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t h r e a dsps t a t u s // O P E N
a u c t i o nsps t a t u s // O. P. E. N.
r l csps t a t u s // F U L Lsp
e v e n t // C L O S E Dspsp
f a y sspm o o d // O P T I M I S T I Cspsp

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D I S C L A I M E R //
DA || FA || Tumblr || Youtube || Chibi Art Shop || Livestream-Offline ||

I work on art Monday to Friday.
I can draw anything within the TOS, if you'd like anything outside the TOS-contact me for RLC (info bellow).

I'll accept nearly any kind of character, which includes; avi, OC, furry, Mech, Alien, Monster, Demon, Creature, Animal, Dragon, Couples, Groups, ect. Contact me if unsure.
My FAVORITE things to paint are; aliens, monsters, demons, mythical creatures, environments, and anything detailed
My LEAST favorite thing to paint is; Plain/average/boring/non exciting characters (IE: a person in T-shirt and jeans)

This is my reoccurring Auction thread, when one ends another will start (after the work is finished of course!

Please keep in mind that I love detail, fantasy, sci-fi, the strange and bizarre.


Email me at DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com to get a quote c:
(To be paid with REAL money, USD to be specific)
Want to see my prices?
Check Here

Advertise? :<

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A N N O U N C M E N T S //

Feb, 30th 2013// I am now available for RLC!

Jan, 21st 2013// The thread acheived a "Popular" tag at 208 votes! Thank you, EVERYONE! <3 As a thank you I want to give back-so free headshots to everyone from now to Jan 27th heart

Nov, 28th 2013// Thread moved to the Art Auctions forum!

Jun, 20th 2014// I have injured my ankle, my father was diagnosed with cancer, and as lot of other personal issues has cause be to be behind schedule by 3-4 weeks. I'm struggling to catch up on my IRL commissions first, and then I will be tackling my art auction, followed closely by my chibi shop. I am INCREDIBLY sorry for this HUGE delay, and hope you'll understand! <3

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Real Life Commissions! Click HERE for info!

What's currently up for grabs is;
The next round will be fullbody! Term Guide

1//Four hour snipe guard!
2//1 Bill Minimum increment!
3//Winner must start trade within 4 days or next bidder gets it!
4//No bid retractions!
5//No items UNLESS it's the AB!
6//I'll always notify you through quotes if you've been outbid c:
7//Ask me about shared/split payment!

Auction Start// Begining of August some time
Auction End// N/A

Starting bid//10 Bill
Auto Buy//User Image

Bid History//
Starting bid; 10Mil
100M pls emotion_dowant

anyway 150m pls

200M pls heart

Empress Boa
cani bid 250mil biggrin <3 ty

333,333,333g pls cool
(you can round that off to fit in your title if you want lolll)

im bidding against friends.... crazy 400M

omg go away noob
500m rolleyes

i bid 555M

I'd like to bid 600m please ♥


1b dramallama

1.2B Pure.


1.4B!!! (I feel so accomplished at the moment)


Diablo en Musica 92

I know I will OBed near the end date, but worth a shot

Miss Mezzy
/sobs 3b?


Miss Mezzy

Miss Mezzy
3.3b mwah aha ha

*crackles with laughter* I am now back, 3.5bil

Miss Mezzy
I can't not want this. haha Umm 3.7b?

P R O C E S S//
2//Once trade is "offered" I will "offer" it back right away.
3//After work has begun and everything is blocked in you will receive a WIP.
4//Once you have received the WIP, if any changes need to be made-let me know-if not, then please accept your end of the trade, I will complete the trade when the art is finished.
5//When the art is finished, I complete the trade and immediately both through a quote in shop and in the pick up section. Please save the art to your own computer.
6//Thank you for bidding, I hope to see you again! c:

Auction Start Quote List//
Let me know if you'd like to be quoted when the next auction starts!

[quote="Cassandra Sandsmark"][/quote]

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Past orders

Past Auction art
Oldest > Newest

| Jacob is awesome | Menstrual Cramps | Could be you! |

B L A C K L I S T //

mistyrain1987 -False offers
Holly The Werewolf, Holly+The+Werewolf, Queen Of Loup Garou - Scamming
Sweet Dreams La-La - Art Theft

W H I T E L I S T //

Telon Rello -Regular, numerous orders

Kirae Tsuki Uchiha - Regular
Achaia Crucifix -Regular
Tetsu Youko -Regular

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Introducing this glorious creature//
Interested in joining me? Then send the following information to me in a PM!

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