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I'm getting a little irritated by some of the poems in the arena.

It seems like every tweener with a hangnail is writing about how horrible there lives are and how they want to off themselves- but their poetry has no emotional backing or passion. It reads like radio instructions- stolid and emotionless.

I'm not saying there aren't a few who are serious, but on the whole, I think most of its just a cry for help.

And in the mean time, most of these people are murdering the art of poetry, since most of these poems are just irritating rants.

Its irritating- I've known 6 people, 4 who were family, who successfully committed suicide- and hearing people talk about it so lightly just because they're going through some hormonal changes (known as puberty) and feel depressed because of it, is very upsetting.

By the by, most successful suicide attempts aren't advertised, and happen after a person seems to become happier. (Depression leads to lack of motivation, a period of mania/hypomania following a depression gives a person energy and motivation to put plans into motion). So anyone whose posting about suicide and how depressed they are- statistically, you won't do it. So stop threatening- its pathetic.
yeh,they seem to be just looking for attention and dont realize what there writing mostly and the full meanings of what they do and the consequences of there actions/words and how they think everything in there life is so terrible even though its not,there will always be someone going through something worse and they fail to realize that and..bleh

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