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Hello! do you know this movie?
because i asked some of my friends and they keep on telling me to watch this movie?
is worth it? sweatdrop
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5 Centimeters Per Second is pretty amazing. I love it very much, and it's my favorite movie. It's heart breaking at times, but great. The animation is lovely. It's worth it! biggrin
Its worth it, but just be sure you're in the mood for a heartbreaker.
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it is worth it!
but yeah the relationship plot is a little err ..
To be honest, I don't like it because.. watch it. hehe
Everyone commenting seems to not know that its not a romantic movie, its about a guy who slowly gets"destroyed" by living in the past, which is something more and more common these days, the ending might seem"heartbreaking" but that wasn't the intent at all, these themes are common throughout Shinkai's work. Its in a sense representing the realities of life while being much nicer in a sense. I think I can easily relate to the main character, which was the point really. I think if the story would have ended in a less"sad" note it would have made the whole thing quite shallow. But these are all only my thoughts I suppose, and to answer the question, yes its worth a watch, but don't watch it expecting generic anime romance smile .
Give it a go and watch it.
It's better when you do it with a group of people smile
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Not a very happy story, but the art and animation is amazing. I also recommend the director Makoto Shinkai's other films.
When I watched it I thought it was kinda gloomy and melancholic, in my opinion. It kinda put me in an emo mood, I guess.

Definitely give it a go, it's worth watching and it sure is a heartbreaker.
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Makoto Shinkai is my favorite anime/film director/creator --- all of his fillms are worth watching. His latest is "Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below"

I created a guild that pertains to him, his works. If you're curious, give it a check.

Definitely watch the films.
To be honest I didn't like it very much. It did kind of hit home a little bit; I've more or less lost contact with some of my friends from elementary school, but I thought the movie was pretty boring. I can certainly see how some people would like it, of course. The movie's just not for everyone. Worth the watch, I guess.

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