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Were you Fooled today?

Yes 0.34730538922156 34.7% [ 58 ]
No 0.65269461077844 65.3% [ 109 ]
Total Votes:[ 167 ]
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If so how were you fooled?
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Basically all the errors, they caught me off guard. I was really peeved off the first few seconds, then I realized it was just a joke.

APRIL FOOLS!!! biggrin a lame april fools joke. ^_^
I haven't been fooled yet. I'm too aware.

But I pulled jokes on others.

I pulled a prank on my sister. I was making her a cd and so I told her I was gonna give her a copy of a band's new cd. She was all happy about it so she said yeah. However, as I made the cd I made the first two songs music from the actually album then the other 9 songs all annoying, stupid songs like the 'caramelldansen' and 'the fast food song'. I didn't label it and said I couldn't find the marker to label the cd, so she just took it. After she listened to the first two songs she suddenly heard the annoying ones and got really serious and told me "F*** you." However, she laughed right after. xd

As for my dad, I told him work called him to come in 5 hours early as someone called in. He started to go get ready at my grandma's house. I called him back 5 minutes later and said "April Fools. Nobody called." He went silent for a few seconds then burst out laughing as he shut the water off. xd

At least it wasn't the joke from years ago where I tied a creepy doll he hated on fishing string and hung it from the door. During that joke a few years ago, he turned white as a ghost. I got grounded for 3 months after that prank years ago.
Here at Gaia. yes I knew it was April first but intentional errors? Well Gaia is a buggy site so I thought they were real.
The deviantART icons fooled me -_-
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Had A Battle,All Members Of My Family,Most Friends Then I Got Pants.
With My Pants Down I Pulled Every Bodys Pants Down.
recieved this message from my best friend

HEY!!! dud delete my fukkin number. im not even playing with you. what you did was SOOO fukked up!!!! dont even talk to me and wipe tht confused look of ur face CUZ U JUST GOT APRILL FOOLED!!!!!!!!!!!


lol i SOOO fell for it but then i forwarded it and about 25 other ppl did to smile
I'm not sure. Some girl told me she was pregnant and a bunch of s**t. But I haven't talked to her in like a year so I couldn't tell if she was bullshiting or not. I fail at April Fool's!
Nope, not fooled. I did tell all my friends on FB that my car had died. Two people replied, "Really? About time." Now I'm sorta bummed. xDDD
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it didn't work on me
all the jokes were lame here
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Toffee Devil
The deviantART icons fooled me -_-

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Yeah... : x

A friend fooled everyone that he's quitting. sweatdrop
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My friend bought me a burger today and i was all like "Oh wow thanks i was SO hungry"......not knowing he put like the hottest hot sauce in the whole stinkin world in it. Dx He's going "April Fools" while im choking on my tongue. >,<.... i gonna kill him! Tomorrow though...he won't see it coming. T__T
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My history teacher told us about Google A.K.A. Topeka today. Since my history teacher is usually really serious, we seriously believed him and began protesting hysterically.... then he told us it was for the goddamn occasion...

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