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links to the actual images above: * 1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 *


Thank you for dropping by. Feel free to look around and hopefully you'll like what you see...

This is my first auction and, hopefully, not my last. I've had a very busy RL the past few months, and the in the next few weeks, i will be free to do some avi art (or OC art)...(but only from the bust-up; hence the name change of the auction...)

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other samples of my art:


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SB: 500k (chest-up), 750K (waist-up) -- higher bid wins, of course
Bid encrements: 100k
AutoBuy: User Image SDPlus #272 Majoko Mariko gonk --- i know...but wants so bad...

Autobuy gets full-color, waist-up art, with a very high probability of getting full-body.

Bidding ends in about a week or a week and a half from the launch of the auction...(bidding duration depends how busy i'll be to be able to get online and how many bids were made)

and art is usually done within a month or two (2 weeks or sooner if i'm not busy)...

i'll keep posting updates via this thread or send you updates via comments.

I shall be posting stages of the art: sketch/lineart, base color, etc., until i get to post the final art piece.

I shall be posting current bids here....

...no bids yet...
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Will do/Preferences: (edited June 2010)
* as you can see from the previews above, i have many styles of drawing, so please specify style-type if you have a preference.
i often do #4 or #6 (big-eyes style); but generally, my style seems to vary, depending on my mood or the impression i get from an avi...
* i prefer female avis/OCs over males (i find doing the male body very difficult and female avis just turn out better...)
* sorry, i will only do art from the waist-up (chibi-style for full-body; AB may get a full-body)
* if you have any reference pictures, please post them alongside a screenshot of the avi to be drawn
* please give information regarding hair color, eye color, and other little details (accessories worn, attitude/personality, hobbies, etc...)
* i shall decide on the final pose (but you can post your preference if you have any)
* a full-body, semi-chibi style is doable

Won't do...(sorry...)
* normal full body (sorry, but full body art drains a lot outta me...but it's negotiable, and depends on the complexity of the art/avi; AB/HB has a higher chance of getting a full-body though...)

* nudity (or near-nudity; i.e. avis in underwear)
* mecha/armor
* muscles
* clutter (a plush or two, or may be even three, is doable)
* bald avis (i love drawing hair)
* no beards or mustaches, please (i don't do them justice)

* don't bid unless you can really pay
* no retraction of bids
* no stealing of art
* post any questions you may have regarding my art (i'll give tips if i can...)
* feel free to chat (if i get to like you, i might just draw you a chibi-freebie whee ...after i accomplish the art of the HB though)

* When the next auction begins...time can only tell...(my life's just unpredictable like that)...

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Work In Progress updated every once in a while...



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User Image User Image

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...closed...busy IRL... as of June 2011

Hi was browsing through and wanted to say ...
exclaim Wowie exclaim eek Your artwork is not only beautiful it is indeed artistic!

And just wanted to quick mention your picture number 5 is out redface sorry to mention it to you.

Yeah so sorry just wanted to say that really quick lol. sweatdrop heart
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Fix'd! Thanks for the heads up! 3nodding
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300k to start you off, but I honestly wouldnt be shocked if you get an autobuy. wink
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For your AB, is it both items or either one?
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Thanks for the start up....and the complement regarding the autobuy... redface


For your AB, is it both items or either one?

I'm sorry, i should have made that part clearer. I'll do an edit after this post...
Anyway, it's supposed to go like this: if someone bids a Mender, he's supposed to get picked, UNLESS someone bids a Kanoko'sNightmare (since this item costs "more" in the MP; in short, he bids more). I couldn't dare ask for two items...that's just... eek
higher value item wins the auction though, if both items are proposed within a relatively short amount of time (span of 1 day)...if 24 hours pass after someone bids the Mender, that's it. Auction over. It goes to whoever bid the Mender.
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><; i know i'll get outbid, but 350k.
i love your artwork, Cio-kun! *still sporting your stuff in my pro*
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Sometimes I feel like a little lost child...

I offer 400k on your purtyful art biggrin

...Sometimes I feel like the chosen one
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There's nothing wrong with asking for both though, your art is lovely. xD

Second question, would you do a fullbody for an AB?
[Should probably ask this first ''OTL]

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