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Anime 0.22727272727273 22.7% [ 20 ]
Semi realistic anime 0.375 37.5% [ 33 ]
Semi realism 0.18181818181818 18.2% [ 16 ]
Comic (DC, Marvel) 0.079545454545455 8.0% [ 7 ]
Hyper Realism 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 4 ]
Cartoonism 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 2 ]
Disney 0.045454545454545 4.5% [ 4 ]
Vector 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Other (comment?) 0.022727272727273 2.3% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 88 ]
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t h r e a dsps t a t u s // O P E N
a u c t i o nsps t a t u s // O. P. E. N.
r l csps t a t u s // F U L Lsp
e v e n t // C L O S E Dspsp
f a y sspm o o d // O P T I M I S T I Cspsp

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

D I S C L A I M E R //
DA || FA || Tumblr || Youtube || Chibi Art Shop || Livestream-Offline ||

I work on art Monday to Friday.
I can draw anything your little heart desires. Whether it be an avi, OC, furry, Mech, Alien, Monster, Demon, Creature, Animal, Dragon, A background, Couples, Groups, An entire scene, A tattoo, A prop. ANYTHING.

This is my permanent Auction thread, when one ends another will start (after the work is finished of course) make sure you check what's available this round before bidding! (Don't want anyone expecting more and getting less :c )

Please keep in mind that I love detail, fantasy, sci-fi, the strange and bizarre. (I don't tend to enjoy painting characters in a plain t-shirt and jeans.)


Email me at DrawWithLaura@hotmail.com to get a quote c:
(To be paid with REAL money, Canadian currency to be specific)
Want to see my prices?
Check Here

Advertise? :<

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A N N O U N C M E N T S //

Feb, 30th 2013// I am now available for RLC!

Jan, 21st 2013// The thread acheived a "Popular" tag at 208 votes! Thank you, EVERYONE! <3 As a thank you I want to give back-so free headshots to everyone from now to Jan 27th heart

Nov, 28th 2013// Thread moved to the Art Auctions forum!

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Real Life Commissions! Click HERE for info!

What's currently up for grabs is;
SB from Fayfex: Digitally Painted Portrait [x] [x] [x] From iAnzu: Fullbody colored (see examples in guest artist post bellow)
Auto Buy from Fayfex: A fullbody digital painting. From iAnzu: Fullbody colored with detailed background

And here's a handy dandy guide to show you the different terms because it seems every artist has a different idea for where parts of the body are!

1//Two hour snipe guard!
2//50Mil Minimum increment!
3//Winner must start trade within 2 days or next bidder gets it!
4//No bid retractions!
5//No items UNLESS it's the AB!
6//I'll always notify you through quotes if you've been outbid c:
7//Ask me about shared/split payment!

Auction Start// March 17th!
Auction End// April 21st Countdown!

Starting bid//10Mil
Auto Buy//25Billion pure (5Bill to iAnzu, 20bill to Fayfex)
2.5Bill+ gets a bust/waist up digital painting and out of focus background.
Examples of our of focus background: 1, 2.

Bid History//
Starting bid; 10Mil
100M pls emotion_dowant

anyway 150m pls

200M pls heart

Empress Boa
cani bid 250mil biggrin <3 ty

333,333,333g pls cool
(you can round that off to fit in your title if you want lolll)

im bidding against friends.... crazy 400M

omg go away noob
500m rolleyes

i bid 555M

I'd like to bid 600m please ♥


1b dramallama

1.2B Pure.


1.4B!!! (I feel so accomplished at the moment)


Diablo en Musica 92

I know I will OBed near the end date, but worth a shot

Miss Mezzy
/sobs 3b?


Miss Mezzy

Miss Mezzy
3.3b mwah aha ha

*crackles with laughter* I am now back, 3.5bil

P R O C E S S//
1//Winner sends trade within 2 days or runner up gets it
2//Once trade is "offered" I will "offer" it back right away.
3//After work has begun and everything is blocked in you will receive a very rough WIP similar to this
4//Once you have received the WIP, if any changes need to be made-let me know-if not, then please accept your end of the trade, I will complete it when the art is finished.
5//When the art is finished, I complete the trade and immediately send you the art, both through a quote in shop and in the pick up section.
6//Thank you for bidding, I hope to see you again! c:

Auction Start Quote List//
Let me know if you'd like to be quoted when the next auction starts!

The quote list for this round has already been contacted, let me know if you want to be on the list for next round!

E V E N T S//

Oh no, you missed the "9 Million Gold days!"
Don't worry, there'll be another contest around the corner!

Past Event's and Prizes//

9 Million Gold Days
Day 1 Storybook mule, 1mil | Crystalized Cherri, 1mil |Telon Rello, 1mil | Kirae Tsuki Uchiha, 1mil | Tetsu Youko 500k | Storybook Mule 500k | Kirae Tsuki Uchiha fairy item |
| Telon Rello, 100k | Kirae Tsuki Uchiha 100k | Scarlet_Maven 100k | Storybook Mule 100k |

Free Speed painting
Art is being given out slowly during big HUGE commissions, sorry for the delay!
| Elnadrin |
| Tellon Rello | Crystalized Cherri | Tetsu Youko | Wolphin | Cootie | moonlite dreamer |

Popular Tag Freebies//
| Twinning001 | Achaia Crucifix | iAnzu | Polycythemia Vera | Goddamn | Yuki The Third | e r o t i s m |

| Maurice Clark | She-Ra of Etheria | Lacroiee | WBattlemage | Telon Rello | Lady Vyolence | Achaia Crucifix |

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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Past orders

Past Auction art
Oldest > Newest

| Jacob is awesome | Menstrual Cramps | Could be you! |

B L A C K L I S T //

mistyrain1987 -False offers
Holly The Werewolf, Holly+The+Werewolf, Queen Of Loup Garou - Scamming
Sweet Dreams La-La - Art Theft

W H I T E L I S T //

Telon Rello -Regular, numerous orders

Kirae Tsuki Uchiha - Regular
Achaia Crucifix -Regular
Tetsu Youko -Regular

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Revered Regular

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Introducing this glorious creature//
Interested in joining me? Then send the following information to me in a PM!

Username: ianzu
Avatar: User Image
Art samples: My DA
What's up for grabs: one

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