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Who is your #1 One True Pairing in Bleach?

RenRuki (Renji and Rukia) 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 1 ]
IchiRuki (Ichigo and Rukia) 0.4 40.0% [ 6 ]
IchiHime (Ichigo and Orihime) 0.26666666666667 26.7% [ 4 ]
IshiHime (Ishida and Orihime) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
GinRan (Gin and Rangiku) 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 1 ]
HitsuHina (Toshiro and Momo) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
ByaSoi (Byakuya and Soi Fon) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
UraYoru (Urahara and Yoruchi) 0.066666666666667 6.7% [ 1 ]
UkiUno (Ukitake and Unahara) 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Other (Please share!) 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 15 ]
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Ha ha it's fine. 3nodding

Besides I'm a big IchiHime fan as well. It's not because I ship RenRuki like a mad woman either. If that poor, sweet, orphaned girl does not get Ichigo in the end I will be in such a state of misery

One main reason I ship them too. I think Kubo loves his character Orihime, and won't most likely break her heart. Why give the girl 3-4 pages of confessing her love in the Manga. If her feelings are not returned, that's a waste of ink. And even though UlqiHime is my 2nd favorite Hime couple, I don't think she would love any other guy. Her love for Ichigo is pure and true, and it' s not an obsession. For her to suddenly love another guy would mess that up and show how fake her love for Ichigo was.

lol. Personality wise, I think Ichigo and Orihime both share the same sense of silly air-head humor. Plus, I feel Orihime is most like Masaki in personality and overall demure. Rukia, despite her natural grace, has a bit of a uncouth streak as well and I feel that streak, in the end, would not do well with Ichigo's ego. Grant, her kick buttness made him stop being a whiny doob, but at the same time if he ever whined near Orihime, she would tell him the same thing only in a more gentler manner that all us IchiHime fangirls would cry over.

It's why I think Kubo is saving a moment like that for us emotion_awesome

Rukia is way too much like Ichigo. He wants to protect, and try to be a man, but she doesn't let him do that by always pushing him around. I feel Ichigo's manliness comes out more when he's around Orihime. And like Matsumoto said, Ichigo needs both girls. One as his gf, and the other as his bff. xd Both are needed, but in different ways.

And if you think about it, Orihime would get along with his family perfectly, especially Isshin and Yuzu.

Anyhow, Rukia's uncouthness is also why I think her and Renji make the perfect pair. She has someone she can fight with and still know that he would love her. Also, she wouldn't have to give the whiny speech to Renji, which I'm sure is a relief to her, because Renji either goes on rages or becomes a recluse until he gets an invite to her ceremonies (GAH WHY DID THAT EP HAVE TO BE FILLER!!!!! emotion_donotwant )

Gosh, I know right!

And as far as Byakuya is concerned, I ship him with Soi-fon pretty freakin hard. They both have identical personalities and would make adorable babies. Not only that but if there was anyone I could see Byakuya really opening up about stuff it would be to Soi Fon who shares his strong duty to the law and justice. Also, I feel that if there was anyone besides Yoruchi Soi Fon would get along with it'd be Byakuya.

Since Soi Fon is probably a lesbian, it's either that or she's seriously in a very hardcore way see's Youroichi as a role model. I can't see her with any guy. But if I were to pick, I'd choose Kenpachi as well.

And after Gin I ship Rangiku so hard with Hisagi. Dear heavens they would be adorable.

Smut. Smut. Smut. That's all that comes in mind with Hisagi and Rangiku. LOL. They are not bad a pair, but I still like her better with Byakuga.

Ya know, we might as well unofficially consider this a Bleach shipping thread. lol I blame the poll.

Fine with me. blaugh 3nodding
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Gahlly you're right Orihime would fit in so well with that family!
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Btw the pic in my sig is a link to the new RenRuki guild! Please join! wink

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