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OMG So I looked up this Death the Kid from Soul Eater to see how he has OCD attacks because I have OCD too and I can totally relate!!! (in a general sense, not that I am obsessed about symmetry!)

AND, not to mention that he has my FAVORITE English voice actor who is the same as Hikaru from Ouran HS Host Club!

THANK YOU for introducing me to this show now I am so happy I have another show I will probably love love love thank you thank you thank you!!!!!! heart heart

Sadly, as the series goes on, Death's OCD issue becomes less prominent. But it comes back again near the end. Soul Eater is probably one of my favorite seires. My favorite character is probably bother Kid and Soul...oh...and Crona...and Maka. Okay so pretty much every character in this show is awesome. razz Welcome to the fandom and hope you enjoy!

Thanks! I am loving the show so far.
And that's normal, for OCD to come and go. I would know. wink
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I really think Salt from a little snow fairy sugar is super cute. He's around 8 years old and he's a sun fairy. It's really cute when he wants to become a cloud fairy later on. He also plays a small trumpet!
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Favorite Characters List (in no particular order)

1. Keima Katsuragi (The World God Only Knows)
-- He's the biggest, geekiest pimp I know, but damn does he look good doing it.
2. Shino Aburame (Naruto)
--I'm not much into Naruto anymore, but this guy has a special place in my heart. I used to fangirl so hard over him in my teen years.
3. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)
--I see a little bit of my personality in her: low confidence, shy, but willing to sacrifice everything for the one I love. Still, I wish she wasn't so useless (not as useless as Sakura, but still)
4. Sailor Chibi Moon (Sailor Moon)
--An old favorite of mine from my childhood. I really liked her pink hair and always wondered how, with a blond mother and dark-haired father, it came out that way. I shipped Chibi UsaxHelios sooooo hard!
5. Sailor Saturn (Sailor Moon)
--I liked her mysterious, somber nature, as well as her theme song ("la la song" or whatever it's called). Her arc was interesting.
6. Haqua du Lot Herminium (The World God Only Knows)
--There's something about her that draws me to her. She has high standards for herself but can't help but feel disappointed when she learns that she can't meet those expectations, similar to me. Her little crush on Keima makes me giggle~
7. Yui Goido (The World God Only Knows)
--The moe-ist little cross dresser you'll ever meet~~
8. Elsie de Lute Ima (The World God Only Knows)
-- The world's cutest idiot <3
9. Ritsu Sohma (Fruits Basket)
--His spazs make me giggle~ There must be something about cross dressers...
10. Usui Takumi
--He has a maid fetish, and to be quite honest it didn't occur to me that an anime would actually make a character like that. His hair is cool looking, too.

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I actually like Kanna Nico/Hijiri from Puella Magi Madoka Magica spin-off manga, Kazumi Magica.
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Edward and Alphonse Elric are my favorite characters heart

Although I would've been happy to see Mustang and Hawkeye pair up

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I would have to say one of the sexiest, in my opinion, is Major Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell : SAC. Something about her is very attractive to me.

As far as the best villain goes, it's a hard call. I always found Death Note to be a bit interesting, since the main character is kind of the villain, but not really?
Sebastian Michaelis! heart he's the hottest devil ever! xp

Ciel Phantomhive! heart the cutest annoying cold brat ever! xd

Allen Walker! heart he really give an impression to me. biggrin

actually, I have many of them blaugh
heart i love anime biggrin
There are so many great characters, I can't decide just one! x.x

Well, my favourite trait for a fictional character to have is uniqueness. They have GOT to stand out for me to love them... I also tend to like female characters more than male. One exception is Sousuke Sagara from Full Metal Panic!. He stands out with his war background and super serious (and awkward) personality! 4laugh It makes his entire character memorable and fun.

Oh, another one is Akira from Eden of the East. 3nodding The whole amnesia thing is pretty common in Japanese fiction, but aside from that, his personality is so excessively friendly, and never falters... even when he's naked in front of the White House. I don't know too many people who'd keep a calm head if they woke up with no memories or clothes in front of the White House.

