The Summoner of Oblivion
I was dying at the end of ep. 22 when they showed him. I've definitely watched it more than once. It did kind of seem like it was going slow, but when they finally started showing Renton in the opening is when I really knew they would leave it for the last episodes. It really wasn't bad, it did feel a little weirdly paced though. It sucks though that the last episodes won't air until November, Renton finally appears and everyone has to wait another month just to see what happens, though it's kind of obvious by now. So glad Renton's back though, especially how awesome they made him look, makes it worth the wait.

It is worth the wait (:
Though I don't see why they would have him appear when the show is about to end. I was a bit disappointed when I heard that, but my boyfriend told me that it's only the end of this season and that they're going to have another. I really hope so, I need to hold on to some sort of hope. ^^'

I have not seen anything that says there's going to be another season.

But hey, I won't be upset if there is!

I know, right? I'd like to believe that they wouldn't bring Renton in for just the last 3 episodes.

I just wanna see more Thurston family moments. I kinda disliked how long the first series was, but now I wish there had been more episodes for this series. I wanna see those sweet little moments that shorter animes tend to lack..

I know exactly what you mean. I was hoping that they'd show some more characters from the other series as well.

Ha. i used to only watch AO to see Eureka and Renton grown up. And actually, I probably wouldn't have watched the series otherwise.
However, I've grown pretty fond of the characters in this series versus the first one.
But it may also be because I've been with them longer (I watched the entirety of E7 over the course of a few days, instead of watching them as they came out).