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hey! what's your favorite anime opening/ending? 3nodding
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You deserve to be answered. Best opening/ending in my opinion is Suna no Oshiro from Vampire Knight Guilty smile it sounds so deadly yet innocent 3nodding
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Opening: "My Dearest" the first opening for Guilty Crown

Ending: "Himitsu Kichi" the first ending for Eureka Seven
My favorite is My Soul, Your Beats! by Lia. The opening to Angel Beats! It just sounds so happy. x3
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Opening : "Black Paper Moon" Soul Eater - Opening 2
Ending : "Kensai Tsumi" Fullmetal Alchemist - Ending 1
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Go from Naruto
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Opening: "Sketch Switch" from Hidamari Sketch
Ending: "Metamerism" from Squid Girl
Opening- DMC anime
Closing- SAC ending 2
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Highschool of the Dead is an awsome op, and so is Murder Princess. I think my favorite anime ending is Kannazuki no Miko or Pandora Hearts
Highschool of the Dead definitely has my pick for the best opening. the cinematic, as well as the music is damn amazing. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica also has an incredible intro with a very good song, so, that's a close second....

oh, and the intro to Haruhi Suzumiya. however, every time I hear it, I get beyond depressed for a day or two, so, I can't really listen to it.

The ending song and video to Haruhi Suzumiya is wonderful. very upbeat and catchy.
oh, and Elfen Lied. duh. that intro is legendary. the music is hauntingly phenomenal
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here is some not in order

I gonna get some hatters for this one

<<I like the japan ver. too

wow thats a lot ok I'll stop now but i also like Naruto shippu. op 3 too
I don't have any absolute favorites, so here's a few:

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spice and wolf seson 1 ending rofl the lyrics are so funny
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Opening to Shiki...TT-TT
Why did that show end?

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