Ah, another good male character is L from Death Note! biggrin The reoccurring theme of a character doing something specific really makes a character memorable... L's love for sweets and eccentric movements were all he needed to be lovable! n.n But I love him for being a brain as well.

I know the second season killed it, but Haruhi Suzumiya is still a wonderfully designed character. Again with the eccentric personality, and a quick introduction, Haruhi draws people in to her and becomes someone that most otaku will never forget. 3nodding

There are so many anime characters that are meant to be realistic and for people to relate to... I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing, but they sure do lack style... I often feel like I am watching another version of a previous show. =/ But there will never be a lack of unique characters, since a few dozen anime come out every three months. xD
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Favourite Hero: Asterix.
Favourite Villain: Iznogoud
Favourite side-kick / side character: The grave keepers from Lucky Luke comics
Cutest Comic character I've yet seen: Oswald from Oswald comics
Smartest Character I've yet seen: The Riddler
The Strongest: Obelix
Bring to the Real World: Lucky Luke, Rantanplan (Rin Tin Can, Bushwack)
Hard to say who's the least favourite...

I want to see Lucky Luke meet with Batman. Rantanplan and Milou/Snowy would be an interesting pair to see, too.

Favourite animal character: Idéfix (Dogmatix) That's a very odd name for Idéfix...
Favourite creature: The soothballs from Ghibli mangas

Favourite voice actors: Gilbert Gottfried, Jim Cummings, Corey Burton, Danny Elfman, (Paul Frees).
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My top fifty favorite anime.

1: Fullmetal Alchemist
2: Cardcaptor Sakura
3: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
4: Princess Tutu
5: Cowboy Bebop
6: Higurashi: When They Cry
7: Spice and Wolf
8: Excel Saga
9: Toradora
10: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
11: Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad
12: Battle Athletes victory
13: Neon Genesis Evangelion
14: Slayers
15: Baccano!
16: Clannad
17: Berserk
18: Strike Witches
19: K-ON!
20: One Piece
21: Trigun
22: Ghost Hunt
23: Negima?!
24: Soul Eater
25: Welcome to the NHK
26: Yuyu Hakusho
27: Key the Metal Idol
28: Revolutionary Girl Utena
29: A Certain Scientific Railgun
30: Yawara: A Fashionable Judo Girl
31: Gunslinger Girl
32: Wolf’s Rain
33: Azumanga Daioh
34: Death Note
35: Lucky Star
36: Digimon Tamers
37: Ouran Hihschool Host Club
38: Fate/Stay Night
39: Fullmetal Panic
40: Pokemon
41: Elfen Lied
42: Dragonball Z
43: Claymore
44: Hellsing
45: This Ugly Yet Beautiful World
46: Bamboo blade
47: Ghost Stories
48: Hell Girl
49: Black Lagoon
50: Gantz
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Well, In my opinion, sexiest is kakashi hatake from naruto. He is so funny and mysterious, Plus if you look up Kakashi hatake hot, You'll see what I mean ; )
Funniest? L From deathnote and Edward from FMA. I find L funny because all he does is eat cake and my fave part is this: Misa:"Cake makes you fat." L:"I find that you burn all the calories if you use your brain..." Misa:"YOUR CALLING ME STUPID?" lol Funny moment : ) I find Edward funny because when everyone keeps calling him short, He freaks out and Its HILARIOUS!
My least favorites are Uryu Ishida from bleach and Torhu Honda from fruits basket. OMG tohru doesn't Know how to want and accept favors from ppl. I mean, You can be nice, But she goes over board. Uryu is just plain annoying. I find him Rude.
So, yeah. : )
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My favorite voice actor, I like a lot so it's pretty hard to choose. BUT Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing) and Future Trunks (DBZ) are the sexiest guys to me when it comes to anime hotties lol.
cant really think of a favorite villian, but the sexiest character is most definitely kurohime 4laugh
waiiiiiittm the Kishin is the best villian dramallama

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