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If you haven't heard of Sands of Destruction, it's a REALLY INTERESTING SERIES!! biggrin

Based on a video game by SEGA, it's set in a world that is covered in sands, instead of oceans. beast-men (Furrys) and humans exist, but the humans are treated as second-class citizens to the beast-men, and there are two committees: The World Salvation Committee (WSC) and the Wold Destruction Committee (WDC) (kinda obvious what they do)

But the story essentially focuses on a boy named Kyrie and a kick-a** Teddy-Bear named Taupy who end up traveling with a girl named Morte, who is targeted by the WSC because she possesses the Destruct Code, a device with the power to destroy the world, and therefore they are labeled as being apart of the WDC. However, she doesn't know how to use it, and is traveling to figure that out so she can carry out its purpose. Together, the three of them are pursued by WSC members Rhi'a, a Dragon-Lady, and Naja, a half-wolf guy.

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What I really like about this series is how not-so-black & white it is than it appears to be!

I mean, the WSC act very dictatorial, despite their so-called goodness, so they come off as more of the bad guys. Meanwhile our heroes, even though they seek to destroy the world, end up helping people along the way, so they're more like the good guys.

But that could be because that's who were focusing on. sweatdrop
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I remember that anime, it was quite fun! smile
Ah I just completed this series not too long ago. I really enjoyed it!
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hmmm…i've never rly herd of this anime b4…o.0 but it sounds like a cool anime tho 4 sure… cool

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