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Just watch behind their back 4laugh at least that's what I do most of the time~
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Sometimes they end up watching it with me.

I got my mom into Gintama and she has this crush on Gintoki.

When we watched the dub movie she said "Gintoki's dub voice sounds like a black guy trying to sound white", which amused me.
I think my parents knows that I watch anime. They haven't said anything though. Not yet that is... lol
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My dad usually thinks I'm watching Hentai. It's not my fault anime has big boobs.

"Is that cartoon porn? Why the hell are you watching cartoon porn? In the living room!"
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Tell your Mum to shut the ******** up and start sucking on your Dad's d**k whilst making a sandwhich.

And if all that goes tits up, just give her a Colombian neck-tie.

Lmaoo cat_lol
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My Parents Don'tCare For Anime,
Don't Care If I Watch It As Long As Its Not Rated 18..... t-.-t

-Raven blaugh
My mom asked why I had toys of little girls in my room. I have the Madoka Magica figmas, the K-On! Figmas, the Black Rock Shooter figmas, and Korino from Oreimo.
My parents never cared about me watching anime. Hell, my dad used to sit down with me and watch Pokemon when I was younger.
Well, when my parents walk in on me watching anime, I just switch it to porn. It's easier to explain.... xD But seriously, when I was at home my parents didn't really care luckily =P Though I was a bit of an oddball anyways. (Sports, every club I could be in, video games, anime, lil bit of everything haha)
I like it when they watch with me xd but they never like anime eyes cuz they're big
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My dad own a whole collections of anime, the DVD count is close to the hundreds I believe. So it's cool to watch in my house.
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My mom doesn't like anime at all. My dad on the other hand doesn't mind it as much. He likes to watch sci fi shows like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers so i think he understands a little more.
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my dad don't care my mom have no idea what is anime
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My mom enjoyed Welcome to the N.H.K and my dad enjoys Hellsing Ultimate.

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