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You can find it at Game Stop for around $10.
It isn't very Zoids like. It has a more dark military type look to it and plays like a Fire Emblem game.
There are actually a lot of down points to this one, if you focus on the fact that it's a Zoids title.

Man, I'm totally going to Gamestop. And I was just close to one yesterday!
Do you play as the characters from the anime or have your own?

You more or less play as the pilots of 5/6 (don't recall the total number) zoids in a squad. I don't think they're actually given names, but mainly your just moving zoids around the maps letting them do combat. The game has no real connection with the anime aside from them using zoids.

Oh. Nameless people, always fun, lol. Are there any more games for the 360 or for PS2? Those are the only game consoles I have.

From what I can find there's ...

Zoids Assault (360)
Zoids Infinity EX Neo (360)
Zoids Infinity (PS2)
Zoids Tactics (PS2)
Zoids Struggle (PS2)

I don't know if they were released outside Japan or not, but those are all the Zoids titles for those systems (that I could find)

Sweet! Thanks. Hello Amazon! Here I come!

No problem. Good luck on your quest, I hope it proves beneficial. mrgreen