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              IntroductionUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

              Welcome to Barton's Fort of Athletes and Artists (BFAA) joint art auction. We are a newly formed guild with a heart of gold! 75% of the proceeds will be donated to our guild (to be used to give back to our members in events/contests), and the remaining 25% will be distributed among the 4 participating artists, and 1 poet. Please feel free to browse our selection of art and literary styles!

              This auction is now closed. Auto-bought by My Dedication. Thank you all for participating! Please look forward to our future auctions and guild events.

              ✿ Only bid what you have. Retracting your bid is NOT allowed.
              ✿ We accept some items - just ask us first to confim.
              ✿ Do not steal any art, banners, poetry, or coding from this thread.
              ✿ Do not advertise here. If you want to become affiliates, simply ask.
              ✿ Follow Gaia's ToS and Rules and Guidelines.
              ✿ Respect everyone, and no flaming please.
              ✿ Auction will run from September 24th - October 15th, 2012.

              ✿ To place a bid, simply post your offer. 3nodding

              ▂▃▅▆ Starting Bid: 200,000g
              ▂▃▅▆ Bid Increments: 50,000g
              ▂▃▅▆ AutoBuy: 8 mil

              ▂▃▅▆ CURRENT HIGH BID: 8,000,000g- AUTOBOUGHT!

              Bid History

              My Dedication on pg. 12
              Imma AB this.

              Current Avi : User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
              Details: Fullbody from all, regular any style preffered as for descriptions, do anything that thinks suit you.
              I don't like the idea of restricting artistic creativity and mind.
              As for the poet, i guess.. anything that may come out from my Avi? surprised

              Thank you

              EDIT: Tektek being weird but, um for skin colour, it could be normal from the ref or white skin, which ever you prefer ^^!

              Arcarius Tesfa on pg. 12
              Bumping up my bid to 1.75 million.

              Should mention I'm more Duremite then Bartonite >_>;

              mokochan2012 on pg. 11
              i bid 1.5mil plz

              Arcarius Tesfa on pg. 11
              I bump my bid to 1.1 million.

              mokochan2012 on pg 11
              i bid 1mil plz

              hpanna on pg. 9
              I bid 500k

              Arcarius Tesfa on pg. 2
              I'll start at 300k p:

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Artist: ACVan
User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

Want to see more?

HB Offer: 8 points to be spent in my point scale
AB Offer:16 points to be spent in my point scale
        Point Scale
        Point scale as follow for 1 (one) character :
        Fulllbody :
        Coloured - Full-rendered = 16 points
        Coloured - Digital watercolour or Cel-shaded = 13 points
        Sketch - Monochromatic shadows + Watercolour = 10 points
        Sketch - Monochromatic shadows = 8 points
        Sketch - Outline = 4 points

        Waist-up :
        Coloured - Full-rendered = 8 points
        Coloured - Digital watercolour or Cel-shaded = 6.5 points
        Sketch - Monochromatic shadows + Watercolour = 5 points
        Sketch - Monochromatic shadows = 4 points
        Sketch - Outline = 2 points

        Headshot :
        Coloured - Full-rendered = 4 points
        Coloured - Digital watercolour or Cel-shaded = 2.5 points
        Sketch - Monochromatic shadows = 2 points
        Sketch - Outline = 1 point

Will + Won't Do's:

Will Do:
Digital art, Regular or Chibi, Avatar art, Original characters, Anthro/Kemonomimi, Bishôjos, HALF NAKED BISHÔNENS AND MEGANE BOYS /*slaps*/, Seraafukus/Gakurans/Uniforms, Group pic, Couple pic, Shôjô-ai, Shônen-ai, Cutesy, Expressivity, Static and dynamic poses, Latin calligraphy (mainly variations of Italique and Cancellaresca), Still life, Plain background, A few accessories, Cold weapons, Drawing from text reference, Drawing from reference pictures, Artistic freedom

