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<img src="C:\Documents and Settings\Jessica\My Documents\My Pictures\eslf_portrait.jpg" width="200p" height="450p alt="Self Portrait">

I don't look the same anymore...I grew my hair out. But eh, it's still me...
nice job
good work
keep it up
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Yay! ANGER stressed ! I'm going to break the tension by submitting my self portrait!
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My scanner wanted to be mean, and I wanted to be lazy, so the contrast is a little off and there's a slight blue tint. Grrr says I!

Hmm...DDR mat, computers, drawing stuff, baggy pants, messy hair, is your chest really that sexy? I wanna see a pic.
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probably got it from above post but I like your taste.
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looking at Wako's works made me wanna draw! so i did this portrait of myself looking silly and evil, many people think i have my bangs too short, but i like the way they are smile can't remember how long it took me. it might not be that good but i'm satisfied with it, at the moment at least xp
Wow! That's really good surprised
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Hmm...the pic part above sounded a lot more sarcastic in my head. Well, I WAS being sarcastic. I have a boyfriend. ^_^ So not interested. Though the choice of stuff to put in the pic WAS cool.
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common, i havnt seen 1 half decent looking self portrait yet... not naming anyone, but is it just me or some ppl dont understand "self portrait"
common ppl lets snap to it a produce some real stuff! *evil grin "maybe someones gotta start the trend"* domokun
*runs to his table and mirror*

And I suppose you've produced a decent and realistic 'portrait' of yourself? please. that's your opinion, but "self portrait" doesn't mean you have to draw exactly how you look life in real life. it's supposed to be an art, desho? a twisted version of your self or even a normal looking one. as long as they're supposed to represent the artists themselves, they're still "self-portrait." At least, that's MY opinion. you have yours, I respect that. just don't sic/force it to anyone else.
This is meee.... Took me at least an hour. I think. It was done a while ago.
I was in a kitty-person mood. Other than the fur and the obvious ears and tail, this is me. whee
<img src="http://images.deviantart.com/large/indyart/anthro/Anthro_DeathToLoveMe.jpg">

Hmm...DDR mat, computers, drawing stuff, baggy pants, messy hair, is your chest really that sexy? I wanna see a pic.

xd You want to see abdomen or chest or both or what? This is amusing. People do this to me all the time, and nobody believes that I have a 4 pack until I show it to them, and they poke my abs and say, "oh my god! You DO!!! eek " this is nothing new. I'm twigboy! Hear me type... and play ddr... and do 2 things at once on a dual monitor computer... sweatdrop ... Nevermind.

considering I spent nearly 1h30 on my last one I take offense of that
all the portraits I see in this thread show effort

1) I take offense again, since you seem to direct your critic at *everybody* in this thread.

2) Instead of whining, why don't you post something

3) you don't seem to be a bad artist, only you'll never be *good* if you don't learn humility

oh and learn how to type properly, your posts are a pain to decipher

..ok... maybe i should have enphasized this at the beginning, i didnt really take a nice long look at the thread and merely skimmed...i was directing to the general population of posts not ALL and well again.. "NOT NAMING ANYONE!" i saw a few quite hopeless attempts... i apologies to u wako, at least i can see u put time in making urs... i also dont recall myself saying i think self portraits have to look photorealistic.. but i do belive a significate amount of ur own personal facial distinctions is required...
OK not directing to anyone in particular!!! but to the quality ive seen in some posts i say mine portrait is legible too
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ooh yea i dont think it needs to be realistic.. its an expression of myself.. i spent hours on this... i love it do u guys...
my apologies.. but if u all categorize this as a "self portrait" then purhaps ive found the wrong community to be giving my oppionion too...
I'll draw mines again soon. Realistically. Just to go and try to please some audiences. I guess. *my feelings were hurt*
Wako: nice stuff, especially the illustrator one

ZelLuver: I like the 'stuff'...

Binkari: Monotone goodness.

Here's me hard at work...

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Productive as always, eh, LC3?

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