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This is the "Show Off Your Avatar Edits!" Thread. Please read all of the relating items before posting.

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* Introduction
( * What is an Avatar Edit?

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* Rules and Guidelines
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( * Bibliography
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* Resources (Art Programs available, TekTek, useable bases)

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* Frequent Q & A

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* Recognition

What is an avatar edit?

First, the things that an avatar edit is not:

-The outfit you have equipped is not an avatar edit. It is a real, unedited avatar, and if you want feedback on it you should go to the Avatar Talk forum.

-A dream avatar created on Tektek or any other site is not an avatar edit, because it contains no art that you made yourself.

-A drawing, video game sprite, pixel doll, or other representation of someone's real avatar is not an avatar edit, because it contains no resources from Gaia.

-An edited image of one of the shopkeeper graphics or comic panels is not an avatar edit, because while it does contain resources by Gaia-employed artists, it does not bear resemblance to the avatars next to forum posts.

Examples Of What Are Not Avatar Edits:

User Image
User Image

Which leaves us with what images are acceptable to post here:

-A real avatar or a dream avatar that has been altered in ways such as addition of fake items, a new pose that is not available to real avatars, or animation IS an avatar edit!

-A naked avatar base with fake clothing and/or hair and/or facial features drawn onto it IS an avatar edit!

-An NPC forum graphic or companion item that has had its identity changed via a graphics program (such as changing the Johnny Gambino avatar into Ganondorf) IS an avatar edit!

-Even if it does not contain any resources from Gaia, a brand-new made-from-scratch character graphic deliberately meant to resemble a Gaian avatar or an NPC forum graphic IS an avatar edit!

Examples Of What Are Avatar Edits:
User Image
Rules and Guidelines:

  • This thread is for posting Avatar Edits. This means Gaia-related pixel dolls only. If you want to post original art of an avatar, go to The Avatar Sketches Thread.

  • As a reminder, follow all ToS and Rules and Guidelines when making your posts. Make sure to also follow Picture Post Guidelines!

  • Please don't beg for art, gold, or edits here. A Charity Forum and an Art Freebies Forum have been created for that purpose.

  • Please don't bump mindlessly or spam. This thread is stickied, and does not require bumping of any sort to keep it where it is. THAT INCLUDES QUOTING ANY OF THE POSTS RELATING TO THE EXPLANATION OF THIS THREAD. Post either something related about avatar edits, or an edit.

  • Posting comments such as 'you suck' will not help artists improve. Posting comments like 'this and this and this is wrong, and you suck,' is rude. Try to be nice with your C+C. You want to give people examples of what to fix, but not be rude about it. Do unto others. 4laugh

  • Equally; If someone says 'try more shading' or something equally helpful and pleasant, don't respond by screaming about how they can't do any better and they suck. Be nice with RECIEVING C+C. It is only given to help improve your work.

  • If you have an edit or comment, for any reason, that will stretch the page, please link to it. Don't post the image itself. Page stretching is a pain, and is easier to avoid with avatar edits than it is with drawings.

  • Please post your Avatar Edits here. Don't post them in my PM's, Comments section, or Journal. They belong here.

  • Talking and chatting should be kept to a minimum. This means focusing on critiquing, and less on "Oh, How is your kid/pet/self/etc. doing?" Conversation of that nature should remain in PM's.

For those of you who like Cliff's Notes:

- No Bumping, Spamming, Begging
- Post ONLY Avatar Edits (Using Gaia Doll Base)
- Be nice. Both in Giving C&C, and Getting It.
- Do not Spam thread with talk. Post Edits, or comment on them.

Though there have been many people to ask "How do you do that?" There are few that answer into enough detail for everyone to understand. Listed below are a few tutorials on how to create your own Avatar Edits.

If you find one that you would think would help everyone else out, PLEASE submit it to this thread for addition. Information is only as good as the place where you keep/use it.

http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=9176085 (Anlina's Hair Tutorial)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewtopic.php?t=288669 (Meriko's Basic Clothing Tutorial)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/viewforum.php?f=11482 (Avatar Editor's Guild Resource and Guide Page)

Ordering Edits:

Ever wanted an Edit made for you, but have no idea where to go?
We've made it simple!