Won't Do:
Traditional art (too complicated to get it scanned properly without a scanner at home), Realism (you don't want me to, you know it), Bodybuilders, Mechas/Guns/Firearms, Furry/Kemono, Sophisticated backgrounds, Cluttered, Special effects, Portraits/Drawing human subjects from photos (RL commissions only), non-PG13 stuff, even censored (RL commissions only thankyouverymuch)


✪ By bidding in this auction, you agree with my terms of use. Although no commercial use of the commissionned art will be made without your written consent, I keep the right to display it as part of my portofolio.
✪ Art can be for yourself or given as a gift to someone else; you can ask for a personal message to be written on the art of course!
✪ Fanart is tolerated, Original characters are much preferred; let me know how I should credit you when I display the art in my Livejournal or my deviantArt c:
✪ Program used is at my own discretion among GIMP 2.4.7, openCanvas 1.1 and MyPaint 0.7.1. For coloured pics, a preliminary sketch is sent for approval first.
Sketches, as opposed to Coloured pieces, let see the unsaturated rough sketch below the darkened main line.
Digital watercolour means I preserve a lot of white space; usually, I simply apply colours where there should be shadows and the clearer parts remain white.
Cel-shaded means flat colours + solid shadows.
Full-rendered means I create a layer of base colour, then apply shadows and highlights. ✪ When using traditional media, I "ink" by pencil and I keep this habit with digital inking: the brushes used are often not completely smooth, they may have a heavy grain feel.
✪ Unwatermarked fullsize picture is being delivered by PM. If you think my watermark in the smaller preview is too hindering to be used, feel free to add it an other way around, I don't mind as long as it's present and readable. I'd rather have the credits on the picture/graphic than a separate text next to it.
✪ I trust you, commissionners, for not stealing my work; the problem lies in search engines and misconception of "crediting". Many people mistakenly think they give proper credits when they say "Found on Google" because they don't claim it as theirs. Google, Deviantart, Tumblr, Pixiv, Zerochan or any other websites are NOT authors, it's like saying a library wrote books instead of naming the actual writers. I am not the "rightful -though anonymous- copyright holder" of my work, being named for it is the very least form of recognition I ask for.
✪ French native, English fluent, Knowledgeable in Italian, Vietnamese, Latin and Prouvençau.

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User Image
Artist: Accio Alice

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Want to see more?

HB Offer: Waist up, colored
AB Offer: Full body, colored

Will + Won't Do's:
Will do:
✪ Males, females, or no gender (creatures or animals).
✪ Will draw most of the kawaii cute stuff.
✪ Easy and plain backgrounds. Something decent to make.
✪ Anything is fine.
✪ Feel free to tell me what you want me to do and we'll work it out.

Will not do:
✪ Very, very cluttered outfits. Unless there is an adequate reference, that is.
✪ Hentai or anything that involves sexual activities. Nudity comes in the category as well.
✪ Complicated backgrounds. That's going to kill my hands.
✪ Traditional artwork.
✪ Anything with mechanisms, like robots or firearms. I can do knives, but that's as far as I can do.

I stand here as the youngest in this auction, so please do not expect a very sophisticated artwork from me. I am still learning, but I will most definitely try my best. Please do remember that my style alternates from another. Feel free to tell me and we'll work it out.

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User Image
User Image
Artist: OdaKatsuaki

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Want to see more?
Website: Enkajoutou

HB Offer:1 Portrait or 1 Waist Up, colored
AB Offer: Full body (colored), comic panel style, detailed visual malarchy of some sort

Will + Won't Do's:

Will do:
✪ Badass dudes and dudettes of the most excellent of caliber in my hand.
✪ Tripped out concepts that may look like tat designs or even some kind of logo involving your character.
✪ Cute stuff in a manner familiar to my work. I mean breaking the mold and comfort zone is great, but you still gotta enjoy what you draw.
✪ Comic pages not exceeding a self contained one shot.
✪ Original characters. It doesn't have to be Gaia-related. If you want to have your vision interpreted and shown and you can provide a reference? That's real cool, man.
✪ Tasteful n***s. Aint nothing wrong with the nude body, just what it's projecting to the viewer. The masters did it, and I wont be above it either.
✪ I welcome the anthros and the creatures. Robots? Sure, why the hell not?
✪ Comedic art? Dude... Yes. Slapstick is sexy. I need this.

