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Hello and welcome to my auction!
Here you will be bidding on a chance to win some of my art.
So stick around, bid, chat, and have fun ;)

Follow GaiaOnlines rules first and foremost.
Be nice to me and all the visitors here.
NO begging for art.
NO stealing or altering any art or graphics displayed here. Ask first.
No bid retractions!! Only bid what you have.
I can add any rules as I see fit

Bid Info
Start Date o7/o2/2o12
End Date 11/o2/2o12
Starting Bid 10k
Bid Increment 10k
Auto Bid Pale Marionette or 5 mil
High Bid 1.2mil - mokochan2012

What you can get
0 - 500k Chibi
500k - 1mil Chibi Hybrid
1mil - 5 mil Fullbody
AB Fullbody w/background OR 2 chibis (either chibi or hybrid or one of each)

Roll 8 4-sided dice and get all odds or all evens to win a chibi doodle
(ex. 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2 would win all evens or 3,3,3,3,3,3,3,3 would win all odds)

-none yet-

For every Mil bid a chibi lineart will be handed out to whom bid it.