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What do you ship?

Hetero 0.2156862745098 21.6% [ 11 ]
Yaoi 0.19607843137255 19.6% [ 10 ]
Yuri 0.058823529411765 5.9% [ 3 ]
ALL THE SHIPS! 0.49019607843137 49.0% [ 25 ]
Other 0.03921568627451 3.9% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 51 ]
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i got more ships than te european nations have ships in their navys
i think i'm toping at atleast 100 or more for all the naime and manga i read and watch an fthat was last counted...i might have more though.....
my big ships are guys
the smaler ships are mixed
the tiny ships are females
i love my "navy" heart whee
but as for those i ship most:
wataru Yuuki X Schwnahelt Bulge from galaxy railways
Cosmo warrior zero X young pirate harlock from cosmo warrior zero
and Germany X Russia form hetalia
The pairings that I love are nezumi x shion from No.6, Natsu x Gajeel from Fairy Tail, and Gokudora x Yamato from katekyo hitman reborn heart
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Feline Sex Symbol

honestly i would be here for a couple of days trying to type out my ships and OTPs omfg i am so srs

          ` -- I have so many ships I forget who I even ship at times.
          But I ship everything stated so far, though my ships dearest to my heart are:
          Sebastian Michaelis x Ciel Phantomhive x Arthur Conan Doyle (otp of otps -- yay for threesomes)
          Yukio Okumura x Rin Okumura (I seriously cannot imagine them with anyone else)
          Alois Trancy x Snake (they're so fluffy it's actually painful due to their pasts)
          Vincent Nightray x Gilbert Nightray (my heart hurts thinking about it)
          Annnd Yuuta Asaba x Shun Matsuoka (they're absolutely perfect for each other)

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As long as they've got the proper feel to them, I dont care. Some ships that are really popular to everyone just dont make sense to me, some things I like specifically for the crack. Some I can see under certain conditions, some are obvious, and some just wont ever happen on my watch.
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I mostly like Yaoi... but it's not like I won't ship Yuri or Het. It's just finding series' with characters that I LIKE to ship as pairings.

And a lack of likeable female characters.... I find this is my biggest problem in shipping yuri or het.
The only ship I sail is the Yaoi Ship .___.
I'm currently shipping:

- Denmark x Norway
- Denmark x Sweden
- Prussia x Austria
- Russia x China
- Xanxus x Squalo
Spirt x Stein <3....I love that couple

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