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It's really beautiful, for the most part. I can see you put in a crazy load of effort into this. The face is especially nice.

However, the lower half of the body seems rather unnatural. (Especially her left lower leg. Her left, not my left. It almost seems to be in the same plane in her body rather than being slightly in front of her body.)

And uh...I can kinda see...her...crotch...can...you...cover...that...part...up? sweatdrop sweatdrop

Oh, and the top part of the head. The part where I can see the hair roots looks a bit like a bald spot. I know in real life, people's heads are like that but if it's a drawing, I think you should cover that part up a bit more so it doesn't look like your character is has female pattern hair loss.
I have to agree that you've got some really, really, beautiful things going on here, like that face? Brilliant.

Her pose does look a little unnatural, partially because it's supposed to be a dynamic, twisting, sort of pose, but there's no real twisting going on in her torso. I would suggest either finding a good reference picture to work with, or getting a friend/family member/mirror and taking a picture of the pose yourself.

Her legs are too long, which adds to the awkward look of the picture. And her right, the viewer's left, hand sort of disappears off into nothingness.

Her hair is beautiful, save for that one space right down the middle, just bring the part closer together, and you've got it.

As for her 'crotch' showing, I would not say you have to fix a thing. Not every culture has/had access to panties, people. This picture is not over sexualized porn. And to top it all off, you can't even see anything! Her outfit is beautiful.

You're on your way to having stunning artwork, keep going in the right direction!
I appreciate the critiquing and your kind words.
I've always struggled with anatomy and whatnot, but it looks as if I've gotten a bit more decent at it if I do say so myself, but regardless of my improvement there's always room for more
As for the hand that disappeared into 'nothingness' it's just the luminosity around it, but looking at it again it does look a bit strange. :c

xNotDeadYetx Thank you so much for the encouragement, it means a lot.

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