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My parents don't care. They're aware of my hobby and my mom even took me to OtaFest last year, but they don't generally accept any of my offers to involve them in anime and to be honest my offers are never actually sincere (we're a very teasing family.) I don't really want them involved with anime because the less they know about the anime world and some of the filth that inhabits it the better. I don't even watch that stuff, but if my parents had any idea about things like shotacon and ecchi and whatnot I'd probably be banned. sweatdrop
My mom doesn't pay attention to it unless it's super violent. Then she's is all "THIS is for kids?".

My dad has never expressed any emotion about it. As far as I know he doesn't care about it either way.
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When my parents found out I was watching anime they beat me severely. I had to lie to the doctors and say I fell down the stairs. crying
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i like yu yu hakusho ..they said it was stupid and for boys
and she thought inuyasha was a girl.
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My mom's like 'Why are you watching chinese cartoons for little children? Grow the ******** up.'

Best mom ever.
my dad thinks it's stupid and I watch too much. My mom doesn't care
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I don't live with my parents, so they wouldn't know I even watch anime. I doubt they'd care though.
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one time i forced my mother to sit down and watch like 15 minutes of inazuma eleven with me
"oh are you watching that soccer show"
"wait what the ******** is happening"
"where am i"
"holy s**t is that a dragon"
"is that a girl. do not ******** tell me that is not a girl. hes too pretty to not be a girl get out"
she's cool
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Mom: So........ What did you do on your day off.......?

Me: Nothi-

Husband: We sat around IN OUR PJ'S watching Japanese CARTOONS ALL DAY. Oh! And ate CHEETOS. It was GREAT.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Mom: .................
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My parents are rather uninterested,
my dad however did enjoy the anime con I dragged him to.
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my parents are perfectly fine with it, considering they are both comic book geeks and have both read akira, thats not really surprising. though when i watch the japanese version of anime without headphones when my dad walks through the room he will make fun of the language by going "ti tong ci ting tonmipaidon!" which gets pretty annoying.
It's not a big deal. They just laugh at it sometimes.
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My stepdad thinks Bleach is worse than a horror movie and my Mom says the characters in the anime sound morbid.
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My folks couldn't care less.

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