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Update: KitsuneLight has been kind enough to put together this FAQ and Rules Page! It's quite excellent and I hope everyone follows these rules and suggestions!


This thread is to post your LineArt Drawings to be colored and for colorists to post their finished works for the artists.

You do not need to be a Professional artist/colorist to join in! The intention of this thread is to show off your art and abilities. Whether you've never colored before or have colored for a long time, feel free to give it a go! Just because someone else has done the image you want to or are doing doesn't mean you can't do it. Also, remember that this is the place to be if you're looking for things to start trying to color and practice your skills. ^_^

Keep in mind that different servers have different bandwidth allowances. This thread generates a lot of bandwidth by drawing the images from the servers repeatedly. If you find a broken image or an image that says "bandwidth exceeded" usually you just have to wait, as there's really nothing else to be done. Sometimes Broken Images are a result of the host not allowing direct/remote linking. Sometimes it's due to the Server/Host's Bandwidth Limit being hit...

-Myimgs.com has a very low bandwidth limit. Also very little space. (1MB/10 images for total space and 20MB/10,000 views for monthly Bandwidth.)
-Photobucket has a decent limit, though it can still be used up fairly quickly depending on the size of your images. (2,500 megs bandwidth p/month or ~70,000 hits)
-Village Photos has a limit... The bigger the file size, the less views per day you're allowed.
-Angelfire's Bandwidth Limits are low, so they usually have a lot of broken images. Also, they do not allow "File Accounts". You must make a cheap page, or they will delete your account.
-Deviant Art doesn't allow remote linking, but if you post a link to the image, it will work.
-Geocities does not allow remote linking, but once more, a link to the image should work. Also, if you rename the file extension to ".txt" that occasionally works when posting images.
-Topcities does not allow direct/remote linking, so post the URL.
-Fortunecity is on and off, and though they say they do not allow linking, people usually find ways to post images from them. Good Luck!
--There are probably others that are restrictive...

If clicking a posted URL doesn't work, if you Copy and Paste it into the browser, the URL should work. Try adding a space before or after the URL. This is usually true with Geocities.

And of course, if you have your own host, you might be alright. ^^;

Note: Even DSL and Cable connections are not immune to lag from the servers loading slowly. Be nice to Gaia. Don't make it load 600 images in one page.

1.) POST ONLY ARTWORK THAT IS YOUR OWN!! Do not post lineart that you "found" and just want to see colored. It's not only wrong, it's also illegal by breaking a Copyright to the artist. The artists posting their lineart here are allowing people to color them, but not to claim them as their own. By posting an artwork that is not yours, you're stealing. Avoid the hassle. Don't do it.

2.) When replying to posts, please edit out the images in your quotes as it's REALLY annoying to scroll past 6 or 7 of the same image on one page. Cutting them out also helps decrease the bandwidth used on someone's server and lifts the weight of page loading off Gaia's Servers.

3.) You do not need to post an image to be here, but this is not a chat thread. Do not post Spam, Chat Offers, Auctions, Quests, Advertisements, nor Bumps. This is a Sticky, it does not need bumped. And just because someone doesn't answer you in two seconds doesn't mean no one's here or everyone's ignoring you. Just be patient.

4.) Please use decent grammar and spelling. Avoid using "Leet" as much as possible, as it annoys many many people... If we can't read your post, we can't reply to you, now can we? And is it really that hard to type "you" instead of "u"? Honestly? Also, please bear in mind that 85-90% of the people here speak English. Please do your best to speak so we understand you. Thank you.

5.) Do not demand that your work be colored. People most likely will look you over intentionally when you do so. If you have gone at least 20 pages or so without any takers, or your post was lost in a rollback, feel free to repost the images and offer them again. Do not repost on every page nor yell at people for not coloring them. And leave out the whining. You just drive people away when you beg, plead, whine, and throw a temper tantrum.
Lots of lineart... not enough people to color... or people who just don't want to color. Coloring is time consuming, so don't be too offended if no one does your picture...

6.) Offer criticism, but don't be rude. It's one thing to tell someone to keep working on shading or some such... but it's another to completely degrade and belittle the work they did. Especially if it was for your art. The more ungrateful and nasty you are, the less likely anyone will even look at your artwork.

7.) There is no limit to how many you can post, as a lot of people don't mind having options to choose from. But if you have more than like 5 pictures, try to make them URLs only as that would take up a lot less space.

8.) The "IMG" button is there for a reason. To aid in potsing pictures. But we shall do this:
-Click "IMG" button.
-Enter the actual URL of the image with the extension (Such as: http://graphics.go-gaia.com/images/ban_top_3.gif )

The code should look this way before you post:

9.) (More of a suggestion than a rule...) If posting a big picture, post smaller versions or thumbnails of your images and either link them to the larger sizes or offer the larger pics by PM. Saves loading time for thread pages and once more saves lag from happening on Gaia's Servers because of images.
Ichigo Gaaru
You may want to size that down a little, and then if someone wants to color it give them the big version. For general viewing purposes, I usually scale down my work so that the largest dimension (usually height) is 600 pixels. which is also the size it needs to be to post in the arena.

