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So bored. Go bring me someone interesting~______________________________ » » » » †

              My first was probably Asuka Langley Soryu from Evangelion. She's still mai waifu though <3

† « « « «______________________________Because it's late at night...remember that if you underestimate me, you'll be in severe pain.
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wats anmaie
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Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha...
He's just...gorgeous. *o*
1. Osaka- Azumanga Daioh
2. Maka Albarn- Soul Eater
3. Yukari Sendo- Rosario+Vampire
4. Nodoka- Negima
5. Furukawa Nagisa- Clannad
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Ray from Beyblades.
not really a 'crush' but i think agito/akito from air gear is hot heart
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l will walk together,
the future not promised

First was Heero from Mobile Suit Gundam, now its Ulquiorra from Bleach.

It keeps walking together,
to the future in which you are

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ulquiorra is awesome as well
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Akarui ToraTsume

Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha...
He's just...gorgeous. *o*
hahaha i gotta agreed with you on that one but he was my second crush .

My first anime crush it was Heero Yuy from Gundam wing eek oh man when i first saw Gundam wing on Toonami back in 98 i was 13 years old back then . Even till this day i still go gaga over him even tho he not real crying .

Its those Black tight spandex and his Mission Accomplish and Competed line drive me bonker but i love it lol
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my first one was Tsukasa from .hack which isn't gay because if you watched it Tsukasa is a girl in the anime's real life >=3
Ima say... confused Yuki Eri from Gravitation. So hot. redface
My first anime was Sailor Moon soo I guess I had a little crush on Tuxedo Mask (Darien)..
But that was before I knew what anime was sooo then when I got into anime....
It was Inuyasha from Inuyasha.....
NOW I like soooo many I'm not going to list them...but I do have a very nice female fan service poster of Raito (Light) Yagami from Death Note... redface
i'm a girl by the way and even though you can't see his face I think kakashi is pretty hot. heart
jo j simson
wats anmaie
answer for youuuuuu.: animes are Japanese cartoons. for example naruto is an anime.
ok,. i am a little embarassed to saythis since i am 18 now, but my first anime crush was Darien from sailor moon. then it was Domon from G gundom. well i guess every anime fan girl has a crush on one. i meaqn i love right now, Lelouch from Code Geass and Ichigo from Bleach. but hey whats a girl gonna do?lol
sasuke and light

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