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Awe, these are adorable. I would adore even buying one of my avatar. If you open up a shop, please tell me!
Great job, I love watercolours.

what she said ouo

Ahhh!! Thank you thank you!! I will definitely let both of you know if I do!! redface biggrin
thats rich
thats rich
Cute ! You could probably sell them if you took commissions. People tend to buy avatar art the most so maybe you could practice a few of those ? Just an idea emotion_c8

I was thinking of opening a free shop on Gaia just to practice drawing avatars in that style for other people redface

that's a good idea , you gotta start somewhere and you'd be surprised how much gold you can gather just from tips ! You can start with me if you'd like wink

Haha, for sure, I'll save your avatar to my computer and give it a shot!
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I've finished art school and now I'm doing an interior design course in college, so I know pretty much all the paper types and what they're best for. I, myself, don't buy paper in blocks. I go to specialized art supply shops where they sell paper by single pieces. They cost more, but the quality is better as well. If there is a possibility to go to such shop, then I suggest doing that. While you're there, ask an assistant to show you which paper is best for water-coloring. (Actual watercolor paper always has some texture.) I also suggest investing into professional or semi-professional watercolor set. Usually the best brands are Russian, but I'm not sure if you can find that somewhere not in Europe. Look for something that looks like this. That also costs a little more than any other set. I think I paid nearly 30$ for mine, but it was definitely worth it. Better quality supplies lead to better quality drawings.

I am so glad I posted on Gaia for help, I wound up going to the art store on Saturday to pick up more paper and I got a starter watercolor set like the one you have in that picture. It's only 6 colors (a travel set redface ) and I'm going to test it out today. Thank you so much for your suggestions heart heart

Wish me luck haha smile

Good luck. Post a picture of how it turns out. emotion_awesome

My boyfriend recommended those books to me once before...I didn't actually check them out till you posted them here lol. (Needless to say, he wasn't very impressed with me haha) I'm working through Fun with a Pencil right now, this is a style i've never tried before, it's cool, Loomis is a good writer...he makes me feel more relaxed about drawing whee

Haha! Oh Snap!
I know he's fantastic right? It feels like he is right there teaching, it's not my style either but it helps with building the fundamentals.
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Hello artists of Gaia!

I've been working on simple watercolor pictures recently for lineart and painting practice. They take me about 20-30 minutes (I'm a slow worker sweatdrop )...and I'm interested in trying to sell commissions or prints. Here are some examples:

User Image
(sorry the quality is so poor, I took pictures of these instead of scanning them in)

User Image

What do you guys think of the quality? What should I do differently if they aren't something you would ever consider buying? And in general, what do you think about the pictures themselves?

Very very adorable! love them~ O: <333 Love the coloring too. Watercolor? derp xD //saw post.
Love your skills on watercolor!
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Teh HollyWood Massacre

Watercolor really does give such beautiful coloring.
Ah, I can't think of any, but it's been years since I've even touched watercolor.
BOCKINGFORD looks good.
I don't know your budget, shipping, or location constraints though.

I went art supply shopping over the weekend, and the place by my house sold Bockingford! I bought it...now I just gotta try it haha, I'm nervous! Thank you for your suggestion biggrin heart

Good luck, I hope they work for you!
And keep up the beautiful art!

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