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How is it? Any input would be greatly appreciated smile

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You've managed to reinforce all negative assumptions about furries, the purpose of their art, and disregard for when and where something is appropriate. Kudos.

Since you've made it perfectly clear that your focusing on his anatomy more than anything else, I'll focus on that too.

Get yourself a decent reference book that lays out the skeleton and muscles, group by group. I have been using Artistic Anatomy
(Paul Richer & Robert Hale).

You need to know where and how structures actually connect, as well as the proportions of the actual muscle groups. Start with the skeleton. (I find it hilarious that I'm staring at a giant d**k, but there's no pelvis or crotch.) Next time, don't be so eager about an erection that you skip the most basic of basic anatomy.

I could take the time to go over your drawing section at a time and tell you where you need to focus most and why, but your linework says that you're capable of finding out through study. You just never bothered to ACTUALLY learn anatomy. Find reference. Use it. Buy the book and read it. You can start with this.

I will say that the areas of particular weakness are the clavical/scapula/shoulder mechanism, which causes incorrect deltoid/trapezius shape/proportion (or in your case, just having no deltoid at all. Wtf dude, that's like, the most pronounced feature of the upper male torso). I've already mentioned the lack of a pelvis. Make note that the legs attach on the bottom of the pelvis, not coming out of the sides just below the waist.

Sexy requires that you know your s**t, so I suggest getting your reference (skeleton and muscle charts), taking porn/pinup photos (not drawings) and comparing them to the anatomy diagrams. Seeing it on the body will help you understand how it works.

edit: Someone will most likely come in and say the clean linework is a redeeming quality here, but I don't see it that way. Structure is more important than clean linework, since without structure your lines are arbitrarily placed, based on stuff you don't even know. Every single mistake rings out like a church bell with crisp linework.

While I won't deny that I see no redeeming qualities here, try not be discouraged or offended. Drawing well is a ******** harder than people realize, so you shouldn't expect praise before you can show understanding of the concepts, foundation skills, and raw information that you need to be able to draw whatever it is you're drawing well.
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-start out looking at the face-

"Oh hey this looks pretty nice."

-slowly scroll down to crotch area-

"Wh-what...is that? OH. OH GOD."
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Atomic Octopus
-start out looking at the face-

"Oh hey this looks pretty nice."

-slowly scroll down to crotch area-

"Wh-what...is that? OH. OH GOD."

Looks back at crotch area.
Oh my god.
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my eyes burn.....

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