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If you could be in anime, which one would you be in & what would you do?
Clannad, I'd love to have girls crawling for me like Tomoya does. Kotomi FTW
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Yu-Gi-Oh: GX.
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Durarara heart
I'd love to take a nap with Starrk emotion_bigheart
I would abuse the hell out of Orihime's boobs. With my face. whee
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Bleach, so I could just sit with Ulqiourra and Grimmjaw and enjoy having tea with Aizen. I love tea. sweatdrop
Fairy Tail!!! ...so I could became a member of the Fairy Tail Guild and became friends with other wizard and mage and even dragon slayers ..!! yum_puddi cat_smile
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Pandora Hearts

I'd make sure Jack never would have had the chance to hurt anyone evil
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!
I would be a spiral samurai and instead of drilling through hardships and fate, I'd cut through them all. Row row fight the powah!
Good question... I'm leaning on having my very own Digimon... Or perhaps roaming the online game "The World" and getting lost in its many mysteries... Or maybe poking my nose into a big book of Alchemy...
Kuroshitsuji. A Victorian England minus a lot of the most inconvenient societal constraints? I could have some fun there. 3nodding
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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun/Toaru Majutsu no Index. I'd love being as Esper... having my own insane psychic power would be awesome.
This would be a rather challenging question to answer. There are so many great choices that it's difficult to decide which, oh my...

I suppose being in Durarara!! would be the most realistic in my opinion. It seems pretty entertaining to frolic the streets recklessly as gangs or individuals in a community where every face you pass by is a familiar one.

It would be no different than life considering the fact that all the characters possess their own unique personality, so you don't know what to expect each day, living in that anime.

In that anime I'd join the Dollars or Yellow Scarves...

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