Here are a few places where most editor's hang out/work out of:

http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/?guild_id=1797&_gaia_t_=1272 (Meri and Kimi Inc)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/?guild_id=1421&_gaia_t_=1272 (The Editorial)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/?guild_id=66335 (Edits and Doodles)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/guilds/?guild_id=824 (Avatar Editors Guild)
http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/art-shops-and-requests/f.82 (Request Forum in the Arts and Shops Section of Mini Shops)

Ever wonder how most editors are able to create all the works that they do?
Well here's how... Most use one or more of these programs!


Simple Programs:

GIMP (Freeware)
MS Paint (Freeware)

Intermediate and Advanced Programs:

Adobe Photoshop (7.0 - CS4) (Purchaseable)
Paint Shop Pro (Purchaseable)


Ulead Gif Animator (Shareware)
GIMP (Freeware)
Photoshop (CS3 - CS5) (Purchaseable)

Know of some more programs not listed here? Submit them in the thread, and we'll list 'em!


Often times, people try to re-invent the wheel. It shouldn't have to be that way. Many artists have shared their bases with us, and we want to share them with you!

Here are a couple of links to where some of those bases are available:

Frequent Questions and Answers:

  • Q:
    "I'm thinking of starting to get into Avatar Editing, but have no idea where to start. What should I do?"

  • A:
    First thing would be to figure out what program you would like to use. Whether it's anything from MS Paint to Photoshop, any program will help you start towards making better and better edits (One program is not always better than another. There are some really good artists that only use MS Paint.)

    A lot of people start pixel work with small emoticons, or altering Avatar Bases that already exist. Best suggestion would be to get a few pieces of clothing that you would like to improve upon (or even just a similar shape to what you would like to work on) and try to add small things to it (Like changing a plain white shirt into one with stripes, or a short sleeve shirt into a long one).

    Once you get a feel for what looks good, then try improving from there.

  • Q:
    "What kinds of tools does an editor use when making Avatar Edits?"

  • A:
    This is really dependant on the editor. Some use just the mouse, while others stand by only using the tablet. Many artists like the control and feel of a tablet. Others are minimalists and prefer whatever they can get. You will figure out what works best for you as you practice editing more and more.

  • Q:
    "How long does it take to complete an Edit?"

  • A:
    This also depends on the editor. The difficulty (Or amount of detail) involved usually sets the pace for how long it will take to finish. The amount of skill the editor has will also determine this. A newer editor may take more time than someone who does edits on a regular basis.

A special thanks to the following people for helping contribute to the making of this thread:

Work Contributers:

- Lucca Ashtear
- Mochi Klonoa
- Candycane Scartissue

Thread Proof-readers:

- Meriko
- Jennannen
- Vincent Valentine-Jenova
- Siriah
- pandilicious

Thanks guys for making this thread possible!
So without further ado!
Show Off Your Avatar Edits (2.0)
Is finally here!
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I'm not sure if this is not include as a 'editt" so, tell me if I'm wrong User Image
presidnet princess peach
I'm not sure if this is not include as a 'editt" so, tell me if I'm wrong User Image

Its subjective, a bit. I think it looks more like avatar art, since all you did was alter the finished pictures color, instead of altering the clothes itself.

Avatar edits are when you alter the base, or things that go on top of the avatar base.
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Wasn't sure if I ever posted this edit. I made it I think about 07 or 08, but I was always proud of it X'D
User Image

And here's some Christmas edits I did a few years ago for a Guild event
User Image User Image User Image
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presidnet princess peach
I'm not sure if this is not include as a 'editt" so, tell me if I'm wrong User Image

Its subjective, a bit. I think it looks more like avatar art, since all you did was alter the finished pictures color, instead of altering the clothes itself.

Avatar edits are when you alter the base, or things that go on top of the avatar base.

ok thank you I get the idea now
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Fashionable Punk

I love the Vocaloid edits Bridge.

Old outfit from last years xmas ltds on a newly created base and skin tone I was messing with.

User Image
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i haven't really ventured much past changing the colors of things :l
and i do it the long way with paint..
User Image
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My first and last edit biggrin it's also my sig forever...not the lady raincorn of course

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