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Oh dear, this one's abit big XD

Let me make a thumbnail... *scurries off*

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I suggest listening to the Assassin's Creed Revelations soundtrack while coloring this, to get in the mood <3

This is my fan character for Assassin's Creed~
Her name is Fiora Auditore.
If I could draw Ezio I totally would, but I don't want to butcher his character D:


ninja I'm so proud of this piece! whee
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It's been a while!
Lately, I rarely have anything that's just line art anymore so I'll be posting some old & new stuff for funsies. Please PM me if you color since I don't come on on Gaia as much as I used to.

(either way, all this is published on DA so I have proof of it being mine)

Colored Version in my DA: Dr. Osawa
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Colored Version in my DA: Shou Akihara
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Colored Version in my DA: Ryousuke Kamon
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Hi everyone! It's been a while...since I got my new laptop I haven't been able to make the pen pressure on my tablet work with it....until now! This is a new, improved version of one of my old linearts -

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If you want color references, this is the character on which she's based. But the original character was a robot, and I drew her as a modern human girl, so naturally a lot would be different.
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Here's the lines from a drawing of my avvie I was doing for funsies.
If someone decides to colour, do PM me or quote me so I can see! >w<

Sorry for shaky lines, done with mouse. ¬w¬

Since it's big, here it is on imgur o_o
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Avi art I did for somebody. I haven't posted in this thread for a long time.
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Here comes the "Not As Professional Art!" mrgreen

Recent Piece

I want to use this to be formatted into my posts. If someone wants to color this, let me know by a quote or a PM.
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Belladona Nightshade

Wow D: These are GORGEOUS!
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Lineart for a avi commish for badass angel :3
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This is simply my awesomeness at work, I will post other pictures pictures at some time or another.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Long time no see lol... your work has improved drastically since I last saw it. But that's what happens when you practice hard enough. I remember how I used to say I wanted to go somewhere with art, but never had the patience to do so. How is your manga coming? Did it get published yet?
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Have some fail line art from me, hand tremors are a b***h when you try to line art.
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By Blakely:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

By Octopoo:
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Practicing skin tones...
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*Click on pic for a bigger version* Please PM me here (or on dA) if you color it. Thanks! 4laugh

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This isn't so much for those looking to practice coloring within a set of lines, but more for those looking to practice realistic to semi-realistic lighting and shading. Here's a link to my WIP as an example.

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I never can resist your lines when I see them

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