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Welcome to our Joint Art Auction.
12 Artists 12 Art Works 12 Months 1 Year 1 Calendar
Printed and Delivered For Study Desk Computer Table Office Desk

Finished calendar will be printed on quality stock paper + wire bind

ATTENTION ALL ARTISTS: please go here thank you

Congratulations to Starfighter_[X], the winner of this auction
Informations of what he's requesting can be found on page 72, thank you =)

Winner to our little contest: `A m o n . l ` i s a `

User Image Index User Image
1. Auction Infos and Rules
2. Current Highest Bid and Previous Bids
3 - 8. Meet our 12 lovely artists
9. Freebies
10. Affiliates

User Image Auction Information User Image
Start: July 28th
End: 16 September 2006 END
HB: 666k

User Image General Rules User Image
• Be nice
Have fun
• No stealing artworks.
• Follow the ToS
• Keep everything/conversational PG13
• No PMing artists – anything related to this auction please post in this thread.

User Image Bid Rules User Image
• No retracting/withdrawing bids
• No snipping
• Share bids are allowed – max 2 people (BOTH will get final calendars (one for each!) sent to their chosen address! O.O)
• Bid with what you have
• We allow item for bidding (rares, donation and 2003 event items only (mid low value of the Teh Guide),
but the bidder(s) have to sell it well before the auction ends, and pay it in pure - and don't forget to sum them up, we're not going to do the calculation for you xD

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whee WINNER whee

twisted 666k twisted

Previous Bid

I am so getting outbidded soon, but I'll try.


Cool Idea! 555k whee

512k ><

`A m o n . l ` i s a `
nya 5O6k


`A m o n . l ` i s a `


._. I would like to bid 420k please!

`A m o n . l ` i s a `
eh well stuff the tail quest
4O6k for the calender then xP

I bid 400k biggrin

xd In that case: 300k

i have a question...is the calander have it own binder thingies or is it just going to be printed out on regular printer paper?

bid:250 heart

black moonrise

iyami ame

black moonrise

Alrighty, I'd like to bid 120k please :3

x3coco and a lunar cloak
about 110k

o0Fairy Tale0o
I bid...
4 elegant veils (9k-10k each.)
Beautiful art and very creative idea!
User Image

User Image

Samples: one | two | three | dA

HB: one chibi in pen, marker or colored pencil
AB: one halfbody or two chibis in pen, marker or colored pencil

Will do: OCs, avvies, shonen-ai, minimal anthro

Won't do: yaoi, yuri, hentai, ugly avvies/OCs, full anthro

User Image

Samples: o1 o2 CG// o1 o2 o3 o4 o5, DA

HB: waistup + 1 additional headshot + simple bgs
AB: full body, willing to try a more complex bg/pose/clothes/etc

Will do: original characters w/ good reference pics. avatars. anthros. will only attempt a couple pic if AB'd.
Won't do: clutter. manly men? [can't draw them ==;] toes.

User Image

Samples: [x] [x] [x] DA gallery

Fullbody character, colored with markers.
AB: One fullbody, markers and/or colored pencils. Background opition.

Will do: Mostly anything.
Won't do: Complex avatars, very muscular men.

User Image

Samples: Chibi Fullbody Headshots Chibi Scene PHOTOBUCKET

HB: Full body CG chibi.
AB: Full body + Monotone digital chibi.

Will do: OCs, avatars, etc.
Won't do: Hentai, nudies, anything really explicit.
User Image
Samples: http://baiorin.deviantart.com

HB: half-body cg or chibi
AB: half-body couple or fullbody

Will do: anthro, shonen/shojo ai
Won't do: mecha, hentai, ugly

User Image

Samples: [x][x][x][DA]

HB: halfbody with simple background
AB: fullbody with simple to mid-complex background <sceneries, trees, sky, walls, like this...no mechanical things, indoor and additional people>

Will do: OCs with at least 3 good sample pictures and some kind of description, avatars <excluding things in 'won't do' section>, anthro
Won't do: buck teeth, clown noses, mistakes, and all those ugly items, anything mechanical, and muscular men <since I can't draw them xD>

User Image

Samples: [My Album]

HB: 1 fullbody any medium plus a headshot for the winner not the calender
AB: same as above but as a couple and if traditional media is chosen then a full BG will be included