Will not do:
✪ COUPLE ART! NO! NO NO NO NO! I'll draw something that will woo the girl/guy you like, but that's about all I will do.
✪ Hentai-ish/Fan Service stuff. Moe girls are OUT of the Survivor Series.
THIS INCLUDES BISHIS OF ANY KIND! Sorry girls, no shirtless Mr. Sisters for you... I mean, there are back doors to everything if you refer to some of the will-dos and use some tricks but... overtly sexual stuff and yaoi-ish stuff has no place with this artist.
✪ Suuuuper backgrounds.

"As you can see in my style, I like making art that looks like it's straight out of the comic book/manga pages themselves. If you're definitely interested in that nostalgic printed look, or even some crazy fine-artsy surreal type stuff, I'll be more than happy to do it. Also I looove planning with my clients the ideas making the work fun for the artist as well as the client. So expect a pretty involved pm exchange involving sketches and technique approaches."

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User Image
User Image
Artist: Arcueil of Huron

User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Want to see more?

HB Offer: Waist up, colored
AB Offer: 2 Waist-ups, colored or 1 Full-body, colored

Will + Won't Do's:
I'll do anything/everything except hentai and couples. Yes, I will do your furry/anthro, mech, homosexual, gothic, cutesy, creature, anything-thing.

"Please note that the art drawn by me will have an experimental coloring style-- and feel free to let me know what type of background you'd like (transparent, flat color, or white). 'Experimental' meaning I may/may not use a different method of coloring than what I usually do. It will still probably look similar to my samples."

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User Image
User Image
Poet: Anolis18



Hiding, never far from the plants,
Searching, always near the surface,
Feeding, hungrily devouring insects,
Breeding, continuing the cycle...
The Mosquitofish, in plain sight eating hundreds of mosquito larvae each day!
and fish as well


Flowing throughout time, winding down mountains to return to the sea, carried by currents across the world for eons. Rising up to return to the sky. Crossing the stratosphere to return to the mountains.
I can do stuff based on freaking water cycles


The grass grows and withers, flowers blossom and fall, the sun sets and rises, but love stands the test of time

HB Offer: 2 custom poem
AB Offer: 3 custom poems

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User Image


              Freebie #1. - Haiku's For You!
              Our Poet and Guild Captain, Anolis18, will be giving away free Haiku's to random posters/bidders!

              Freebie #2 - Tarot Readings?!
              *If you have a question about the Tarot Readings, feel free to read out this Divination FAQ BEFORE asking ACVan.

              1. Ok, let's get started, how do I get one of these?
                Since we're talking about esoterism, I'll challenge your lucky star: yes, you'll have to roll some dice to win a tarot reading! Roll 3 (three) 10 sided dice.
                • Roll containing a 3 (Probability 300/1000 = 30%)
                  3 ★ ★
                  ★ 3 ★
                  ★ ★ 3

                • Roll containing a 3 and a 6 (Probability 60/1000 = 6%)
                  3 6 ★
                  3 ★ 6
                  6 3 ★
                  6 ★ 3
                  ★ 3 6
                  ★ 6 3

                • Roll containing a 3 and a 6 and a 9 (Probability 6/1000 = 0.6%)
                  3 6 9
                  3 9 6
                  6 3 9
                  6 9 3
                  9 3 6
                  9 6 3

              2. Do you have limited slots?
                Anybody who rolls a winning roll and claims it before the end of the auction can have a reading c:
                However, I'll accept only one request from one person. Please be fair and do not use your mules to get more. This in mind, you are allowed to ignore a winning roll if you aim for a bigger tarot reading.

