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start // April 29th

end // May 29th

hb // ab by Sanga! thank you so much! emo

ab // 10 mil gonk a girl can dream

hi guys! i've been away from gaia for almost a year and i'm trying to replenish my art funds so..here goes a solo auction :')

what i'll be offering:

hb // 1 chibi OR 1 full body

ab // 2 chibis + 1 full body

samples: deviantart

i pretty much draw most things, but my style tends on the cute so some things come out better than others. thanks for reading!

(p.s. see post below for freebie info~)


alkeehol - - - 2m
phuu lee - - - 1.5m
kitten - - - 1.25m
crossexxe - - - 1m


freebies will be given for every 200 bumps made, or if you stay and chat with me :')

waiting to receive art:

1. fudaykjnura7 (pm)

freebie pick-up:

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for pineapple curry <3

User Image
for enchanting destiny <3

User Image
for kimono_girl_amanda <3

User Image
for lunchqueen <3
1mil !!

kyaa your style is adorablleee * v* what do you ussse!

HOLY- gonk thank you so much for the bid!! heart heart

and i use a mixture of sai + photoshop b/c i'm too cheap to buy sai's full version haha..;D
the trial version? :'DD'''
cheese_whine mm cheese..
@cross;; yeah lol..i'm a cheapo emo i basically screenshot everything and transfer it into photoshop..what about yourself? :')
wowww tragiccc emo i like working large, so I worked really hard and stole it off a friend

I applaud the morality ( or laziness...?) behind not using it LOL ...
haha yeah that's my secret technique 8D /shot

and ooh * o *;; big canvases are nice :') i sometimes try to do that with photoshop, but the lines comes out shaky..sai is somehow blessed with 100% smooth lines..

LOL thanks..one day, one day.. gonk
no kiddding. sai is a beast for lines. but lately the attention span doesn't go past screwing around with the crayon tool lool gonk

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