Will do: most anything
Won't do: over crouded avies, mecha

User Image

Samples: sample 1 sample 2 sample 3 DA

HB: waist w/ simple background
AB: full body w/ background

Will do: anthro, tasteful eroticness, avi, oc
Won't do: hentai, for this auction...no couples, mecha, guns
User Image

Samples: `D Gallery

HB: one single full body pic with simple bground CG or one single chibi with bground (med to complex).
AB: one group pic of 2 people or Chibi group pic (max 3 people) - all with bground

Will do: anything not mentioned below
Won't do: Fan arts; hardcore furry (anthro), mech n adult R18+ stuff; over cluttered avy (for avy art)

User Image

iyami ame
Samples: PhotoBucket

HB: Depends on what the winner wants, i am pretty flexible.
AB: Same as HB.

Will do: OCs, avis, mini-mech, anthros, zoomorphs, inanimate things (plushes and such), chibis, regular, blank minimal or complex backgrounds, any media, etc.
Won't do: Porn. im only 16 so its illegeal to even ask for it.
User Image

Samples: my shop + DA
[ x ] [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

HB= 1 CGed waist up, 1 CGed Headshot, and 1 Monochrome Headshot.
AB= 1 Full Body and 2 CGed Chibis.

Will do: Avatar, OCs, and Nifty things.
Won't do: Clutter, All black, or Distastful things (nudity).

User Image

Samples: DA + My shop [X] [X] [X] [X]

HB= a bust-up single CG art with a very simple patterned background
AB= full body couple CG art; with simple background

Will do: fan art (a bit selective.. hehe), original character, avatar, simple looking creature/animal, very light+mild shounen ai or shoujo ai
Won't do:
- scattered/cluttered/overdressed/complex characters or avatar
- characters/avatars with very weird accessories
- characters/avatars that dressed too much black/dark colour..
- yaoi, yuri, hentai, porn, naked
- old characters (I mean, very very very old.. )
- mecha/machine/robots/vehicles
- realism artstyle
- fully anthro (but fine if wings/tail/ears)
User Image

Condition(s) to get one...
iyami ame : random
Ris : random
Heibai : random
LittleDream : random
Zoolie : lineart headshots - at random and the 3rd poster on pages 19, 62, 69, 101, 219, and 722
Yukii : pages 13, 33, 113, 133 and etc. first post on each one. i will also give out random freebies if i have time. :3
Chame : random
Tae-yue: 1st posts on 47 and 307; also random
Wynnter : random - regulars who help to bump the thread (with fun conversations)

User Image Pick Up User Image
Freebies will be post here, check back often to see if you got one. ^.^

Wanna affiliates with us? Please post request in this thread, and don't forget to link back to us wink

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User Image

User Image

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
W o r d G a m e

Start with one word and make another word by only changing one letter or add or remove a letter. And NO word repeat ^^
Example: Pink -> Pine -> Dine ->Dive -> Die

Thanks to Raine Arashi for the idea.


Right people, We got a contest now, wohooo!!!. So what kind of contest is it? It's a bump contest... with added extra to it, to make it more fun whee
And yes, there'll be prize too of course 3nodding

Duration: until the auction ended
Wynnter will do... A half body Chibi (sample) or A normal bust up shot (sample coming soon)

How to play:
Every 10 bumps you'll get 1 coupon (numbered)
At the end of the auction, we'll run a random number to pick the winner
You can exchange the bumps separately (ie. for coupon no.1, 5, 20, etc) or bulk exchange (ie. 100 bumps for coupon no. 1 to 10)
Remember to number your bump. and no cheating exclaim
Anyone caught someone cheating will be rewarded 5 coupons xp
If the bidding reach certain points, prizes will be bigger. So help us spread the word whee
Help us advertise by putting our link in your sig, and get 10 coupons instantly
You can play this bump game here as well as at our sister thread 3nodding
What's more... you still qualify for that random freebies or certain page/post freebies. whee
Also... while playing this bump game, why not play the word game at the same time? wink
Coupon Holder

1-6. `A m o n . l ` i s a `
Auction is starting..... NOW

Happy bidding whee
m o o n f l o w e r's avatar

Tipsy Genius

ninja heart
I bid...

4 elegant veils (9k-10k each.)


Beautiful art and very creative idea!

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