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Favorite bleach character?

Ichigo Kurosaki 0.45283018867925 45.3% [ 24 ]
Rukia Kuchiki 0.24528301886792 24.5% [ 13 ]
Chad 0.056603773584906 5.7% [ 3 ]
Orihime Inoue 0.18867924528302 18.9% [ 10 ]
Uryu Ishida 0.056603773584906 5.7% [ 3 ]
Total Votes:[ 53 ]
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hahahaah y'all are twisted

rukia's obvs the best character

also why does everyone have their full name and then for chad it's just "chad" is it really that hard to write "sado yasutora?"
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Urahara! That guy is freakin pimp!
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Romantic Fatcat

Yay my choice was in the poll smile
Orihime Inoue! She's always been my favorite. Although lots of people might not agree...
4 years ago, I saw those hair pins she wears in this store, so I bought em. whee
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Rukia, Komamura, Hisagi, Hinamori and Hitsugaya
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Ichiog is my favorite character and so is Rukia biggrin
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Urahara and Byakuya.

Can't decide which one I like more at the moment.. definitely favored Byakuya first since back when it was Byakuya vs Ichigo (invasion of SS) but Kisuke is such a legend as his characters history is shown and his character begins to develop.
I love hitsugaya and ulquiorra forever my fav's though but ichigo is my third being that I like calling people that and they think I'm cursing at them when I'm calling them a strawberry
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Kuchiki Rukia. =x
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Ishida Uryuu. ^^
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Inoue Orihime! heart
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I really like Aizen and Kenpachi. smile
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    I just asked my husband what my favorite characters are because I forgot. I adore so many of them. Orihime and Nell have to be my favorite female characters. The red headed lesbian that's after Orihime is awesome too, she gets me laughing. Oh and I also like Kenny's little pink haired girlfriend(haha) and Urahara's helper girl at the shop. I am so bad with remembering all the names of the people. DX

    My favorite male characters would have to be Urahara, Ichigo's dad in soul reaper form, and Ichigo of course. Oh and Kenny is pretty cool too. I adore the drunk happy soul reaper captain, but I sadly do not remember his name. Fail,

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Back off fangirls, he's mine ♥

I also like Ichigo, Shuuhei, Rengi, Orihime, Uryuu, Nell, Ulqiorra(Probably spelled his name wrong), Yourichi, Hanatoro, Kon, and Rangiku
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first fav : soi fong
sec fav : hiyori Sarugaki
My favorite is Hitsugaya and my second fave is Urahara

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