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So, how does it feel to be an alien? Amazing, okay, not so great? What?
Excuse me if I'm a little late into asking all of the questions...Mr. Almighty, if I may call you that. I have a question concerning the possible ecology of Gaia and space itself. I take in mind that you have been here for forty-two years...however do you know of others asides from your race? And as much as I dislike pointing fingers, would there be any concerning wars to our species? Because if there is, then one must start preparing arms, as you can see why I've decided to ask such a heavy question...but I'd rather not be caught off guard...Please now that I am trying not to offend at all, I'm just trying to gain all the knowledge needed...
Rez Geneo Ryushi
How do you know that you're the alien, and I'm not?

I second that.

Are we ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL turning into aliends? Or do we have to do something to turn in to them.
ahhhhhhhhhhh! dont abduct me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont do that. Only important people.

Actually, now that you've talked to her, you do, hehe. xD heart

Hmm... alright then, are UFOs expensive where you come from?
Yes, Very. No if your going to take like a Toyota brand UFO or a Nissan.

Yes if your going to get like a UFO 6000 Ferrari.

the shadow keeper
Do you know anything about the other alien's plans?
They seem to be getting rather hostile....
All Aliens have different point of view, they can be mean or be nice.
eek holy ******** you zurg.... stressed *resists shooting you*
How are you an alien?
hey alien dude, what kinda music do you listen too?and do yall got elvis probed n stuff?
did you land here form your mothership or your regular ship?
I came from my own UFO Ship. A very nice aircraft.
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Do you take part in probing?
What do you know about the zurg? what are they here for? if there here to harm gaia... I'll turn them all into fluffy pink bunnies and feed them to the grunnies!!! tell me what you know Almighty Shockies ! please wink ? dramallama
please tell me what they are planning I know you know know spill the beens! please?
What can you tell us about the number 19? whats the big secret?
Almighty Shockies, does your UFO ship have cupholders?
And what is your favorite color?!
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I <3 you Shockies.

-Clings to your leg-

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