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CONGRATZ TO WINNERS!! Please send your requests to your artists (or however you decide to exchange information) I'm glad you have fun and everyone stay in touch K?? heart heart heart heart


23 hours left~

48 hour auction<3

Starrii HB: 600k
DoublePlus Day HB: 300k
Xobooka HB: 1047k
Skystatic HB: 220k

freebies will be drawn by Starrii<3
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bid ladder

100k is a chibi head
300k a chibi waist
400k a chibi fullbody
500k+ 1 Chibi + 1 Cheeb

AB1 = 1MIL = 1 Chibi + 2 Cheeb/2 Headshot OR 2 Chibi Halfbodies OR 3 Cheebs

Bayonetta <3 1mil bid (:

AB2 = 1.8MIL = 2 Chibis + 1 Cheeb/1 Headshot OR 5 Cheebs OR 3 Chibi Halfbodies and 1 Cheeb/1 Headshot

-pout- <3 bid? (:

The left are Cheeb samples, the right are Chibi samples.

will nots and will dos are pretty average.
I'll do human boys and girls and ocs and puppies.
I probably won't do anything ugly.
If there are ugly things, and you bid anyways, I will take them off.

(not trying to sound like une chienne, ne~ I'm actually very nice, and I try very hard on art. <3)

bid history

Guardian Arlen
@Starrii: I was only introduce to the English version, and I so badly want to collect all the manga, including the Magic Kaito ones! >w< oh, is your part of the auction still going? Cause if it is I would like to bid 600K on your part Starrii. smile

I bid 500k on Starrii? ;D

400k on Starrii.
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DoublePlus Day
You may bid on either styles, or combine for both~!

Bid Ladder

< 500k = 1 Chibi
> 500k = 2 Chibi or 1 Couple
..............(yes, 501k is okay~)
AB 1m = 3 Chibi or 1 Chibi 1 Couple or 1 Group
..............(Example below is 3 singles for 1 person...
..............Group will have more interaction c: )

Will Draw:
OC's, Fanart, Guys n' Gals , BL/GL
Won't Draw:
Clutter, Mecha, Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu's

..................Style One............................................................Style Two
User Image..............User Image

Guardian Arlen
Well, I guess there is no way around. Curse you Fooshii, curse you <>__<>lol, jk XD I admit defeat.

I guess I will bid 300K on DoublePlus Day, and 200K on Skystatic.

Baybee, where is my baaaybee Chloe? ;_; I finally find you and you're not here!
200k for you, biiitch Dx< Contact me on my main :3

Guardian Arlen
I would like to bid 150K on DoublePlus Day 3nodding

100k on DP please. whee
User Image Xobooka

Bid Ladder:
<800k: one color chibi
>800k: one animated chibi + small sketch
User Image

AB: 2 mil
2 animated chibis + 2 b/w

somewhat updated gallery

User Image
User Image

bid history

NEVER >:U I want more booart <333333
Okay, be on soon!! :'DDDDD

also, my previous bid AND gin the kitty (320k) >:U

stressed I can't loseeee, either!!

Guardian Arlen

Yes, I bid 900K on Xobooka!

nah, I'm too awesome 8D anyway, I miss you emo
Also, you take items yes? D; 500k + fallen wish (227k)

gonk im gonna lose, aren't I?

Guardian Arlen

<______< 600K on xobooka

Shhhhhh it's not me ninja Just excaping my main huhuhu
and 550k! emo

Gaurdian Arlen

OH NO YOU DIDN'T! 500K Booka! XD

Booka! 4laugh
400k <333333

Guardian Arlen
I bid 300K On Xobooka. 3nodding

booka, I'm sorry I fail.. ; 3;!!
But I'll bid 200k on you, kay? User Image

Guardian Arlen
I would like to bid 100K on Xobooka. 3nodding


I bid 60k on boo-chan to start her off heart

//s'all I have >__>
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bid ladder

22ok+ ● 1 headshot cgs
42ok+ ● 2 headshot cgs
52ok+ ● exp head
72ok+ ● exp bust
1oook+ ● exp body
15ook+ ● exp body + headshot cg

AB ● 3oook+ ● 2 exp full body + headshot cg

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image

OCs>Avis, Anything that isn't in the won'ts section

Face piercings, muscular people, certain hairstyles, fat people


Guardian Arlen
Well, I guess there is no way around. Curse you Fooshii, curse you <>__<>lol, jk XD I admit defeat.

I guess I will bid 300K on DoublePlus Day, and 200K on Skystatic.

gonk Whaaa.

150k on sky. ~♥

Hersheys Rocks
I would like to bid 100k on skystatic heart

Indeed. @ w@ ♥
I hope the art auction goes successful. 4laugh

Double - Vector please. If that's not too much for you. ♥

I bid 60k on sky then. ~♥
/snags first post?
/snags first post?



May I callz you booze-chan?

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