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Sorry, I am incapable of choosing... I love BOTH!! DMC is an awesome game and really good anime, and I love Bleach for it's "Hero's come-backs" They make it so slow though... and canceled crying
Well I adore Dmc, so Dmc for me. The anime takes place between games so that always interested me. lol Bleach was always alright with me, just never one of my top favs.
devil may cry all the way not only is the story line better in my opinion but it ties better together than bleach.like with bleach i cant watch 3 episode without there being some new vilian or secret organization trying to take over the afterlife or something lol
Bleach of course <33
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I havnt seen DMC but Bleach was awesome... The DMC game I love to death, all of them but sad to say until I see the DMC anime, Bleach has my vote!
I've seen some clips from Bleach and attempted to read the manga, but I just couldn't get into it. DMC is better to me.
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well i love both of them, so i'll have to say Bleach. smile
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bleachh emotion_bigheart
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While the DMC anime sucks in relation to the games, it's still way better than Bleach, imo. Bleach is great for background noise and bright colors, though.
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As an anime, definitely Bleach. DMC is alright, but it's better off as a video game rather than an anime.
As an anime, definitely Bleach. DMC is alright, but it's better off as a video game rather than an anime.

that's what i was thinking man. while the dmc series is okay it's better as a game.
both razz razz razz razz razz
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The Devil May Cry anime failed in my opinion.
I wish the Internet would let me watch Devil May Cry... I really wanna watch it... O n O

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