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Sexiest:Im not gay but the sexiest charactor would have to be Faye from Cow-Boy-Bebop she just is sooo sexy(Again,I repeat,I am not gay) stare

Best evil vilian:Eriol from Card-Captor-Sakura,First of all he can have a sex,loving,nice side.Even if he is just hiding his true self and on top of that he is soooo hot!!!! heart

Lamest character:Yosho from Tenchi-Muyo.Who could like a stupid pervert like that? 3nodding
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ryoko is just the all around best
best bad guy(girl) best looking, best fighter, i dont care about reason, she ma girl
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Hmmmm...favorite and sexy characters in anime. Wow. There are a lot of sexy looking guys that I've found mangas.

Ye Meyoung-WA*korean manga scanlated by www.Janimes.com
Crawford and Schuldich-WK
Seifer- FF8

Why? There is something about them that attracts me to them. Perhaps it's their evil ways since I'm such a "goodie goodie" when it comes to having to be me cause of my parents. So, I guess opposites attract?
Kiba, from Wolf's Rain, if anyone's ever seen that series. It's so good, and Kiba's so hot. What can I say?
I would have to say Kiba is damn sexy in Wolfs Rain, awesome series btw. But as for my fav i have to go with Kazuma from Scryed.
Alucard from hellsing no im not gay but he IS sexy XD
he's so deliciously evil, and his voice is awesome, especially when he laughs
I guess...sexiest guy...Vash, or Alucard.
Sexiest female would be Faye, she's just got it!

Could someone tell me what Bishounen is? Cause I don't have a clue!
it translates along the lines of "pretty boy", its generally used to refer to the beautiful guys in anime. (bishy/bishie being a shortened version), bishoujo being the female version.
I would have to Luka for under the glass moon his has to most sexiest body...i've seen so far out of all the animes and mangas i seen...but there are alot of hotties. so sometimes it's a little hard to say how look better smile
sexiest... does lulu from ffx count? i know for sure my friend would pick that, and i kinda agree. i dunno about any of the others right now sweatdrop
Ryoko is the best. She shows the most genuine love, and she is dang hot!!
In a way she fits all the categories for this question
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My favorite char.'s:

Jin and Touya from Yu Yu Hakusho are so Kawaii blaugh
Suzaku from Yu Yu Hakusho
Inu Yasha is cool
Haku from Spirited away is awsome
Vash the Stampead and Knives from Trigun
Duo Maxwell from Gundam Wing
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Heero-Gundam Wing
Gene Starwind-Outlaw Star
oh yes, and I also think that Malik/Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh is wicked sexy too........*drools* hehe ^^;
Villian - Muraki Kazutaka (Yami no Matsuei); Vicious (Cowboy Bebop)

Favourite Bishie - Mitsuo Yamaki (Digimon Tamers); Seiichiro Tatsumi (Yami no Matsuei); Hajime Saitou (Rurouni Kenshin)

Sexiest Bishie - Mitsuo Yamaki (Digimon Tamers); Tsuzuki Asato (Yami no Matsuei); Genjyo Sanzo (Gensou Maden Saiyuki).

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