              3. I've made a winning roll, what's next ?
                Fill in the form below and send it to ACVan by PM.
                [b]Winning roll[/b]:
                [b]Winning roll page number[/b]:
                [b]Name[/b]: (Optional)
                [b]Choice of tarot deck[/b]: Magical forest / Lunatic / Fenestra / Fairy tale
                [b]Spread type[/b]: 3-card / 6-card / 9-card / SpongeBob spread (and I'm dead serious about that last spread)
                [b]Choice of language[/b]: English/Français

                Username: I'll use it to send you a PM, do not change your username in the meantime.

                Name: So far, whether it was face-to-face or through PMs, I've always known the person's first name but it's optional if you feel uncomfortable with it. You can mention your nickname if you prefer c:

                Choice of tarot deck: I own 4 actual tarot decks that you can choose from (and one day, I'll draw my very own deck *sighs*).

                What's different among them is the feeling you can have towards the illustrations so just pick the one that "speaks" the most to you. My favourite is the Magical forest tarot so it'll be my default choice in case you specify none.

                Spread type: You can choose among 4 spread types, depending on your dice roll.
                • 3-card spread (roll a 3): Past-Present-Future / Major arcana only
                • 6-card spread (roll 3 and 6 unsorted): Past-Present-Obstacles-Resources-Future-Confirmation / Major arcana only
                • 9-card spread (roll 3 6 9 unsorted): Same as above + 3 confirmation cards picked among the Minor arcana
                • SpongeBob spread (roll 3 6 9 unsorted): Created by Glass Owl from Aeclectic tarot forum, never used so far but can be fun if you want to experiment it with me c:

                The 6-card spread is the one I use the most, it is my own variation of the classical 5-card spread. In the Magical forest tarot little white book (LWB), they call it the Tree spread because Past-Present-Resources-Obstacles-Result becomes Roots-Trunk-Green branches-Dead branches-Top leaves; in my opinion, this tree allegory is very cohesive and I can relate to it a lot.

                Question: It doesn't have to be precise and it shouldn't be too precise; you can throw me a simple "Work" if you don't want to specify "Will I find a job shortly?" or anything else that's too personal. You can give me some details about your situation if you wish, you don't have to if you wish to keep them for yourself. Unless you think it's really important for me to know and/or that you specifically want guidance about this detail, anything else is optional.

                Choice of language
                : I speak English fluently and my native language is French so the reading can be in either of these 2 languages. I'm not fluent enough to write a complete reading in the other languages that I mentioned earlier but I can understand them. Somehow. When using Vietnamese, kindly include the accents or I'll definitely have a hard time figuring out what you're saying ;___;

              4. Form completed and sent by PM, what will the tarot reading look like?
                I'll show you a small picture of the cards I've picked, briefly explain the general meaning of each card and then I'll elaborate my interpretation applied to your situation.

              5. How long will it take to write the whole thing down?
                I'd say a couple of days at most, it depends. Writing in French is not necessarily faster, it also depends on the reading itself because curiously enough, in some cases it's easier to express it in English. Also, be aware that I'll be out of town from October 12th afternoon and I'll be back on October 14th evening.

              Freebie #3. - Headshots by Arc!
              Headshots will be given to those who POST FIRST on the 25th, 50th, and so on page!

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              Links & Affiliations

              Our Links
              User Image

              User Image

              Want to be an Affiliate?

              Send us a banner+link to your thread/shop and we'll place it here. We ask that you place our small auction banner+link in your thread/shop as well.

              ✧Art auction banners and guild banners were created by Chibi Halo.
              ✧All art and poetry belongs to respective artists.
              ✧Coding belongs to Arcueil of Huron.

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This guild art auction is now OPEN! Let the bidding commence!
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Accio Alice


Arcueil of Huron


Please let me know if there are any changes you'd like made. Otherwise, let's do our best!
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Woot woot c:
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Best of luck everyone! heart
yeeeeeeeah baby!
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Good luck everyone ^^
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yeah!!! awesome arts! emotion_kirakira

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