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User Imageยป I watch everything in Japanese, bar InuYasha. InuYasha is the one and only anime I can stand to watch in English because that's how I got used to it originally. After that, I started watching with subs and I just found it awkward to listen to English voice actors.
I watch it in both, but I prefer watching it in Japanese
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i watch them in Japanese w/ English sub.
i just don't think the english voices fit in the anime :/
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I watch it in English I like listening for some of the voice actors I like
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Even if I want to watch a series ASAP, if I know it has been licensed and will have an English dub, I will wait however long it takes to watch in English.
If I know something has an English dub, I will purposely track down and watch that version.
Why? Because it is the language I speak.
I don't speak Japanese so therefore I cannot accurately judge whether the voices are a fit for the characters and everyone in certain age groups just winds up sounding the same after awhile.
With English, since I speak the language, I can differentiate between peoples voices.
I can tell if their acting is actually any good.

The only exception to the "Watch everything in English rule" is if the English dub of something is incomplete and never will be finished (Like Zatch Bell) or if the voice cast has changed too much from how I original heard them (Like what happened with the Gundam 0079 TV Series and the Movie trilogy)
And obviously, if there is no English dub, then I will watch it in Japanese.

Although not part of the question, I will also never buy Subbed only DVD/Blu-Ray due to their prices being much too high for what I'm being given.
13 episodes in just Japanese with English subs for $50 vs 13 episodes in English and Japanese with English subs for $50.
The hybrid/dual audio release wins out every single time.
both, but if I've already seen an series in one version, I tend to not like the other version for some reason :/ Prolly cuz I've already associated the voices with the characters, idk
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It depends on the Anime. Like Kuroshitsuji, (Black Butler) there English voices are TERRIBLE! But there are some animes that have good English voices like [insert anime here biggrin ].

For the most part, I prefer watching my anime in Japanese~
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I like English because that way I can multi-task, but most of the time I rather watch in Japanese with subs, because I don't know any Japanese except for the basic fangirl stuff. ._.
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Japanese with English subs any day over English dubs.

There's only been a few shows with english dubs that I was able to stomach: Dragonball, some Dragonball Z,Yu Yu Hakusho and Outlaw Star (though I prefer watching that in Japanese).

Too much is lost in translation to English dubs because a lot of the Japanese language just cannot be expressed accurately in english... then it sounds terrible. There's also the issue of the people dubbing not putting ANY REAL EFFORT into the show.

IE. Prince of Tennis. Watch episode 4 in Japanese, then try it in English. Sadly, there's people that Fandub better.

And for all of those that get this joke: BIG GREEN.
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Japanese with sub.
For the most part, I prefer Japanese. Maybe it's because I don't actually speak Japanese, so everything they say sounds good to me, I don't know. xd But I do like some better in English, like Baccano and Darker than Black. I guess it depends on the voice actors.
(Also, I don't think it's weird to read in the character's voice, I do it to.)
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I definitely like the original version, Japanese with English subs. Your friend does have a point though. There's no way you can multitask with subs. lol
i watch in english
I prefer both, to be honest. Why? because there are certain anime, i think is good for the dub (example being: Hellsing or Wolf's Rain.) and there are certain, i liked subbed. (Like Chobits or Neon Genesis Evangelion.) I don't know if anyone else is like that, it's just that certain anime feels suitable in situations, like that.

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