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I loved that series! I was a little sad that the anime was cut so short. My favorite characters were Ayame and Shigure.
Loved both the manga and the anime. Only wished that they would have continued the anime and added in the other two zodiac members. But at least they are in the manga.

I enjoyed both the manga and the anime, and I might be one of the few people who didn't mind seeing Akito being portrayed as a man in the anime.

I am also one of the few that didn't mind Akito being a guy. I actually liked him better being portrayed as a man.

i agree with the both of you! smile heart
Fruits Basket! It's my favorite Manga/anime ever. Akito is my favorite! There is just so much wonderful stuff that happens in the manga!
Fruits Basket~! My favorite Manga ever ;__;
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I like the manga more than the anime. 3nodding
I'm watching the anime and I plan on starting the manga as soon as I get to the library. My favorite episode so far would have to be episode 6.
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Fruits basket the manga was freaking awesome the anime I seen only a few episodes of
Yes I finished the anime and I loved it. I need to get started on the manga though. I'm afraid though cause I heard it's different from the anime but not that different.
I loved this anime! Haha! My favorite character Kyo Sohma wink i love the cat! heart
I love Yuki heart
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LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved the manga, it definitally kept hiding alot of secrets blaugh ninja
I love it! My favourite character is Kyo
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I love this series! heart I sat and watched the whole series in a few days because it was soooo good. My love goes to Kyo. Gotta love the cat!
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It's a gateway anime. my brother's girlfriend claimed she didn't like anime and we told her we'd corrupt her. Fruits Basket was her gateway anime and now she can tolerate more anime than I'd expected lol.
Love the anime & manga whee my favorite characters are Tohru, Kyo, Kisa (Fun Fact- I was born in year of the tiger 4laugh ), Shigure, Haru, Akito (idk why so don't judge me), & basiclly everyone! It's actually hard 4 me 2 hate any of the characters

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