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Who sings worse?

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In the japanese Sailor Moon when Usagi was singing her first part in Moon Revenge it sounded too childish, girly, and high-pitched, and when Amy sang Only A Memory Away in BSSM she sounded very weak on her first few lines.
it depends
dunno some are really bad though sweatdrop
Mimi On digimon (I havent watched that in years )
aaannnoooo......... argh, i have a friggin brain fart right now! stressed
all american anime singers are bad
the voice doesnt match their lips
and it looks cheeze when they try. So japanese anime singers are better because it matchs the way they lip sink to it
there is no gaps, no cheese looks
I'd probably say american, because I can understand what they say when they sing bad, but when japanese sing bad i dont know what theyre saying xD
the only singers that I don't really like are the imitation ones by American singers, but I don't hear many of those. Usually dubbed anime still keeps the japanese songs and theme songs, so it's rare to find American songs in anime.
I think Paku Romi has an awful singing voice..but I heart her anyway. I can't get enough Hagane no Kokoro no matter how awful she is.

Ruby Marlow and Juliet Cesario have probably the worst singing voices I've ever heard in an anime before.
Most of the badly done anime songs I've heard were in English re-dubs, though I haven't seen any of those in a while (sometimes my friends and I would get stuck with the English re-dub of Magic Knight Rayearth after the subtitled tapes sold out, and I watched the English re-dub of most of Nadia because the library didn't have subtitled VHS-later when I got a DVD player, I watched the Japanese version). The MKR theme songs were pretty awful in English, and the musical episode of Nadia (Fushigi no Umi no Nadia/Secret of Blue Water) was horrifying.

To be fair though, there are some bad ones in Japanese, too-I couldn't believe Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch's low budget voice acting in a series where music is an important theme. The catchiness of the songs kept me watching, though. sweatdrop
Ayeka from Tenchi Muyo! when she sang kariokee [sp?]... it sounded aweful.
Hm... I've heard my share of bad singing voices, American and Japanese. Usually the original Japanese version of a song is better, but I have, at rare occasions, the American version isn't that bad... at least I think so, anyway. ^^;
im known to get obsessed with anime music..
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You have to take into account that's there a good few of Japanese voice actors who ARE singers. A lot of young singers and actors do voice work.

So I said Americans are worse. But it's only because of that difference in skill. A lot of American voice actors sing to train their voice, but that doesn't mean that they're trained in singing.

Some are decent though. I really like the English opening and ending for Fruits Basket; the opening by Kagura's voice actress, and the ending by Tohru's voice actress. I kinda wish there was a full version. sweatdrop
On a side note.. one of the anime I'm most dreading seeing dubbed is Macross 7..

They've dubbed all the music from the previous Macross series and movies... I would totally just curl up and die of horror if I ever heard Basara singing in english!! The japanese songs are so amazing!!
crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying crying

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