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The actual drawing is fine, looks exactly like a gaia avie.

The coloring and line work needs fixing though. It is all blurry and splotchy in areas. If you solidified the colors I think it would look very nice.
I can't help but feel like you just traced your avatar and then blew it up to size.
Then again, I'm probably just paranoid, so apologies if I sound rude.

I think the eyes looks rather creepy, and perhaps you shouldn't have lined the bottom edge of the eye so much.
In additon, the actual iris of the eye looks alien-ishly large. Perhaps a little smaller?
I agree with Eveille.

Clean up your lines, and it'll look much better - also... bring out your colors more and add some contrast by making your darks, darker... and your lights, lighter (Don't forget about highlights and shading). The majority of the drawing looks almost opaque, if you know what I mean.

Basically, it just doesn't look quite finished. Polish it up, and it'll be great.

Good work.
I think it looks great!!! But the coloring is a bit weird...but kudos to the actual drawing!! =D
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I'm still new to drawing with a tablet,, and as for the coloring,,, I still don't know what I'm doing. sweatdrop I'm trying to teach myself how the art program I'm using works. I'm such a noob at this..... gonk

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