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We are aware that many beginner artists learn to draw by copying. In some schools there are full assignments based on copying. Due to requests from beginner artists we have decided to allow copies ONLY in Works In Progress forum.

As you well may know, Works in Progress forum (WIP forum) is a place where users post their incomplete art for feedback from other users. Since the purpose of posting copied artwork is to get feedback about how close you got to the original, it makes sense that we could allow copied art for learning purposes. Now there's a place to show those heavily referenced drawings you're doing in art class as well as those practice copies.

We are aware that there could be potential problems with allowing copies so we have strict guidelines regarding how and where those copies can be presented in order to satisfy everyone involved (the copier and the copied). Please be aware the copies will ONLY be allowed in WIP forum. Any other place they are posted will have them deleted and warned for art theft if credit isn't given. If credit is given, they will be moved to WIP forum.

Nothing has fundamentally changed. Uncredited copies and copies of work that the original artist won't allow are still not allowed. But we are allowing the chance for those beginners to show what they are learning as long as they include credit and a link to the original.

We are also going to add a few other policies to make the WIP forum a friendly learning environment where tutorials and sketchbook topics are welcome.

So enjoy the WIP forum the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

The below is copied and pasted from our new sticky regarding copies so you can understand what we mean and be aware of the new policy:

exclaim Post a link to the original art in the first post along with your image post. If you are copying from a printed source, be sure to scan it as well your artwork and provide a link to it when posting. This will help those users who will be giving you feedback as they can compare the work you've done with the original. Include credit to the original artist if possible, but if you don't know their name please at least say where you got it.

exclaim Respect other artists' usage policies. If the original artist has asked that their art not be copied or used without permission, please respect their request and do not post it. Threads posting art without the original artist's consent will be removed if the original artist makes a formal request to the moderators.

exclaim Do not post art for which you cannot provide a link to the original. Art reproducing another image that does not include a linked original will be removed.

exclaim Do not claim copied artwork as your own "original" art. Copying an image and claiming it as your original work can be considered art theft. Please keep in mind that while you are doing the work of drawing it, if you are reproducing another image that artist must also be credited for their idea. Copied/eyeballed artwork claimed as original pieces may be removed for art theft, which can result in a warning and/or ban.

Reporting Copied Art FAQ

If you see a topic where the artist has not complied with these guidelines, please report it--do not harass or flame the owner of the topic. Once it is reported a moderator can take the appropriate action.

exclaim What if I am an artist and don't want my art posted?
If you are the original artist of an image and it has been copied and posted in the WIP forum and you do not wish for it to be used in this fashion, please let us know either by reporting the thread in question, or directly contacting one of the WIP Forum moderators via PM.

exclaim This artist doesn't want their art posted ANYWHERE! Take it down immediately!
If you run across art that has been reproduced and posted in WIP and know that this is against the artist's wishes, the best course of action is to notify the original artist so that they can make a formal complaint if they wish. Requests for removal from the original artist will be honored.

exclaim Hey! _____ drew this picture and they didn't give them credit! What can I do?
If you find copied art posted without a link to the original image, or a piece that is being claimed an original, please report it and do not post. Posting accussations of art theft only create drama and in cases of actual theft, allow the accused to remove the art before appropriate action can be taken. When reporting unlinked or stolen art, please include a link to the original. Theft reports without evidence will not be acted upon.