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Alucard from Hellsing *drools*
All hail Xelloss! He's my idol!
...note to Keihou, I read your fanfic....it's awesome!
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Sailor Starlights...
B-Ko from "Project A-Ko"...

...and heart Pirotess heart

...oh, and Yuri from "Dirty Pair Flash"...
heart Sigurd Harcourt from Xenogears. He's only a background character, but the concept art for him is gorgeous. The artist who made the character did a lot of him.
Sexiest villain: Kamjin/Khyron from Macross/Robotech. You heard me!
AAH! xd Ferio from MKR, well the manga ferio at least. I mean really, what girl can resist that whole chivalrous prince incognito thing!
ooh! and the sexiest girl anime character has to be....Kitsune from Love Hina! 3nodding shes so cool!
My favorite evil and most psychotic guy would be.. Millions Knives.. YUM!! I heart evil bishies.. 3nodding
I'm gonna have to say....

Sexiest: Caska from Berserk... just cause you don't see many african american anime characters, and she is sexy on top of that.

Otherwise it would be that girl from Hellsing. I can't remember her name, but she was sexy biggrin
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(...)Favorite Bishounen - Legolas!
Nah. I know LotR does not count as an anime, but Legolas is SO HOT!!! I can't help but mention him. Damn, he's a sexy Elf Prince. crying I want him to marry me.(...)

Hey!! He actually counts!! There is a LOTR manga!! Link from the Legend of Zelda also counts, that's a manga too! whee
hmm...okay..i'm new here but i know what's anime cuz i live in the birthplace of anime! so let's see....

I think the the sexiest *cough* bishie is Taikoubo. Of course some of you may not know who he is. He's from Soul Hunter! He's #1! #2 is Joey Wheeler from yugioh! ^.^!

Villan?~~~i think Sephiroth (yet kyoot). Or maybe Paladin Alexander Andersong from Hellsing. Hmm....

Hero?!~~~I think Sora from KH. and mayb Lina Universe...Heehee!

Cutest girl/girl with girl power...yesh?~~~I think Naru from Love Hina and Lizzie Miguire. Oh that have that on Manga! coolies!


Ish am Pisces! Ish must be bow down to!
I'd bake cookies with Wolfwood anyday! woooo! heart heart
My favorite evil and most psychotic guy would be.. Millions Knives.. YUM!! I heart evil bishies.. 3nodding

Yes - Evil bishies are grand.... I like the manga Knives better than the anime version though, maybe it's cuz he is in the manga more? wink
The character I think is the coolest is Kaoru Nagisa of Neon Genesis Evangelion. The character I think is the sexiest is Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop. The character i like the least is Asuka Langley of Neon Genesis, mostly because she's a stuck up, whiney little priss with an ego that is a few sizes too big. the character i'd most like to marry...well, i guess if there was anybody i wouldn't get completely sick of, it would have to be Aisha (i'm not even going to attempt to spell her last name) from Outlaw Star. 3nodding
the one that keeps popping up in my head is seras from hellsing, I don't know what it is, probably the way she licks the blade in the intro.
The coolest character is Spike from Cowboy bebop. Second would be Manji from blade of the immortal

The sweetest bad guy is clearly Bowser...but since we are talking anime and manga i would have to say Magus and Sephirot....

And the sexiest. Well i cant really say. Is there anyone that knows of are girl character that carries a big sword. i mean think about it. A good looking WOMAN carrying a BIG sword. That would be the most perfect description of the word sexy.
Don't you think?

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