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Here they are, I took then with a fujiflim... & they were outside my house. (:

- Thank you.

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mhm. there ok i guess
They could use some work. My eyes aren't really drawn anywhere to your photos. 1 and 3rd one is blurry.
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the second one looks very nice but the others look too dark.
on the last picture if you zoomed in on just the statue, it would look cooler biggrin
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You would get better results as a beginner and better feedback if you used daylight only.
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how the hek do you post a picture on Gaia anywayz? can anyone help me? ( pm me on Neon_starr) thanks
the second one looks very nice but the others look too dark.[/quote

Okay thank you (:
You're lacking compostion by a lot,... Pick one object and focus on that. Angle the camera in a way that makes the object stand out. Tip: Almost never put the object your focused on in the middle. The second picture was good. Although not too exciting.

You need more light, these photos are really dark
When you take pictures of flowers, try doing it in the daylight. Also avoid the harsh light of your flash if you can help it. If you want to focus closer on a particular part of the flower, try using your macro function.
Meh. You need work on your focus, composition, brightness/contrast (1st one is dark), etc. Look up some photography tutorials smile
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The first and third one.. Are not horrible, but would be hard to work with. Your pictures certainly need a bit of editing. Just to bring out the colors in the pictures. I liked the second picture, but you needed to edit the contrast to bring out the color of the flower and add a bit more blurring to the background.

All I did was raise the contrast and lower the lightenss and added a gaussin blur to the back ground.

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www.photobucket.com has an editing program. smile

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