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once when april fools was and i was in school with my friends then a friend of mine told 3 other guys that there was an icecream truck outside giving out free icecream and they believed it and ran outside while we laughed at them xp
in school i yelled
o my god! theres a wasp in here!
One time my friends tried to tell me my mom died and it was super convincing but I remebered it was April fools day so I went with it. So when I tried to pretend to cry which by the way was awful they were patting me and I slapped them all and I started laughing rofl smile xd
i once put a chocolate bar in the bathtub. yum
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I played one on my boss today. At work, we use excel to store sales data for each day. Since my boss isn't computer savvy, I'm the one that manages the workbook so all she has to do is enter in a few numbers. I had today off, so last night I set it up a password protection on the book. It prevented her from clicking on anything, much less entering numbers. From what I've heard, it was quite funny to watch her try to get the computer to work. smile
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I remember last year, I was having a sleepover with my cousin. So I thought it would be funny to make him wake up to gun fire and war sounds and whatnot. I plugged in headphones in the computer, cranked it up to full volume, put it over his ears, and let it rip. He ended up screaming and waking up my parents. But his face was priceless xd Although he did hit me in the head when he woke up sweatdrop
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I played a trick on my little cousin. Im 16 so it was kinda unfair to her , but i put holes in a plastic cup and put water in it , and it spillt all over her. She laughed so i was ok.
Ooh, ooh. I have a good one. Once, I took my brother's closet and put superglue that only I knew how to remove on the edges of the doors, then yelled for him to take a shower.

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*butts you*
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i waz fooled by tektek stressed i hated it!
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i pulled an unforgettable prank on my brother today! he turned on my computer and i had the volume up really loud and i replaced that little windows jingle you always hear when you turn on your computer with loud gun shots and he thought it was actually guns shooting outside my house (got the idea off of a video on youtube xD)

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