recovery, and about Rafi, and the correlation between the two. (There's kind of a long explanation of my interpretation of this song for him so ask me if you want more info)

"Impossible" by Shontelle Falling out of love is hard/Falling for betrayal is worse/Broken trust and broken hearts/I know, I know For Zira, about Jared and betrayal by someone you love.

"It Girl" by Jason Derulo Lovin' you could be a crime/Crazy how we fit girl/This is it girl/Give me 25 to life I'm not sure why, but this song has always struck me as something that reflects how Jared feels about Zira during the best parts of their relationship. Not because all the lyrics fit exactly, but just the overall upbeat tone of the song--I can see this playing while they're together, holding hands and laughing together or something, and he's looking at her like she's his entire world.

"Rain" by Breaking Benjamin Is it you I want/Or just the notion of/A heart to wrap around/So I can find my way around? Revolver, about Madi, and how she helps him find his humanity.

"Liars and Monsters" by Escape the Fate I am a Liar/I am no model figure/I am a Monster/And I am ashamed/Call me the Devil/My name's what you prefer A song for Revolver, about being something other than human, a liar and a monster. Particularly after Madi dies and he begins to realize what he lost and yearn to be more than an empty shell.

"One More Night" by Maroon 5 I'll be waking up in the morning, probably hating myself./And I'll be waking up, feeling satisfied but guilty as hell. Tripp and Rafi, about unfaithful relationships and feeling guilty but not able to break things off.

"Red Hands" by Walk off the Earth I can't see that I got red hands, I'm colorblind singing (day-oh)/Don't put the blame on me, child, the damn thing gone wild/Never wanted to be fooling you, can't believe I was wounding you/Is that what you really want? Jared and Zira, about him being willingly blind to the blood on hid hands (or rather, the Project's) and not willing to accept the blame even though he knows deep down he's making bad decisions.

"45" by Shinedown Whatever happened to the young man's heart?/Swallowed by pain as he slowly fell apart For Jared, about being so full of regret and pain and guilt that the only way out you can see is to take your own life. Especially towards the end of the series, Jared feels very cornered, unable to see a way out and stuck in this vicious cycle of making mistakes and hurting people. He wants to do the right thing, but he's trapped, and he does have some borderline suicidal thoughts.

"Nemo" by Nightwish This is me for forever/One of the lost ones/The one without a name/Without an honest heart as compass For Revolver (and in some regards, for his relationship with Madi) about being alone and apart from the rest of the world and questioning what he is.

"Legend of Victory" by Audiomachine *insert awesome instrumental music here* For Ryku, has kind of a triumphant, powerful and almost dangerous sound to it that is really fitting for him.

"The Ruler and the Killer" by Kid Cudi Listen to me/Keep your mind on the mission/Remember you belong to me This is actually a song off the Hunger Games soundtrack, and it makes a lot more sense in that context, but for some reason the song has always instantly made me think of Ryku. I think it's more the music itself than the actual lyrics, though some of the lyrics do fit, too.

"Undead Chamber" by Two Steps From Hell For Revolver, kind of an eerie song. Probably similar to what you would feel like if you saw him and realized there was something slightly off about him

"Iris" by Sleeping With Sirens And I don't want the world to see me/'Cause I don't think that they'd understand/When everything's made to be broken/I just want you to know who I am A good song for Jared about Zira and how much she means to him, even after things get complicated with him and the Project and his being ordered to kill her. He has really complicated feelings about everything and thinks that Zira is the only one who could understand him. She's also one of a few people who's opinion of him even matters to him.

Suggested Scenes
The following scenes are ones that I would love to see depicted in art. Any scene you draw from this list will automatically be eligible for the "Best Scene" prize.

Zira or Jared or Revolver on some kind of assignment, looking all stealthy and lethal.
Aubreigh cheerfully shopping and dragging Zira along behind her, or making Zira try on really cute, girly outfits, and Zira looking completely unenthusiastic.
Zira and Jared doing anything cute together (possibly with Aubreigh looking on all happy and gushy in the background)
Younger version of Ryku, arguing with his father, who is possibly holding a bottle of alcohol.
Younger Ryku slamming Judah up against the wall by his collar, looking like he's ready to kill him.
Tripp playing some kind of practical joke on Seth (or any other member of the group).
Jared and Zira sparring, or Jared and Revolver sparring
Zira on a rooftop looking through the scope of a sniper rifle
Zira waking up in a hospital bed at Mei's house and seeing that her leg is missing for the first time
Zira in a wheelchair without a leg or a prosthetic, looking utterly miserable about it. (Mei can also be pushing the wheelchair if you like)
Zira learning to walk again, with Mei's help
Aubreigh and/or Jared at Zira's grave after she is presumed dead
Aubreigh and Zira as kids, or just palling around, being all chummy
Zira and Jared's final fight/betrayal scene at the end of book one, or anything leading up to that Can't possibly get enough art of this. Ask if you want more details.
Jared and Zira reuniting, after he goes to the RA and sees Zira and realizes that she isn't dead.
Jared wrestling with his conscience, regretting all the bad things he has done
Ryku in his office at night, sitting behind a desk looking at files, or staring out the window thinking. The office is almost always lit by a fireplace type thing that gives everything kind of a sinister reddish glow.
Revolver and Madi in the rain together, or eating lunch together under a shady tree outside.
Zira and Jared watching fireworks together
Zira and Jared arguing
Ryku and Tripp as friends, when they were younger
Any kind of love-triangle type thing with Tripp, Rafi, and Ryku
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