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    roi-chan; ♥♥♥♥♡ amber_moon; ♥♥♥♥♡ neko_rieka; ♥♥♥♥♡

    welcome to [AISHITERU], a three way auction between Roi, Saku, and Rieka!

    LOAD GAME...

    starts; today, now~~!
    ends; feb14, at 11:59pm, pst
    hb; 15mil
    ab; none~
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    how to trip the LOSER FLAGS // aka rules

    LOSER FLAG #1: all bids must be in gold, items are not allowed
    LOSER FLAG #2: only bid what gold you have
    LOSER FLAG #3: please have all bids divisible by 3
    LOSER FLAG #4: anti-snipe: 10min
    LOSER FLAG #5: questions&comments in thread

    FRIEND ZONED // aka bid history

    Sky Thompson | 15mil

    Saibraeus | 12mil

    Sky Thompson | 11mil

    Saibraeus | 10mil

    Sky Thompson | 9mil

    Saibraeus | 7mil

    Sky Thompson | 6mil

    Saibraeus | 4mil

    Sky Thompson | 3.5mil

    Cupcakechan | 3.18mil

    Sky Thompson | 3.1mil

    Cupcakechan | 3mil

    sheepsgobaaa | 1.11mil

    Ranger Myst | 1.05mil
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    Hi, I'm Roi. * 7* I like moe things, all things horror, and most of all NicoNico cover singer Panyo. ////

    samples; cheeb, couplecheeb, oldblinkingcheeb, doodlecheeb

    will; ocs, avatars, blood, het/shoujo-ai/shounen-ai

    won't; text description ocs, cluttered avatars, furries/anthro, excessive mecha/armor, facial hair

    bid ladder

    1g-1.5mil | doodlecheeb
    1.5mil-2.5mil | doodlecheeb couple
    2.5mil-3mil | cheeb
    3mil+ | cheeb couple
    //oh dang lol gotta skip up//

    **13mil-15mil | cheebcouple+blinkingcheeb+1doodlecheebcouple+1doodlecheeb**
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    hihi I haven't been on Gaia in forever lolololol
    &&sup, I'm saku/amber/etc. I'm pretty nocturnal
    ...... annnnd idk what else to put here * 7*;;;

    samples; mini / mini / chibi / chibi couple / [dA]

    will; OCs w/ refs, avatars, animal traits, coup/gl/bl
    won't; fanart, mechas/robots, superbuffs

    bid ladder

    [1g - 1.5 mil @ 1 mini] [1.5 mil - 2.5 mil @ 1 chibi]
    [2.5 mil - 3 mil @ 1 chibi couple] [3 mil+ @ 1 chibi couple + 1 mini]
    [6 mil+ @ 1 chibi couple + 2 mini] [9 mil+ @ 2 chibi couple]
    [12 mil+ @ 2 chibi couple + 1 mini] [15 mil+ @ 2 chibi couple + 2 mini]

    18 mil+ @ 2 chibi couple + 3 mini
    21 mil+ @ 3 chibi couple

    ( 2 mini <=> 1 chibi )
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    Hiya there! * 7*)/ Name is Rieka, but feel free to call me Rie too if you wish! I'm a f** for 07th Expansion and work at a pizza place, I draw and play games and f** around with Roi and my Amberboo and various other friends in my freetime

    samples; mini cheeb * more mini cheeb * chibi * another chibi!

    will; OC's with full body color refs, avatars, fanart, couple including bl/gl, bloody stuff etc~!

    won't; Text descriptions, CLUTTER, furries, mecha, heavy armor, the usual stuff you see in won't do

    bid ladder

    [strike]1g-1.5mil | 2 mini cheebs
    1.5mil-2.5mil | 1 mini cheeb and one couple cheeb, or if you wish 3 separate ones
    2.5mil-3mil | 1 chibi
    3mil+ | couple chibi, or 2 sepeate chibis
    bids higher then this can also add on a cheeb to the other chibis[/strike]

    to lazy to do all the stuff in the middle lol, so gonna go with the newest high bid

    15mil-17mil | couple chibi, 1 chibi, 1 mini cheeb
    17mil-19mil | couple chibi, 1 chibi, couple mini cheeb
    20 mil+ | couple chibi, 2 single chibis, couple mini cheeb, 1 mini cheeb
    seriously if it gets higher then 20 mil im gonna crap my pants

    all couple chibis can be made into 2 single chibis! same goes for mini cheeb couples!
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