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WHERE?! 0.23333333333333 23.3% [ 7 ]
ha loser, you can't fool me~ 0.33333333333333 33.3% [ 10 ]
um..i think that's actually a giraffe /: 0.43333333333333 43.3% [ 13 ]
Total Votes:[ 30 ]
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b'aww thanks <3
uhm im not sure if you saw but i also bid on the previous page <:

phuu lee


ahhh omg i'm such a birdbrain gonk thank you so much for the bid!!

has it been THAT long that we forgot?! emotion_0A0

that's why I stopped buying them. I've become a shoppaholic now D;
lol good idea! still doesn't feel the same though ; u ; I would however spend
money on drawings that can be shipped~

that's actually my simple chibi style so complicated is far from it xD
but I actually can't draw those anymore emo I've tried but it just
comes out crappy /sobsob
i love the chibi on the first post!

gonk actually..thinking about it, it's been almost 2 years?

haha i always feel super stingy about shipping for some reason..especially if it's like a 10 dollar book and the shipping is 5 dollars or something.. talk2hand

and aww okay ; A ; anything is fine, then! i'm just glad i'm getting artttttt 8D heart heart btw, is there some art price deflation going on right now? like last time i checked chibis were well over 400k, but now they seem to be 100-300k...? @ x @ except for the really popular artists "otl
i love the chibi on the first post!

thank you! your auction art is also amazing ; A ; heart
rolling in the deep.. dramallama
I didn't realize you saw that xD!

i have been lurking around these forums looking at art, i want to bid on yours but I just started gaia again too.. like two weeks ago.


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