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omg that was the best prank ever"!!!!! just seen that the little mermaid statue in
Copenhagen was swapped in an elaberate rouse from those jokers in denmark
the famous statue that sits in the port had been shipped on loan somewhere in the east for a promotion or somthing.
and the people behind the rouse overnight for april 1st replaced it with a matching stone which atop was a life sized mermaid skeleton complete with bone fin!!!!
i must say that one was genius!!
tey'll be pictures of it somwhere check it out it's awsome !!!
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on april fools day my tuition teacher told me and my friend that facebook petz society need to do a quest and told that we can get 20 playfish cash.my friend and i wat wat..... quest then he started 2 laugh at us and we said wat wats wrong he shouted april fools.we were totally............................ embarrasing xd rofl
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I got one on a friend who wanted my chalcolate chip cookie i said ok and i said oh yea i did nothen to it then when he bit it i said ohh yea April fools I licked it eh was like OMG IWWWW he threw it back to me and i atethe cookie and ohh yea april fools i was lieing.... LMAO!!!! xd xd xd 3nodding blaugh rofl lol twisted twisted
Okay... I called my friend Zach... his username is HomeboyStewart.
Anyways, I called and told him that we have no school on April Fools Day.
He asked why and I told him there was a gas leak....
Then I Yelled.................................APRIL FOOLS!
What a joke... it's fun.
how did april fools get started none of the jokes are funny
i have a best friend and her ex-boyfriend played a prank on her and said that his sister was told she has lukemia when she really didn't, and my best friends mom died from lukemia so she was very upset and said that it was not funny so she has been upset since yesterday sad sad sad sad sad

STUPID EX_BOYFRIEND!! scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream

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what i did was stick a pound coin (i'm in the uk) to the floor in my local shopping center with superglue. one person spent 30 minutes trying to pick it up xd
mine was something like animine girl but much better
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my mom pulled the worst joke ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! She called me when I was at my dad's house saying "You need to come home papi just died" and I started crying and then I heard him laughing in the background and she started laughing and I was like WTF!!!!!!!!! I no hate her forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! evil evil evil scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream scream
Once i told my very best friend that i was gonna move far far away, and that we maybe wouldn't be able to see each other in a long time~ She didn't remember witch day it was so she believed me. She was so sad, like almost crying, but then... "Just joking!" She was so suprised but happy at the same time XD
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my teacher. she said: KEY: T= teacher M= me OP= other people

T- g-g-g-g-guys **crying** crying
T- *****CRIESSS**** crying
OP- Seriously what happened Mrs.Amaturo?
T- M-m-m-m-my daughter died who was only *CRIES* 3!! crying crying
M- OMG !!! IM SO SORRY eek
T- And *sniff* i have to tell u something
OP & M- what
T- APRIL FOOLS!!!!! rofl rofl rofl rofl
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i had a friend call my mom and tell her i got shot, about 10 mins later i knocked on the door to my house and told my mom april fools. =3
I is evilicious

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