10.) (More of a suggestion than a rule...) Try to clean up your lineart as much as possible. If someone cannot tell where one thing ends and another begins, they most likely won't color it. While you don't have to have penned/inked images, the cleaner your sketch is, the more likely someone is to color it.

11.) (Last suggestion.) "Don't Feed The Trolls." If someone posts for the sake of starting an argument or just plain Flaming, best advice is just ignore them. Most likely, they're just overtly desperate for attention. When they don't get that, they'll eventually go away. *^^* And if you're one of those people, please go somewhere else like the Chatterbox. We don't need nor want that here.

Free Image Hosts: (given in this thread, and known about)
Photobucket.com - www.photobucket.com
myimgs.com - www.myimgs.com
Ripway.com - www.ripway.com
Asp Host - www.1asphost.com

Paint Programs:
Paint Shop Pro - http://www.jasc.com/products/paintshoppro/?
Adobe Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/main.html
Corel Painter - http://www.corel.com/servlet/Satellite?pagename=Corel2/Products/Home&pid=1047022702185
Gimp - http://www.gimp.org/ (Free. Made for Macintosh, has Windows Version.)
OpenCanvas - http://www.portalgraphics.net/en/oc/oc3/download.html (OpenCanvas 3. There are mentions in the thread of some people having previous versions, or links to them.)
(Ability) PhotoPaint - http://www.ability.com/sales/products/paint.php?ln=us
Dogwaffle - http://www.squirreldome.com/cyberop.htm (No comments on this one at all...)

Posted Tutorials:
http://xenith.keenspace.com/tutorial1.htm (Adobe Photoshop 6.0)

Am I allowed to post a tip? Not that I'm any good, but I think everyone enjoys a little feedback, and as I was going over a few of the last batch of colorings I noticed most people had the same problem: a reliance on the dodge/burn tools. The problem with the tools is that instead of shading your color, its gradually turning your color to black (burn) or white (dodge) and most things don't turn black in shadows or have pure white highlights. It's better to choose your own shadow colors that have some saturation to them rather than just pure black -- it'll make everything look richer. And then highlights same thing, use more saturated colors rather than just pure white to highlight things.

Just pointing something out. Using the airbrush or paintbrush in Photoshop with a chosen shadow color at a low opacity will be just as easy to use as the doge tool (just have to be a little less messy and careful not to color outside the lines) but everything should look richer.


Okay. Sorry if I'm coming off as a "know-it-all" or something, it's just something I've picked up (still not very good, but I just do it for fun so... sweatdrop ).

Page Boy
perhaps the problem is too much posting of line art, and not enough posting of colored stuff. you'll likely increase your chances of getting colored if you color other peoples' arts. that's usually how this type of this works.

i don't really care if mine gets done, i just posted out of curiousity to see if it interested anyone. i don't have alot of time to color anymore.

a few other things that would make a pic attractive to someone looking to color (or least would catch my eye for coloring)

-larger files or links to larger files
-Clean lineart, uncompressed lineart (watch your jpegs), crisp lines
-Perhaps simpler pics for more unexperiences colorists
-try just posting one at a time?

think coloring book. and if people still aren't coloring your stuff, maybe its not a fun-enough looking piece for color and try posting a different pic.


Uh, this is just a suggestion, but...

If you want your art to get colored, it probably not a wise idea just to say, "Hey! I did a sketch that looks cool! Let's see if someone colors it!"
Please, PLEASE post something
a) inked
b) very, very cleaned up if it's a sketch (including no shading).
and no notebook paper. Of course, you can, in theory, post whatever you want, but I think the inked stuff will be getting more attention.

Post line art to be colored!

Here's my contribution:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Post them here when you finish coloring too! Have fun! wink
yeah there is some problems with this one. but anyone who wanna give it a try can. biggrin User Image
here's a quickie

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
that looks cool. you use painter? photoshop? graphic tablet?
oooh~that so nice Rk...

here my subbie! sorry for horrible quality >0<
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Emlan^_^: OMG! I love it love it love it! biggrin *saves*

I'm gonna color Zekie's as soon as I'm done my homework... o_o that could be awhile...
waaaah o____o I was gonna color two of 'em but XP;; they've already been colored and prettified..*just looks at the pretty colors* Em and rk, those are some awesome skills ye have thar..
*Gasp* Scam those are wonderful colors!!! XD (Not to mention Zekies very nice drawing! ^^)
{image removed}

Random thing I drew today...
eek wow biggrin this is just amazing and no one has tried mine yet twisted
bremen: XD yay! thanks
Devilish Angel: I'm so glad you liked it!

argh damn all that good linert! I wanna color them all >0<
Wowwy wow eek You people post line art quick. hmmmm I'm excited I think I'll color more than one biggrin

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