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Auctioning ends today!

n___n yay! Uh..... domokun Ends at 8:00 pm? x3

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    Hallo!! :'DD This auction is made in order for me to raise some gold to get some items for my summer quest, or to get winged anklets. It will last from August 3th to September 15th. Highest bidder will recieve a CGed or traditional media art, depending on what the bid is. The style will also depend on the bid.

    2K - 10K:: Simple SD Chibi
    10K - 15K:: Marker colored Chibi
    15K - 25K:: CG Chibi with Simple Background OR Waist Up Regular Marker Colored
    25K - 50K:: Waist Up CG + Simple background
    50K - 70K:: Fullbody Semi-chibi with simple background OR Uber Shiny Waist Up (no Background)
    70K - 100K:: Chibi Wallpaper Couple Chibi OR Anything above
    100K - 199K:: Uber Shiny Semi Chibi With Semi Detailed Background OR anything above
    200K+ :: Kaiami's Love + Uber Shiny Regular + Detailed background ( is not good with landscaping though ) OR Artist's choice ( What I feel like doing ) OR Uber Shiny-ish Shoujo Chibi with Background OR Chibi Wallpaper OR Whatever else I can think of :'OO

    If you bid higher than something you want, than you can have anything below. For example, if you bid 85K but you want a semi-chibi, you can :"D

    Starting Bid: 2,ooog
    Auto Bid: Winged Anklets

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[<3] Teh Rules
[<3] Examples
[<3] Bid History
[<3] Freebies
[<3] Work In Progress
[<3] The Artist
[<3] Links and Stuff
[<3] Reserved
[<3] Reserved
[<3] Reserved
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    [<3] Respect the people in the thread
    [<3] Make sure you want to bid before you do. x_x
    [<3] Dont beg for freebies :/ Freebies will be given to people who deserve it
    [<3] You can bid donation items and gold only D: I think.. :]
    [<3] I will draw OCs, Avatars, and Fanarts that I know.
    [<3] I will draw couples if you bid REAALLY high
    [<3] I wont/ cant draw the following

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    -Roros or Robotic or mechanical items
    -Some glasses or eyepieces
    -Full furries and anthros
    -An avatar with all of the clothes as the same color D:
    -Buck teeth u__u;;
    -Muscles or tough guys
    -People who appear too old 8D;;
    -Some other stuff that I cant think of right now :"D
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E X A M P L E S - in no specific order : )
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My Deviantart Account

    Newest Art

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User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

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    80k. <3

    I bid 75k.


    XD (i dont want my avi though- fair warning, and he's really really really evil. so evil, you've gotta think macabre. O.o)

    You're welcome to! Hopefully when I get my old programs re-installed on my new HD I'll be able to make even crappier doodles! xd

    By the way, assuming you perhaps may do pictures based off of picture references, I'd like to bid 70k.

    R a n d e h
    50k. [[:

    I know it's your auction, but you'll get a much higher range of bidding if you make the regular

    0k-50k you get this.
    51k-100k you get this
    and so on thing.

    Its just an ideaaa oo:

    I absolutely LOVE your newest picturee likehoemigosh<33.

    So cute! *bids 35k*

    [ S w e e t ]
    8500 + angelbow (lowest in marketplace = 13000 gold) + apr 2006 (lowest in marketplace = 9000)...

    8500 + 13000 + 9000 = 30500g

    a kaiami auctionnnnnnn~
    I BID A LUNAR CLOAK lowest in market place is 26k
    and in teh guide, they put it around 23k-27k

    User ImageKaiiiiiiiiiii~~~~~~~~ heart
    *bids 20k* heart

    Kaiami has an art auction? =o can we bid items? i wanna bid so i didn't read teh rules yet. xD -shot-

    Umm.. -bids whip of fire- Lowest mp price atm is.. 13,999gold

    i bid 5k

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User Image

How do you get a freebie?

Freebies may be given to active people on the thread, or random people who deserve them. Also, be the first to type the phrase Banana Panda in any kind of pink on a certain page will get a freebie. If you win one, I will ask for references.

Freebies will be given on::

( Freebies posted here are SAMPLE SIZE, so the actual image is actually larger ) : D

PAGE 38 ( Winner = UniPixie )
User Image

PAGE 41 ( Winner = Randeh/ Sweet )
User Image

PAGE 56 ( Winner = [Stormy.Addiction] )
User Image

PAGE 64 ( Winner = Lottie )
User Image

PAGE 79 (Winner = Randeh )
User Image

PAGE 85 ( Winner = UniPixie. given to Lisa )
User Image

PAGE 100 ( Winner= Pocky )
User Image

Page 125 ( Winner = Lianne and Japanese Kitty )
User ImageUser Image

PAGE 150 ( Winner = Nori )

PAGE 180 ( Winner= Pixie )

Freebies for ME::

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Freebie by RaiRai! x33

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User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

^ Contest Entry : )

User Image

^ Extremely Late Present x___x

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User Image

Haha 8D When I draw, I seem to always make myself look younger than I am. Like my protrait [points to the left] makes me look 5. o___o Im not five though...IM OLD!! DD: Im err.. *calculates* EIGHT years older than my portrait appears!! @00000@ *dies*

: domos : Ok..what do people want to hear about myself? :> Err...I draw and stuff... yeah : D

Im hoping I do really well in this auction. This is my...err...fourth auction on Gaia. I always do better than I think I will, but I never get enough for what I need, and sometimes I get jealous of people who get like a really really high bid in their auction TT____TT *wants to be like that* I hope I will someday :'O Expecially because of Market Inflation.

Oh uhh...by the way, if you cant tell, Im the person with the strawberry clip in the picture : D Not the dog or the panda. The dog is my stuffed doogie Tsuki/Tsukino. I got him last last December n__n The panda is Conor :'D He was my date for one of the dances at school XD Just because my friends wanted to tease me. I got him on April 10th this year. He turned grey. :/ Conor was given to a friend by my friend, and then given to me n__n

Just for you people to know, Im not exactly a very good CGer 8DD I think I can do well if I try, but my pictures always turn out really bad XD Haha. I should try next time. : Ninjaaar : If the HB is really high, I promise my CGing will turn out really good 8DD

Oh uh.. Im almost outta room (not really) so If anyone wants to hear more about me..just ask..? o___o Dont ask where I live or anything...stalkers D:

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User Image

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NOOO! I didnt get first post mad Fug.
NOOO! I didnt get first post mad Fug.
gonk Its ok.. sorry
ill delete it ^^ if she wants mhmmm

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