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I have a lot of favorites, which one do you like best?
my most fav pairing is spainxromano in second would have to be gerita or germanyxitaly
Well, my favorite is SwitzerlandxLiechtenstein (soooo cuuuuuuuuute) and AustriaxHungary is a close second. Other than that I like SuFin, BelarusxRussia (when it isn't all super creepy and stuff) LithuaniaxUkraine, and HRExChibitalia. I'm neutral on GerIta, LietPol, PrussiaxHungary, and most other pairings that don't mess up the first two.
However, I absolutely hate UsUk, FrUk, Franada, PruCan, and most Russia ships.
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Ruthless Healer

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I like

and a bunch more >.<
One of my very favorites right now is SwitzerlandxAustria
USUK drives me up the wall for some reason, and AustriaxHungary is a good too.
I liked JapanxGreece for a while, but I got tired of it, and kinda got tired of Japan in general. I like LietPol, SpainxRomano, GermanyxItaly, Su-Fin, and to some degree, SwitzerlandxLiechtenstein.
Whoo! I love GermanyxItaly :3
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My favorites are; Russia/Ukraine, Austria/Hungary, and Austria/Liechtenstein (Weird as that one is, I like it and I don't care whether it denies canon pairings. >__>;; )

I really only ship hetero pairings, though I'm not completely opposed to gay ones.
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My favorites are:
PolandxLithuania, SpainxRomano, and NorwayxDenmark
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I enjoy a lot of Hetalia pairings but my favorite ones are:


I also like Poland/Lithuania and Sweden/Finland
and a lot more, but its my fave..
I've actually started liking PrussiaxEngland, even though it makes no sense. Crack pairings are fun sometimes biggrin
-France x England
-USA x England
-France x Spain
-Prussia x France
-Spain x Romano
-USA x Japan
-Greece x Japan
-Norway x Iceland
-Denmark x Norway
-Sweden x Finland
-Lithuania x Poland
-Sometimes France x USA
-Anyone x Austria
-Netherlands x Belgium
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