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who would win in a b***h slapping fight?

inuyasha(inuyasha) 0.46116970278044 46.1% [ 481 ]
sasuke(naruto) 0.53883029721956 53.9% [ 562 ]
Total Votes:[ 1043 ]
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What about enjoying nudity in anime connotes being a weakling that can't "face reality?" Nothing.
cause we guys have a reason for pause button
I see your point, random nudity is both unnecessary and a nuisence, it's been used so many times it become predictable, maybe some people just fancy seeing naked girls all the time? We'll never know why they keep popping up. razz
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I agree but it does'nt bother me the first time.
User Image Because sex sells. User Image
It is just fansevice because haven't you seen that the two main characters are a guy and a girl and they normally have a crush on one another. So I think that they have nudedy in so many anime shows is to make it more interesting with the couple. So ya if you have any questions for me pm me and comment in my profile.
ok ppl...itz the human body...enuff said...if u dont c it on tv or EVER yer gunna mak SUCH a dork of yerself yer "1st time" i dont c watz so freakin bad...if anyonez gunna get all "itz indecent" on me let me say it from this POV:
we r the creations of god, and should not the creations of the all powerful deity/-ies b appreciated?

and point of fact EVERYDAM PERSON ON THIS PLANET HAZ SUMTHING UNDER THERE CLOTHEZ JEEZ ppl grow up will u common i'll help teh poor souls hoo don't know of these thingz

femalez hav:
n anuses

males have:
n anuses
n if u wanna get technical they hav breast tissue 2

so ther if that waz so hard 2 go thru then like many ppl hav said DONT WATCH WAT U DONT LIKE itz that simple
You kidding?
Naked makes things interesting.
That's probably why I find Hamtaro boring..
and, say, Enzai or NGE better.

thats also y pokemon grew old
We are all born naked. Get over it.
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I dunno. sweatdrop
alot a people have sexual needs so they have nudiy and the creators wanted to let people be more interested in the anime that they created so more people want to buy more so they can do click clack up down and all thats stuff
in your edited first post naruto an inuyasha dont show all of the breasts only part of em and they do that to help get more male audiences! b/c guys love nudity its a plain factor in pretty much every guy. if a guy says he dont like nudity theres a high chance hes lying XD well thats the way I see it
Eh...its the the human body its not like you`ve never seen it .. -_-
And nuditysssssssssssssssss...bad? question
Dude, I agree; we were all born naked. Plus it makes shows interesting. biggrin

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